A shoulder to cry on...

  • Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Sorry if it's a bit long winded.

    I met this amazing Virgo guy (i'm a gemini) about a year ago and we instantly became very close, we had this amazing connection that (in my 28 years) i've never had with anyone. We just got each other completely and there was a lot of attraction between us. It was so strange as well, if he was unhappy or feeling unwell I would always know even if I wasn't with him.

    Nothing ever happened because he had a girlfriend (she is very controlling and not a very nice person), they did split up very briefly and we did talk about getting together but he got back with her so nothing came of it. But it changed everything between us, we both tried to put distance between us but when we were in the same room we couldn't stop looking at each other, it's like there was something pulling us together.

    He asked me to meet him about a week ago and I knew something was wrong straight away, he said that we couldn't see each other anymore, then he grabbed me and hugged me so tighly. While we were hugging I told him that i would always be there if he needed me and that I loved him, him pulled me closer and said he loved me too, kissed me on the forehead and walked away.

    I miss him so much its hurts, i've had my heart broken before but nothing has ever felt this bad, i have respected his wishes and not contacted him but he was my best friend and I could see how much it was hurting him too.

    Should I contact him, by email maybe, and ask him why? Did he mean it when he said 'I love you'?

    Any advice anyone can give me is welcome.

  • HI, Gemlady...so sorry to hear this! and I know you're young-ish, but I will share one thing I know - it is so much better to find guys who pursue you. So, no, I wouldn't contact him; and I love you can mean almost anything to a guy, lol. But it's pretty clear he chose her - at least for now - and asking why when there is no way for him to tell you why would just make it worse. I'm pretty sure it hurts bad enough now....

    Even if some one is your soul mate, life can pull you apart; or have you spending years twisting yourself into pieces of yourself to try and make it work/fit. Finding out that loving someone doesn't mean you can live happily ever after is probably the hardest lesson I've ever learned, and it took a lot of years.

    ((hugs)) and best luck moving into the future and not letting this keep you "stuck" for long.

    and I'm sure some of the more psychic people here will be happy to help, you too. Just wanted to let you know you were heard.

    Take care,


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