EIAI Please some insight....

  • Hi EIAI,

    Hope you are well. You are doing a fantastic job here. I thank you for all of us that seek you help.

    If you have time can you do me a reading please? Its about this man that i love and has broken my heart.

    In short, one he walked in the shop that i was working, and instantly i fell in love with him. He showed in every way that he wanted me. We got talking, texting etc. One thing was always in the way... his job.He is devoted there. After a lot of months talking and texting and seeing him a few times he started not texting back or always short texts. I realized that i would never mean anything to him or be with him. He was always busy and i lnow for a fact that he has no social life.. Ihad a big break down and heart ache.. I managed to pull myself up after 8 months and start to feel abit better, but once again he comes into my life and promises the word to me.. I tried to keep calm and not get my hopes up high again as i have started to see another man and get my life in some order. i have a lot of unsolved issues in my life.Now he cals me everymonth and still promises the world to me as he says his work is starting to slow down and we will go to that much wanted date that he has promised ourselves. My questions are what does he want from me? What is his issues, does he feel anything for or is he playing with my heart and if anything good will happen with him? Thank you EIAI For your time Sweetheart. Effie

  • Hello Elfie,

    I'm doing fine, thank you.

    what does he want from me?

    The Solution card fell out. I think you are an inspiration to him. Like his muse, that when he sees you or thinks about you he gets this almost creative high.

    Wheel + Recognition + Pitcher

    Hecate and Kali Goddess cards fell

    I think he feels like you can advance him in some way. The feelings he had for you back then are still present-- he can not forget them. Yet, he thinks that nothing has to change. At least not on his part. It's just that you have to give him what he needs. He likes that excitement, spontaneity and more than likely help you have so willingly given him.

    What is his issues?

    Isolation + Guru + Pitcher

    With Demeter as your Goddess cards.

    He may be a hard worker, but when it comes to emotional involvements he's not really available. He is withdrawn because of fear. He does not like to really let people in, and he may usually try escape romantic situations--especially when they become too difficult. Still, he is a helpful person to those that he cares for, but he seems to not know balance here either. As he may give the wrong people help and they end up taking advantage of him.

    does he feel anything for me?

    Not the same as you do for him.

    or is he playing with my heart?


    and if anything good will happen with him?

    Instinct + Disillusion + Pitcher

    With Freya as your Goddess card

    It's not at all as you expect from him. He may try and commit to you, but I think he fall back on his old ways. You both will definitely be able to help each other, as perhaps he can provide for you financially, but emotionally, not so much.

    Freya warns that if you are wanting something with him, then lower your standards and expectations in order to have a relationship with him.

    I asked the cards what advice they would like to give you with this situation:

    Ambition + Manipulation + Sleeper

    Lillith as your Goddess card

    Deep down inside, you already know how things will play out with him. I take it you know that history will repeat itself. It seems like you don't want to deal with it, but neither do you want to hurt this man.

    Lilith says, that even if you feel you will become the 'bad guy' by standing your ground and saying no to him, it's okay. He needs to have respect for you, and you being kind and a bit of a push over isn't helping you. Trust your instincts, as they are not lying to you.

    Hope it helps

    Thank you for requesting me. :3

  • Oh EIAI, Thank you so much for your time and reading. You are absolutely wright about him. He is a very kind soul and a caring one too.But his fear of committing is a big issue and as you said history will repeat its self... hurting me again. I truly wanted a relationship with him and want but as you said i cannot be hurt again so badly. I Love him so truly. Icould feel that i had got under his skin but he would not let me in for some reason. Im very happy that he thinks of me as his muse, or that im inspiration to him. It means a lot to me. A few more questions if you have time sweetheart? why does he need to respect me? And if i should let go of him and be with the other man that has entered my life which shows that he is a very kind hearted man. Sorry im so confused, i might not even make sence.

    Thank you and god bless you EIAI.


  • Hello Effie,

    It's me, ElAl.

    A few more questions if you have time sweetheart?

    I have all summer. :3

    why does he need to respect me?

    Because you are not a trophy or a goal. You are a person with as much ambition and goals as any other, but when people set up the goal of 'getting' a person in their life, they soon lose respect for them. It's done when you got the trophy; it goes on your mantle. You may cherish it by cleaning it, but you simply want to look at it and never think of what a real life human 'trophy' brings. Heck, soon you'll want another trophy. If he is just chasing love for the thrill of the chase then he is doing it for the wrong reasons. He is not serious about commitment.

    And if i should let go of him and be with the other man that has entered my life which shows that he is a very kind hearted man.

    Should you decide to let him go:

    Altar + The Fall + Adaptability

    WIth Isis as your Goddess card.

    I see that you really don't want to. You may feel that once you do let him go you will make a mistake. Are you thinking that he may be the one? Well, the Isis card says that you should be honest with yourself and the circumstance. You know how things really are, you simply think that there could be a miracle and he will be the prince you have been searching for.

    Her advice is not to fool yourself. If you let him go, better things will come and you may finally be able to free your mind from unnecessary worry.

    Should you decide to give him another chance.

    Principles + Fulfillment + Recharge

    Gaia as your Goddess card.

    I see you coming back to this forum and asking a lot of questions. And then people telling you why he may not be the best partner for you. But that's me being logical and not really using the cards.

    A slow start--like a snail. You both will slowly develop and come close to each other, but suddenly he will decide to hold back once again. I see this as a stunted growth, one where you will have to be both the patient nurse and the patient mother.

    From what I see, I would try and move on without him. I say this because in doing so, you let yourself grow and develop. Maybe once after you have learned what you need to learn and have figured out what you truly want from a relationship you can see if you can come back to him-- or if he'll come back to you.

