Seeking a Relationship from Two Choices?

  • Pretty soon I will be pursing a Relationship or anything from Two Coworkers. I work in a Hospital and I know Nicole who has a strong interest in Me Or Megan a very Attractive Woman that is interested in me as well.

    Could anyone please give me a Reading I need to know? What do you see happening soon could I have time frame? Will I have some Encounters with One or both of them 🙂

  • Well, what do you feel for them? Who draws your strongest feeling?

  • Sorry for my late reply well its Megan I would make the move if our Paths cross anytime soon? As for Nicole I seen her last week and she was talking with Hospital Security. My gut feeling tells me that she was happy to see me that Friday Night 🙂

    Both of them are Very Attractive, Beautiful and Caring Women. It does not matter at this time I could use the Relationship/Friendship/Companionship from either one.

    TheCaptain do you see anything happening for May or June with Megan or Nicole 🙂

  • My Venus is in Libra.

    My guess is that Nicole's Mars is in Libra?

    My guess is that Megan's Mars is in Libra as well?

    Weird eh if the Attraction was Venus-Mars Compatibility ?

  • When you are attracted to two people at once, it can mean that you like bits and pieces of each one but not the whole. It may be that neither is exactly right for you long term, but there is always something you can learn and benefit from in friendships. Don't have any expectations or stress other than you will simply enjoy their company and just wait to see which way the way blows from there. You are jumping too far ahead so just have patience right now and don't dwell in the future. Live for the present moment - it's really all anyone has.

  • TheCaptain thanks for your responses. I was not looking for anything long term at all.

    I know that I will Score one of them. I just wanted the Answer of anything happenin for the

    rest of May or June? Will my Path cross with Nicole or Megan?

  • So you are just asking after a possible sexual interaction? Why is the timeline more important than the person?

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