Desperately need a reading

  • I've recently encountered many changes in my life and I am seeking answers. I've meditated and can't seem to receive clarity. Anyone please help. I can take a rough reading I just need insight. Thank you.

  • Hi aenyu

    I can show you what I get...

    5 card figure

    Your thoughts - The Devil - Boundaries, thinking you are boxed in some... walls...

    Your heart - The five of cups - emotional adjustments.

    Your feet (path) - Judgment - a significant phase change in your life.

    Your reaching out for - Four of cups - emotional stability or a solid relationship is established.

    You are letting go of - The King of Wands. Either a person back there who is fading from view, or you could have recently gone through a situation where a part of your identity you released. A role you were playing you are moving away from. Could signify a change of life direction, something you had strongly identified with you release.

    Overall it looks to me like the combination of those three cards running down your middle would add up to some symptoms you are describing. Your heart is going through a change of feelings in some area, your feet are all about ascending into a "new you" path. While your thinking is more limiting to you right now. It is like there is some idea that could be holding you back a little right now, must be for a purpose.

    The fact that you are reaching for 4 cups love, seems to say that is a focus for you right now... a solid, dependable emotional pattern. Stability in your feeling, intuition or psychic abilities.

    It all really feels to me like there must have been a significant phase of life that you are leaving behind. An abrupt change it seems and now the Judgment (on to new things!) energy seems to be carrying you forward.

    I can lay out some other cards to get some sense of your general course right now... so i drew 3 cards and place those under your feet as sorta like the road you are on...

    King of Pentacles - so this is more of that "releasing" of something from back there I think, it could be that the memories of whatever that represents keeps coming back, and those "rules" you lived by for quite a while are trying to live on in your thinking (the devil), However this new phase you are entering doesn't operate by those old rules. So this seems to be a present position for you.

    Then coming up, two of cups, so that is nice! Something develops emotionally for you that is connected with that 4 cups you are striving to attain. So together this spells a very solid and balanced emotional energy entering in. Then the Emperor card, so this is "supporting a power" energy, which means that whatever develops with the 4/2 cups you turn around and show your support for. Could be a relationship, something foundational for you (four pentacles)

    Also, I drew some cards for developments in what you are reaching for.

    the Strength card which is a basic, instinctive drive, and the Knight of cups which is very focused emotionally. So yeah, this all seems to be adding up to a nice relationship to me.

    You can see how the same energies are in your right hand, and your foot path... cups and pentacles.. the the emperor combined with the Knight of cups seems to add up to a person. Not sure if you are presently in a relationship, this seems to show someone coming in.

    The Fool i just turned over so that also supports something coming that is very nice in love. Six of cups, yep.

    So for now, I would not try to do battle with the Devil. I wouldn't try to hard to gain your meditative peace, just let yourself go a little. Have some fun. You are under quite a combo with the devil up top and judgment below! So my advice would be to really try and relax right now... do something nice for you, and don't worry about anything.

    Since you are reaching now for 4 cups + Strength (instinct) together with the major phase change under your feet, you can rest assured that your life is being carried along by more "primal" instinctive energies. So with that in the works, there is a lot of subconscious secret influences and energies that are carrying you along (you could think of all that as angels holding you up right now if you like). So you are on a very lovely path I see, although I can understand where some of the intensity of it could be unsettling. No problems. All is working as it should...

    I also drew one more card for your thought life, to see what else you might be thinking, and that is Temperance, combining, blending, mixing. So, boundaries + mixing something together.

    You have a nice bar near you? I would call up a friend and go out for drinks. You could use a break.

    I think I'll do the same ... 🙂 First I gotta find a friend though haha....

    There are also no pentacles within your figure, so it seems your concerns now are more emotional and intellectual it seems. Not material, finances so much. Is that the case? The previous phase role of your life must have been difficult to move away from or something. Still dealing with that a little... it fades though... and then a new identity appears with that Emperor when that arrives. So it does seem that you are supposed to connect with someone to discover this new phase... seems to be the case. Strong cups ahead (good cups), the 2, the knight, the ace with the strength card.

    Hey, hope that gives you something to consider... blessings!...


  • o/ YAHOO! Thank you, thank you, thank you Astra. Amazing! every card was dead on sister, this was the clarity I have been asking for. I spent hours researching every card and taking notes to get further understanding. I can ease my mind now. The Devil's card so true "now I'm free" o/ "YAY". I was not at all surprised to see the fools card that is 100% me :-). This reading confirmed EVERYTHING I have been feeling, hearing, expecting, and working towards.

    Their are a few questions I would like to ask:

    • you stated >Could be a relationship, something foundational for you (four pentacles),

    • you stated >Strong cups ahead (good cups), the 2, the knight, the ace with the strength card.< did you pick an ace card and if you did do you remember which one?

    • did you get that drink? ;-D

    Funny thing happened, as I was looking up one of the cards I came across a website that had your very set of unusual cards I said to myself "there has to be a correlation", low and behold it was your blog site. I signed up for your newsletter. I am so ready to get started on my "new begining" this reading has helped me to move forward, I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift you are a blessing to us all.

    By the way my husband Brett is interested in having a reading as well if it is okay with you, if you are busy we certainly understand.

    Blessings my love, big hugs and "muah" smoochies


  • Hi Aenyu

    Yes, I drew that 4 pentacles somewhere in there.

    Oh, the "Ace" is the "hidden ace cups" in the strength card. It is the card immediately to the right of the cross shape. I like to imagine that these minor arcana energies are within the major cards... just something different... so I counted that as an ace of cups "hidden"....

