Hi EIAI, May I plz ask u for a reading??

  • Hi EIAI, I am sorry to bother you, but If u dont mind in giving me a reading, I would truly appreciate it. I was seeing this guy who had broke things off with me, a few weeks later he came back, we started seeing each other again, things went further, and than he has the nerve to tell me, I have been trying to work things out with my childrens mother so we cant see each other anymore. I played it cool, but it truly hurts as i feel that he used me. Can u please ask the cards what he thinks of me now? did he loose all feelings and respect for me? does he hate me because he messed up while trying to work things out with his Ex(even though thats his fault)? Thank you in advance,


  • Hello,

    It's me, ElAl.

    You're not a bother at all Vicuevas.

    Can u please ask the cards what he thinks of me now?

    Sacrifice + Sceptre + Economy

    With Freya as your Goddess card.

    It seems like emotionally he has seen that he can not continue being with you. He feels that he would have to make choices, even have to lower standards to be with you. He feels he should be honorable or have some degree of respect for life. Being with you would take that away. I think he feels that he could lose a lot if he is with you.

    did he loose all feelings and respect for me?

    Cards aren't giving me a positive yes or no. They did drop the Negotiation card, so it seems he is trying to balance his life, so right now he's trying to lose all connections towards you. He is doing this more for his home and children rather than his own romantic needs.

    does he hate me because he messed up while trying to work things out with his Ex(even though thats his fault)?

    Again, not so positive cards either way.

    I don't think hate is the right word. I think he thinks you a bad influence in his life. You give him excitement, but it leads him astray. He really wants to focus on what little he has. The knight card came up here and the last reading. It has a woman holding on to a scared child. I think he really has felt the fear from his children, or even has seen them crying because of his actions. He doesn't want to put them through it. It's not really you he is worried about, but what he's doing to his children and his home.

    Hope it helps.

  • thank u so much, this did help me alot. I want him to be with her and his children most definitely, and know that he has nothing to offer me for I have goals and accomplishments in my life and he doesn't. Why I cry over him, only for the loss of the friendship I guess and the thought of feeling that he never cared or feeling used by him. I work with him, so Its just really hard to see him. I been out of work, but just really nervous to go back bcuz i know hes there. Thank u so much, lots of hugs to you:)

  • Hope everything does get better.

    You both will have to work on having a respectable manner to each other. These thoughts have to be put in the back. Work is work and everything else between you must be put down.

    Artemis ask that you do not let your emotions or your worrying thoughts over take you. You need to calm yourself down.

    I asked the Angels what advice they would like to give you in regards to healing this situation.

    Friendship: I guess here, the Angels are repeating your fear of losing his friendship. You can not force to keep it. Instead you have to let it go. You probably have disregarded many of your other friendships because of your total involvement with this one. It seems that people are missing you. They want to hear from you. You may even start making new friends to replace this one. It's alright this is a cycle that must come into your life. New replacing the old.

    Retreat: You have not let yourself rest or take a complete breathe. Is it guilt? You feel you have done something sorely wrong. It's not so. You have just let these thoughts keep repeating in your mind. When have you released them? Never? The Angels want you to. The Angels want you to confess everything to them. It's okay to tell them. They hold no judgement, but unconditional love. Once you get some time for yourself, to truly talk to yourself, then to your Angels, you'll finally see that your mind has settled and you may get to relax and sleep soundly.

    Soulmate: Maybe you felt that this man had a very special connection to you. Maybe he did, as it's the people from our pasts, our past lives that come back into our lives. However, the Angels say that the connection you felt from him was not of a true soul mate. You may be praying for a that person to be it, but you have not found it yet. You should not give up either! This is a tricky and hard thing to get, but the Angels say that they are working on answering your prayers and finally bringing you that soul connection which you so long for.

    It seems like you really need to be connected to people. Do you find it hard to connect to people on spiritual/mental or emotional level. I think the cards are saying not to look too hard or be adamant of keeping every thing that you have. Some things do need to change, but the change is for your own good. I think the Angels are saying that a new friendship is coming and you can finally feel happy that you don't have to keep what you have done bottled up so much.

  • Hii Elthemoth, Thank u, I know its abit late, for i havent been on. I've just been so emotional and depressed over this these last few days and have no one to talk to about this. I don't know why I am letting this bother me soo badly. I just feel so lost and weak over this. I get sick to my stomach at work when he is there. I just feel that I don't know how to get around all this.

  • Hello Vicuevas,

    Don't feel so bad on yourself, ma.

    What's been going on? Tell me--I'm here for you.

    The cards say that you will be coming in contact with a lot of new people--many new friendships. Have you been isolating yourself too much?

    Freya says that your love journey may be long, but eventually you will find your prince.

  • Yes, I feel I've been isolating myself alot lately from friends and going out. I seem to only wanna be around my family lately. I just get so emotional at work when I see him. I don't want to be with him, cuz I know he is no good for me. So I don't understand why I get so upset. He claimed he was making it work with his children mother, nd thats why we stopped hanging out. But now it seems he is trying to get with this girl at work. He is so disgusting to keep doing this to his childrens mother. I feel that I have let myself down and that I have lost my dignity for giving myself to this person when we were seeing eachother. Im thinking thats why I get so upset. I feel so embarassed when I see him.

  • Has this helped you let go of him as a lover though? As a friend?

    It seems the only respect he has is for himself, and not that much.

    You made a mistake, but you got saved from it.

    The Universe has opened your eyes to who he really is.

    I asked the cards what advice they would like to give you.

    Sacrifice and Sword fell.

    Your hurt is showing. Not just that, but also that you have been thinking badly about him. You feel scorned and you want retribution for what he has done to you.

    I pulled more cards and they were positive.

    Confidence + Bouquet + Ambition

    Freya as your Goddess.

    In life, we get what we paid for. Do not hold the anger and betrayed feelings you have of him. Let them out. The cards seem to be telling you to fill your heart with love. Forgive what him, but don't forgive what he did to you.

    Seeing as Freya came up again, I think that she is saying that this is a great lesson learned. That you need to keep a higher standard of yourself and who you will take a lover.

    This time of healing will take some time, but you will see through it. Pull all that energy out into productive things. Work harder, enjoy the company of your friends by going to your favorite places, and definitely enjoy the unconditional love your family gives you.

    Above all, do not forget that the higher powers are not judging you.

  • Thank you, this really made me feel alot better, this is true, i have been feeling badly about him, but I need to just let it go and let it be. It's going to be hard but in the end, i will feel better for myself. You are a good friend to take your own time out to help people feel better and to give them answers they are looking for. I have been blessed to see who he really is before it was too late, and I am very happy for that. This has helped me to let go of him as a lover, But it's hard to forget him as a friend for I thought I really had a friend in him which I miss very much. I guess I miss who I thought he was, not who he really came out to be. I guess I thought I meant more to him. But if I really meant something, he would have never let things get and go as far as they did. He still had time to stop it, but whats done is done, and I need to heal. Its just so hard.

  • It's difficult, but you will be able to do it. You can keep coming here and talk to me -- to Everyone!-- about your steps to healing. I think it will help you if you keep talking about it.

    If you wanna cry, cry. If you wanna smash something, let's buy some cheap things from the thrift store and start breaking things. Let's let these feelings out so that you can enjoy a new phase of your life.

  • Thank you so much!

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