    But being with him for now, it may not change anything. It's going to be the same ups and the same downs. You may want to help him, but if he's not helping himself and is only dragging people down with him. He too needs to grow.

    I asked the cards if you should continue being with this other man.

    The cards do not want to give me a straight answer today!

    But here it is your choice is my guess.

    Yes, as being with him will probably bring you into contact with other people. It's not definite that you both will be together for a long time, but you both may have fun and your energies are on the same level.

    No, as there are other situations that you are neglecting. Do you have the habit of waiting on a partner hand and foot and neglect yourself and your opportunities? Well, alone you may get more freedom and more time to do what you want, and wait on yourself.

    Up to what you want to do here!

  • Hi EIAI,

    First of all, i want to say that your new name is sweet! Did you have the need to change it?

    Second that you are a very well grounded, wise and sweet young girl. You have that special gift of giving to people, (as i have) But you have to look after yourself too!

    I havent and thats why i am in this situation that i am... Wondering if he is my prince..

    Anyway... You are wright once again that i do know the outcome of this situation. He will hurt me again.

    I do know what i want from a relationship. I have learned to understand myself after 43 years of age. As you said i had the habit of waiting on a partner hand and foot.

    I have alot of situation, which are unsolved in my life.... maybe because im toooo soft hearted, still thinking of others except of myself and my 11 year old son.

    I dont know where to start on..

    Ok i will start on my life, so you can understand me and the reading that you gave me, which my sweet girl is very much accurate and spot on.. that means you are very good at your readings and you should do it for a living too. (my opinion).

    I have been in a marriage and relationship with my husband for 18 years now. He was an alcoholic, until i stood up for my self and my son.

    thats when he decided to quite drinking. It was over then for me, after all these years of financially struggling and caring.

    I told him last year in January that everything was over for me. He gave up drinking to have alife with me but i didnt want too anymore, after 18 years of struggle.. I dont know if that was fair on him... but it was fair on me. I still am living with him as we have moved to my home country and he does not know the language and does not have a job. Thats where my unsolved issues come in. I have told him that everything is over and once he gets a job and stands on his feet i will throw him out of the house (that we are living together at the moment )because i can not harm the father of my only child.So im still wondering will i ever be free from my "ex Husband" and where is the solution on that situation?

    I have waited for 1 1/2 years. Im getting impatient With this situation mostly how my son will take it because he is only 11 nearly and loves his dad to death. They do have a good relationship. But i think he hasnt with me.

    Thats where my heart ache comes in. he learnt me what i would like in a relationship. He showed that he did care for me, he showed that i was something special and rare for this modern world that we live in.But everytime he use to show what he felt and wanted from me, he use to after 2 days pull back.Thats where i got hurt and heasrt broken. After 8 months of realization that he is not going to feel like i am... i finally started moving on with my life and the issues that i have to face.

    It hurts me knowing that knowing that he fears commitment... but what can i do? Nothing. Maybe ill wait for him to grow up at 43 years old that he is haha. As you said.. im not a trophy.

    I do wish that i could find a solution with my ex as that is taking a big toll on my health too.

    Thank you EIAI For your precious time Effie xxx

  • Hello Effie,

    Uh... Well, to be honest, everyone misspells my name. It's two L's instead of two I's. Didn't bother me so much until now because now everyone thinks my name is Aye-Ai. But you can call me EL.

    I like El. 🙂

    So im still wondering will i ever be free from my "ex Husband"?

    Cards were positive either way.

    Yes, if you finally decide to set aside all these other conditions as to why he must stay.

    No, if you keep giving more chances to continue your relationship.

    and where is the solution on that situation?

    Recognition + Choice + Concession

    With Hecate as your Goddess card.

    The solution is for you to make up your mind. If you really, truly want him to leave then make it clear. Excuses are prolonging everything that is going wrong in your life with your husband. Hecate says that this back and forward, push-pull has gone on long enough. You need to make a decision for yourself in the present, because your future is bound to always be the past.

    With your son, the worse thing you could do is take his father away from him. If you don't want to be with your husband, then don't, but so long as he can still be with his dad, it's fine for you to leave him. The situation may be difficult, but if you both can come up for a balanced schedule where he can spend time with the two of you, I think it will be fine for the most part.

    Why do you feel you don't have a good relationship with your son? Is it because you don't spend enough time with him?

    I asked the cards what advice they would like to give you with regards to your son:

    Solution + Responsibility + Ambition

    Hera as your Goddess card.

    The Hera card tells of all your time being dealt with your husband. It seems like if it is not work, it is you spending time worrying about your husband. If you feel the relationship with your son is bad or that you have failed in connecting with, don't. Your son, no matter what, wants you in his life. He maybe just doesn't like it when you're always sighing or looking depressed. He would like his gorgeous, laughing mom. Have you two spent time doing something he likes?

    It's the little things that you do that will count with your son. Hera says not to force yourself on him or to make him do things with you, but show that you are paying attention to him. Even if it's a little gift, it will be something nice for him.

    Hope everything goes well.


  • Hi El - how are you doing? I sang Rock Band with my kids and their friend the other night and thought of you! Are you singing?

    I was wondering if you could do a little check-in for me again? I am now in my last semester of nursing school and graduate Aug.2nd! Hooray!!!! I'm still thinking about jobs and whether I will find a good job at my local hospital. And for a second question, I feel as though something has finally shifted more strongly in truly, gently, letting that other man-friend go from my heart. This is what I wish, but honestly, I have not been very successful recently (just thinking of him too much, nothing worrisome in real life.) Sometimes it's just so nice to get a little guidance from the cards and you... thank you!


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