Wish freakin cancer men would give it straight!!!!!!

  • WTF is wrong with these men........ im a straight talkin girl, im a scorpio i was born to suss out the bull shitters, lol.

    so its been 5 damn days since said first meet up NOT DATE i dont do dates apparently neither does he? oh yeah thats why he started kissin my neck and giving me the softest kisses later on on first da... oops meet up!!!! i hate this shite, i want to know the deal. i want to scream at him how dare you take me unawares like that, make me feel stuff for you???WHY?????? i leave this sat 1st aug for 5 weeks away, whats the deal, i refuse to call, why did he tell me oh you know im not going to forget tonight, all bull? yep same as bloody everyone else... name beginms with J (jackass) lol been badly hurt b4 took him 4 yrs to get sorted, bla bla bla i dont know if i want a relationship bla bla AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go with the flow girl. You have to learn how they work. It seems like they are womanizers, but they are really just trying to figure you out. Don't kiss him or sex him on the first date, No, No!!!! He will think you are extremely easy and will automatically think that you do this with every guy on the first date. Stay lady like. Dont be fussy or show him that you are upset and rattled about his behavior. Play it cool. Believe me if he likes you he is thinking about you more than you are thinking about him and his behavior. Make sure you let him know that you have business to tend to always. He likes a lady who takes care of her business. Your vacation will be good, call him when you get back. Talk all about your getaway, talk about you and show him slightly that you are still interested. Not full force.

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