Sagittarius male and Libra female

  • Ironically, I've only known one Sagittarius male in a romantic context, my ex-husband (I'm Libra, October 21 on the cusp of Scorpio). In the case of my ex-husband (and this was over two decades ago) we met at a party, became intimate that night, and from that point on were together (he made it clear he wanted me and nobody else). But, the relationship was good..we were great friends, physically he was very sexual, and we just melded well as a couple.

    Well, I've surprisingly met another Sag male now. Instant chemistry not unlike my ex-husband. He's a charmer, big smile, exuberant. He's also very (obviously) physical. We're having our first date tonight, and in the course of talking, he's made it very clear he likes me, my looks, etc. (not in a crude way, it doesn't bother me). So, I can say with decent certainty that at the least, the goodbye kiss is going to be pretty intense.

    But, I guess being older and wiser I'm torn. Do I give in and go for the fun aspect, or do I instead enforce waiting in terms of the physical. I'm at the age and point in my life where I'm not necessarily looking for long-term, promises, etc. but I do want a semblance of respect and something more than just the physical. I've read conflicting posts regarding Sag males. Some say that the way to a Sag male's heart is through sex. Ironically, my ex-husband said one of the reasons he was drawn to me was because I was adventurous, and he didn't lose respect for me for sleeping with him right away..he actually liked that.

    This Sag, by the way is Dec. 20, so cusp of Cappy? I'm just curious if anyone can offer some insights. Thanks in advance!

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