Is it really safe to reach out to a Scorpio male? Could really use some insight

  • Hi everyone. I've read so many good post on here that have led me to finally ask for some advice in my own situation. See about a year ago I was with a Scorpio man for just about a year. We had an interesting year I guess you could say. There was a strong love between us but he always pushed me away. I never felt it was because he didn't care about me I always felt it was because he was afraid of how bad he would hurt if things didn't work out or if I was to leave him. I say this because he always brought that up. It was always about me leaving or me being too pretty and nice that he knows other guys talk to me. I always felt like he never wanted to get to know me not because he didn't care but because he was already falling for me and getting closer meant him having to open his heart and let me in.  One moment he was showing the whole world how much he loved me and then the next moment he was so guarded.  There was def love for me.  I've known since day 1 he was for me. If only he would stop being so scared of me and my love than we would have had something so beautiful.. A lot of days I still believe this.

    It wasn't till our last 3 months of being together that something changed. He became mean. I was helping him out with something which he had no problem taking but it started feeling like he was embarrassed by the fact that I a female was helping him. Being there for him. My loyalty for the people I care about in my life goes on forever. So to me helping him was just another way of saying im here for you. I thought that would bring us closer or maybe even get him to trust my love for him more but instead he did the complete opposit. At the end of last summer he had completely stopped talking to me. No warning no anything. When I asked if he was done with me he said "no not at all just going threw somethings". It wasn't till later that I had found out what he had been doing behind my back all the time I was helping him out and being there for him. I could t believe it. The guy who told me how much I meant to him, how much he cared for me, how much he appreciated me, how i was his forever screwed me over. It felt like he purposely sabotaged everything we had in order to protect himself. I left him after that. I didn't say a word I just changed my number and left. I was so low and so hurt I couldn't bear to talk to him. I didnt do anything to deserve that from him. Theres not one thing he can say that i did to deserve that from him. I never got to have closure either but I told myself that I could get threw this and one day I would be better. I thought clearly hell know why I left him and if he really cared he would find me and apologize but I as a female can not stand to be treated like that.

    Well it's been a year later and randomly he's been popping up every where. I think in the past two months I've ran into him or seen him at least 4 times. The weird thing is I'll see the make of his car a lot before it happens. I'll see it everywhere and then one day I'll actually see him in his car. Before these last two months I had not seen him at all. So I'm curious as to why now. The other thing is when I saw him at school he was walking with his friend. I was going one direction and him the other. He had this attitude though. Like he wanted me to stop in my tracks and call out his name or something. He just had a very cocky attitude and I was not feeling it. So I just kept walking right past him and kept talking to my friend. She then tells me he kept looking back and then stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and called his friend back over as the watched me turn the corner. It's like he's too good to be vulnerable with me. Once again he acts scared of me. He screwed me over I shouldnt have to be the one to fix it. Well about a week after that I get a call from my friend. She tells me she ran into him and asked him what happened last year. He tells her a story I never even knew of. He told events that took place that I was not involved in. She also said he came off as though I knew about these events. He goes on to tell her that we're just two very different people and it made it hard to make things work. I was soo mad. Not only did he lie but he also made it look like he was some mature guy that didn't do anything wrong.

    I am 100% positive about what he did to me. I have proof! Why is he acting as though that's not why I would be upset? Why is he acting as though whatever he said happened was the reason we ended things. Why wasn't he telling me we were two different people before I left him? I even asked him if we were done and he never said that to me. Never ever has he brought that to my attention. Again he can talk to my friend about us but he won't talk to me??? I just don't get it. I was trying to let him go before but after that I just can't. I know very soon I am going to run into him and I need to talk to him about all of this. When I heard that the first thing that came to mind was BS. He's just saying that to protect himself and to not look stupid. Giving off his cool calm and collect attitude. I know him and that's all BS. I dont feel any of what he said especailly us  being different was correct. Any ways he told her he would talk to me if I wanted to talk. It's funny though because after I changed my number he did too...? Went with his lie. He only did that because I changed my number. I know that's why he did it. He hates rejection and looking stupid so he does whatever to not appear that way. From day 1 I've noticed that about him. I need to talk to him myself. I need to get all of this out. My only fear is how he'll react. I have a feeling he doesn't know I found out about what he did to me. So when I lay all his BS out on the table I am wondering how he will react and how I should say it? I still care about him. I'm not going to lie. Sounds crazy but I do and what he told my friend just hurt me again. I maybe hoping for too much but I still can't find myself forgetting about him. I loved him so much and I know he felt what I felt I know he did. What is different about us is I'm secure in who I am. He isn't. I know a part of him still cares. He wouldnt have looked back or talked to my friend if he didnt. Ive seen him before when he truly doesnt care. He doesnt put any energy towards it. Any advice on my situation or on how he is acting. I need to talk to him and get closure on our past. It's been a year and he's still on my mind all the time. Please help.

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