    Yes I probably did have the drink haha.... don't let me lure you down those sordid ways though...

    Hey that is awesome that you got something out of all that reading - yay! I am always interested to know that this is helping...

    Sure thing for Brett, let's see what shows up! 🙂

    So we'll do the same thing, I'll draw 5 cards and start there.

    Your heart - Page of Pentacles. So Brett, you are risking in something materially, physical or home. This is in your heart right now, something you are wanting to do that is nice for you... connected to a physical step, could be financial. Anyway, it is a desire to take some chances with something materially.

    Your head - Page of Cups! Ah... so we begin to see a little theme with you Brett. You are really wanting to take some risks, not only physically, emotionally as well! These two area are totally connected, so whatever that physical thing is, you are all about it and love thinking about it, dreaming about it. (The thought popped into my head that this could also be in the love making area, like you want to experiment a little there.. ask her to.. well you never know until you ask, haha... ) So, yeah there is this risk right now, a step of faith you want to take.

    Your feet - Six of Cups - Okay, well it is all about love that is for sure. The six of cups is a very smooth and flowing love, settled and nice... so this is your path right now, this is important to you as a foundation. You are really wanting to establish this kind of innocent love, that is unashamed and open, very open. THe Rider deck shows the two little kids making flower arrangements or something... it is two people really working together, harmonizing, clicking, merging... so this is a deep current for you right now. I feel you really want to connect on a deeper, free level with Aenyu? What do you think? This is all turning around cups now, with a physical emphasis of the heart. Sounds like s e x to me. How about you? Maybe not. Maybe it is about your passion for stamp collecting we are picking up on?

    Reaching out - The 9 of wands - This is a card of a strong and mature identity. This person knows themselves inside out and are happy with what they see. Having learned to accept yourself on all levels as a beautiful expression of the Universe, you are free to be yourself more, let your feelings flow, be willing to say or ask things, that you may not know for sure how it will be received. The 9's are pretty confident though. The 9 of wands says, "hey, why not. I am comfortable with however it all goes".

    Letting go - The Hierophant - "Connecting to a philosophy", so this seems like something you recently left or passed through, something you agreed with intellectually, that is fading for you now. At least the emphasis isn't so strong any more. It could be something like a tradition, a belief or religious system, whatever. So you aren't so "philosophical" lately and you are saying, "who cares about all that mumbo jumbo... I am ready for that 6 cups... and some risks... and some fun... hey... where is Aenyu?"

    So I will now grab some cards like we did for your wife to see where your steps and hands are taking you...

    Under your feet we'll lay out 3 cards.

    Five of Swords - 3 of Wands - Queen of Wands

    So right now, you are standing on "5 Swords block" which has some changes in mind. Intellectually you are adjusting in some area. Probably coming away from that Hierophant (belief you had), you are changing your mind, your viewpoint about something, or someone. Could be in love as your feet are the 6 cups.

    Next you step to 3 wands which is "planning in the identity / life roles" so while you are taking some risks (pages) in something very nice for you, it is all designed to help you plan out and explore all the ways that you see yourself. It is like before we can really know who we are, we have to take some real risks in some area.

    Queen of Wands - so this is all leading you to a very nice, mature identity who is confident and very secure in who he is, not afraid to ask or let life know what is important to you. Then the Universe answers back and says, "hey, had it prepared all along buddy". This all agrees with your stretched hand right now, which is all about a very established self-identiy.

    And then we can see how your hands are helping in all this...

    The Empress and 2 of cups. So your "mode" of expressing these "risks" seems to be with the Empress energy. Which means nurturing, kind, gentle, caressing, sensitive, very caring and sympathetic... so whatever this area ((i want to say maybe in a relationship) it is asking for tenderness I think, the Empress is a very beautiful energy, she can help with that material risk you want to take, as she is all about the earth, living things, and that which we touch...)

    Then The Two of Cups after/connected with that, so this is another nice sign that close and intimate love, a new feeling even, seems to the goal. And it is connected with a very strong identity for you, and could also be pointing to a real queen, who could be a person near you in your life, who has been known to hold that office at times. 🙂

    So I think your path looks really nice Brett. I would close your eyes and take the plunge with whatever it is, as it will turn out beautifully for you and your family too I believe. Have no fear, I hear that. Whatever mental debate you've been walking out lately will now subside. The Empress (nurturing) and seeing yourself in some new ways, those energies to be mounting now. The s e xual stuff not sure, that could me projecting haha.... my moon is in scorpio that's my excuse...

    Okay, Aenyu I hope that gives Brett something to think about ... don't do readings for guys all that often so that is cool... blessings to you and Brett!


  • Astra

    Thank You for the reading. I appreciate the insight that you have delivered. I am some what confused about the Empress card and the its reference. I guess my question would be, does the card represent me or someone else? I have no problem with the card, if you have any further insight into its meaning that may have a direct meaning for me ? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You again


  • The Empress is nurturing energy, that is about it. Is there someone out there that you are "reaching for"? Then you could be identifying that person with the Empress so that is possible. The intent of the spread is to show your hands as Tasks you are setting out to accomplish, so I was thinking that part of your "reaching" out in your life is involved with nurturing energies, so that could translate as some area of life (could be relationship, job, any situation) where you are feeling sympathetic and kind, embracing that rather than rejecting. SO it could also represent a change of heart in an area where once you were indifferent, now you are wanting to be more hands on with kindness and care.

    Hope that sparks something for you.. blessings


  • Thamk You

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