Please Help… Needing Opinions/Advise/Guidance/Readings on Current Relationship

  • I started seeing a guy that I went to high school with. We never really talked then, but we are pretty much inseparable now. I had a numerology reading that said that we are a natural match on many levels & that we are compatible on the rest. Every thing feels so easy & so right.

    I know that he’s moving around the end of the summer to return to his work. I went in knowing this. It wasn’t, nor will it be, a surprise when it is time for him to go. I really like this guy, but I need to pay my bills still & my job is here. I kind of freaked out yesterday (I’m going to blame the eclipse but I know it was me just over reacting.) We were in his vehicle talking about things & before I could stop myself, I was telling him that I really liked him but I needed to get my head around what was happening between us. I didn’t want to get so involved that I would get hurt when he leaves. (I think I’m, already to that point.) He told me that he really likes me too & he understood about getting hurt. I know this was my way of trying to show that I am not vulnerable, but now I feel like I shouldn’t have said anything like that & I should have left it at “I really like you”. My concern is that I have already messed up the opportunity to make this a real relationship & that he will step back & I’ve messed up everything because I am scared of being alone again when he leaves. I would move with him if he asked & I had a job too. I’m seeing him again tonight & I thought about telling him that he should completely disregard the part after “I really like you”. Then pour my guts out about how much I like him. I’m so confused…

    Have I completely messed up things with him or will he see this as me being scared & chalk it up to a momentary lap of concentration?

    I would really appreciate a reading on how things would be if he were to ask & I would move with him.

    If it helps, here is the numerology reading I had done for us


    Name you go by: Adrienne

    Soul=8   Personality=3   Power Name=2

    Date of Birth: 11/2/1981

    Birth-day=2   Lifepath=5

    Adrienne's primary numbers are: 83225 Adrienne's Attitude number is: 4

    Name of Other Person: Bo

    Soul=6   Personality=6   Power Name=3

    Date of Birth: 6/2/1982

    Birth-day=2   Lifepath=1

    Bo's primary numbers are: 66321

    Bo's Attitude number is: 8

    Explanation of Numbers Adrienne's #'s Bo's #'s Combined


    What you feel inside.

    Not necessarily what people see.

    8 6 Compatible


    A face you show the world.

    3 6 Natural Match


    This number represents the strength of your name

    and tells a lot about who you are.

    2 3 Compatible


    The way you appear to people.

    2 2 Natural Match


    The number that you need to fulfill in order to be happy.

    The most important number in your personal Numerology.

    5 1 Natural Match


    The first impression people have when talking to you.

    4 8 Natural Match

    Special Notes

    Your Lifepath and Attitude numbers are considered Natural Matches which is good because it means what will make you happy in this lifetime will be similar.

    The day you are born is how you appear to people. You both appear as # 2, and that means when you met, there was an instant rapport.

    You have three numbers in common which means, whether it is good or bad, there is always a strong connection.

    There is a 1, 2 & 3 in Bo's chart. When I see 1,2,3 in a person's chart, I always suggest that they start saying out loud, " My life is as easy as 1,2,3." 1 is ambition, 2 is love, and 3 is the ability to communicate with a sense of humor. Whatever you believe becomes your reality, and having these three numbers in your chart is a gift.

    This applies to Adrienne. When I see a 5,2 or a 2,5 in the Birth numbers of a person, I know they have inner conflict. Their 5 desires freedom and wants no one controlling them. Their 2 needs love and wants a partner to share their life with. They must let their partner know upfront about this inner duality to avoid misunderstandings.

    Lifepath Combination

    Lifepath is the number that you need to fulfill in order to be happy. It is the most important number in your personal Numerology.

    When you add together the month, the day and the year, you get your Lifepath Number, and that is the number that fulfills you. We call that number the Lifepath Number. That number is the most important number in Numerology. Always remember, what's going to make you truly happy is focusing on your Lifepath Number.

    The Lifepath is the number we use to determine how compatible you are with your partner.

  • Regardless of the reading, which is good this is what I personally believe. Get to a place of peace in your heart and you will see that deep down that fear of him leaving is transitional. I do not think you should take back what you said, on the contrary...Showing yourself as vulnerable does not equal being needy at all if you verbalized your feelings in a good way without getting out of control emotional. In fact, if you do speak your truth from your heart he will grow even closer to you. Learn to take it all in, the ebb and flow of life. Have faith in what you are generating with each other and know that it will just be 🙂

  • Hello , Mardepp I would like to thank you for your concern

    I appreciate your guidance and giving me more courage

    I'm now trying to work things on me.

    Wishing more love and all the best of everything.

    And my I'm sorry to you Enne I intrude your topic

  • @annielan... no worries! it happens. 😄

    @mardepp... i'm just trying to clarify one thing. When you say "fear of him leaving is transitional" do you mean that it wont be difficult for me to accept the situation when he leaves like "this too shall pass" or its like a right of passage type thing?

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