Help with Aries and why Libra, are opposites?

  • I have read that, Arians, and Liberians are opposites and are the worst sign for each other?.

    I know Libra's about balance, us are spontaneous head strong.

    Is is really impossible to have a the very least a good friendship with one? as i feel i could at lest have that.

    Like to get why their so opposite.

  • scully21

    Actually the Libra will fan the fire of the Aries. They stroke the aries with encouragement and they are loyal . There is no reason why you should 'nt have a very good chance with a Libra.


  • Hi Shubby thank you,

    My friend, i just had a gut feel to ask her what star sign her partner soon be married, as she is me Arian, he a male Libra.

    He makes her happy, so nothings impossible.

  • As a Libra man wtih an Aries woman i can tell you, i have never gotten along better with anyone else in my life than her. The connection i have with her is amazing, and shes spontaneous like me so we always have a great time no matter what. I enjoy her fiery nature and her quick wit.

  • Hi Balance86,

    Thankyou for that, we met on speed date, and he said he bit shy, we've only met once since and we are to again this weekend, we get on talk easily , seem have similar quirky views,, as i only new him that short time, he did not offer ride home, i really appreciated he did not put me in that position.

    I just worry if he will have any fire in his belly, sometimes?

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