Hello EIAI I desperatelly need your reading pls thank you

  • Hello EIAI, Its been awhile I wasn't here cos I had few issues and can easily affected emotionally and I'm still dealing with myself on how to cope up some issues. My life is not really progressive I wil admit that I'm a bit affected on my relationship and I find it hard fore to settle my few finance I born February 16 , 1975 and I'm sorry if I asked you without any hesetitation I honestly amazed on what I read here I hope it's alright with you many thanks in advance and wishing you all the best

  • Hello Annielan,

    I'll continue from the questions you posted on my thread, ok?

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell with regards to your life situation:

    Choice + Musician + Adaptability

    With Hera as your Goddess card.

    The cards are pretty positive with the events that are occurring in your life. I think it's that you perhaps do not want to change anything, or change things too much. The cards are saying that you need to make a choice. Your emotions are carrying you away, but it may not be a bad thing. It's that you probably have nothing going on in your life that you are happy about. Find something you can pour your love and joy on. The Musician card can signify actual music. A guitar or a violin would be nice for you to have and make wonderful music with.

    Everything is made for you to move and adapt. "Go with the flow" is what the cards are telling you with regards to what is happening with your life. If you tried to speed up change or if you try to stop change all together, it will stop the energy and create chaos in your life. There seems to really be happy times for you, but you are stuck in the bad.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you with regards to your relationship:

    Recharge + Stability + Negotiation

    With Venus as your Goddess card.

    The way you are feeling about life is affecting you over all. In your relationship it seems that you have distanced yourself from your lover? You may still like them, but you just don't feel like doing anything in the romantic department.

    I don't think that Venus likes that you are neglecting yourself and your lover. She urges you to leave that shadow of sadness and depression behind and immerse yourself in love and light. Truly love can lift up your spirit at this time. You simply need to laugh and have joy. Share a sponge cake with your lover. 🙂

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about your finances:

    Fortuna + Wheel + Guru

    With Athene as your Goddess card.

    Are you supporting someone? It seems like you are lucky to have support when it comes to finances, but you can not hold on to money too long. It flies away. Athene says that you are exceptionally intelligent, but you may not keep up with yourself. Maybe you buy things you don't need, or you give all your hard earned money to others. As much as you try to escape the situation, it will not solve it. You need to keep a good account of what you do with your money. Even if you do give it to your family, you still need some for yourself. If you spend money on things you don't need, try sending them back and getting your money back. Yard sales are good for selling your unused old things. Donations are good for Karma.

    Hope it helps.


  • Thank you I am now up lift, my friend said to me that I'm so stubborn and I keep going back on my past. But I'm so confused where I stand I was called friend but when I show messages and the way we having relationship were lovers. I'm now draining I don't really know what else to say I can convince him and he his complaining to much and I only want him to be a part of me things that he can't understand and he thinks I making slave,courier or driver but it's not true. I was upset on his comparing my life style but he had no idea that if I have my fortune everyone will benefits on me and I do had bad buying things. I don't think we can get a long we had old issues and he want me to get over it. Started everything and when I travel he get jealous but I do ask him and he makes me felt upset when he planning suddenly can't make it I turn him down cos I know his busy and he can put his time to anyone I was told by him that I'm needy but from the beginning I keep chasing him. I have all the passion to have my own family and I have this idea that he much like to have it rather than I want it cos his not having a resemblent of his family but his still lucky to find someone who loves and care about him. I know his working hard and I'm glad that his always positive but his lack of intellectual to me and we having argue for im not a touchy person. I actually letting go and giving him up yesterday co I don't see any reason to keep him he has no effort and I was getting upset when his accusing me that I lied to him and I'm not I might full of talk but lack of deeds. My friends said I don't need to be like this cos his actually different now way back before but I just get upset when Id tried to go and have time out together out of our area. I was surprise that he will heading overseas but for work and im not convince and I had strong feeling I said I can come but he refused me. He doesn't even care how I felt. His teasing me like stop being a baby and deep don't inside he makes me feel stupid when I know I'm not and I'm a highly maintenance but I'm not coa I group without anyone I started working while I'm studying and I learnt how to value my Money doubt sometimes im out of control. When I show my family side when I was away his thinking that my family helping me about my finance and I hardly asked them I actually having trouble with my finance and I don't really know why lately I can't start to get myself away from financial problem which I had nothing this before cos I always put my all to my friends or anyone need me but in the end I'm now struggling and always asking my stepmum to sort things out for me. It's been 3 yrs and his only opened up his self to me but his so heavy to me and my life is kinda affected. I have this guy that I had no idea that he was interested and his a nice guy but way younger to me and very Humble I annoyed him cos till morning im complaing but I guess his complicated to cos his a sports player but this guy is way far better than I had. I'm a bit frank or upfront cos I don't like them seeing me the way I look and I sometimes hard to believe. I'm the one who supported my biological mum she wasn't with me when I was young but I had no bad feelings to her I'd tried to give her the best of everything but things like this makes me felt so sad cos if I'm like this I will make her suffer cos I can't trust my mum family to look after with her. I only has a simple dream to give my buological mum a house that she never had for us . She was sick and I want here to see his grand kids I do have half sister in America but she wasnt lucky to find his half same with my mum but she got to kids. Things I want to break in our family. I want to get married but I want my husband to accept my mum that no matter what I'm her family . I lately loosing to carry on to fight my own battle all my life I always fight on my own. I only want to know if I can settle my mortgage and who is the best person to me. I'm not rushing but I was 37 and never once living with anyone. Is one of them is my man or I have to be waited for awhile. Thanks to you and to Shuabby that I can tell I connect to her and Dapnme

  • I have been involved to some charity work and donation same with the guy that stressing me so much

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