• Almost a month ago I met a great Virgo. He's sweet and intelligent and everything I could ever want in a man. When we met we talked for hours and when we parted he held me close and kissed me.

    Every since he's been on a mission to make me feel like a school girl.He turned his room into a spa and pampered me. After that we ended up having sex. Now im grown and I knw if its about sex I can do it and leave but he kept talking about talking he'd be offended if I didn't call. He hopes I come back and during sex he said he was making love to me and not screwing me. So I'm thinking lots of excessive mention on this topic. The next day we text a little and I went out so when I got home I texted him and he texted me backing saying how I forgot about him. Next day I ask was he mad he said I was just messing with u. 2 days later he texts me and I say I was just thinking about u he goes sure u were. Then I tell him I like him alot he says how much is alot and be honest. I say u think I don't like u he says yes. I tell him I don't want anything from him and I think he's a great guy. Texting slacked off then we spoke on the phone and he says once again I was messing with u. Two days later he texted me checking on me and my day since he was out of town for a wedding. Texted him yesterday saying I was thinking of him and he said thinking of you too. Now my confusion is this whole hot and cold thing...should I be worried? I get a feeling something is wrong and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with me. Lately when I ask how he's doing he doesn't respond but responds to anything else. He hasn't went MIA but he has pulled back a bit we give just enough to one another without smothering but reassuring that we are interested in each other! Please help, opinions are needed!

  • Hi Ladyj3587,

    The behaviour you discribe is a very typical behaviour of a Virgo male - blowing hot and cold, disappearing etc.... I think you might want to read the thread "The heart of a Virgo man", which can give you some idea of what to expect. You'll find many stories there, very similar to yours. Good luck to you !

  • Let him be for few days, live your life and just observe his behavior without analyzing it!

  • I feel your pain, Virgo are the most complicated creatures. But unlike some I think they are worth it, as long as they are not making false promises or being really cruel.

    They tend to pull away and get a bit scared when they really like someone, so as mardepp said just live your life, let him be but check in every now and then so he knows that your thinking of him.


  • Thanks soo much! You guys have helped me a great deal!

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  • Well we haven't spoken in a few days I gave him a call today to check on him let him know I was thinking about him but no answer. Should I be discouraged? How long does this normally go on? Is he not interested?

  • Ladyj3587

    I wont check up on him just leave him be and live your life. Let him chase you. If you dont like

    that kind of arrangement so be it. Virgos dont like to be chased not unless they truly feel you are

    the one. A lot of women just cant wait they keep on pushing and that will drive the Virgos away.

    With Virgos if he is meant for you he is going to end up with you otherwise its a long, long, long

    long, long, long, long, long, long, long process you know what I mean.

  • I agree with Magickal, ladyj, do not pursue him!!! Do not call him, check on him, anything! He will smell your anxiety from a mile away. You are not centered right now, you need to let time pass because you have expectations now. Be honest with yourself and you will see that you do not want him just as a friend. Until you let go of the attachment and the outcome of things, and let go of trying to control his response, nothing will happen. The more you try to get a reply from him the more he will run away. Let him be, send him good thoughts and live your life to the fullest. Fall in love with yourself first!!!

  • One more thing, You talk about him like you think you really know him, and let me assure you you don't. Right now there is a lot of projection going on. Take your time knowing him as a person. There is no way you can be sure after a month that he is everything you would want in a man...that is why there is disappointment, because there is a lot of projection. Let things develop naturally with no chasing! Otherwise, even if he were really into you it will burn up quickly with nothing for later. "Good things sometimes sprout quickly, the truly delightful take much longer". Are you a Sag ladyj? I am a Sag too 🙂




  • I am a sag and we are not the most patient people. I have the entire time maintained my independence I must agree I have slacked off with it but I'm getting back into it. I hope I haven't ran him away. I don't think I have he made it perfectly clear he wasn't going anywhere and I did too and it would take a lot to run him away. The the disappearing makes me worried.

  • Girl welcome to teh world of Virgos.... been there and doin that with my own virgo after 1.5 years and u know what... it doesnt stop. he is still as enigmatic and mysterious as he was from day 1. they will only let u see what they want u to see...... patience and more patience needed.

  • How do you deal with all? I can never figure out if I'm coming or going... is he interested or not? Finding more and more patience by the day......

  • The way to deal with it is to accept the fact that as long as you remain in a relationship with Virgo, he'll never make you feel emotionally secure, therefore it's your job to make YOURSELF feel emotionally secure, no matter what he is up to. It's take it or leave it situation - Virgos will always be flaky and emotionally unstable (mutable earth sign). Stop worrying whether he is interested or not, and start living your life independently from his moods - that's your best bet to remain mentally healthy, and to keep him interested as a bonus.

  • well said !!!

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