For LivingonaPrayer Please

  • Hello and Good morning LivingonaPrayer

    I want to ask a big favorite of you. If you would do a reading for me. I am

    think just a general reading if possible. My dob is 07/12/61.

    That would be so awesome

    Thanks so much BLD

  • Hi BLD,

    Sorry i just seen this thread yes i would be happy to do a reading for you but it might take a while as i am really busy with one thing and another . I will get on it as soon as i can .

    Loadsa love Loap:)

  • Hello Loap

    That is just fine. When you can do it. No rush. I understand we all have things to do.

    I know because it has been so crazy for me. ANd I am so glad that next week I have

    a week out of school. I need the rest.

    BLD have a wonderful holiday

  • Hi BLd ,

    Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you ive done you reading the cards that came out were

    The queen of cups reversed

    Ok i feel there was a major issue that was very hurtful to you regaring a relationship that you cant forgive i feel in order to move oyu you need to try and let go of this for your own sake as it is doing you no good this is affecting your life i know this is a general reading but i am sensing that you are booged down by fear of failing in all aspects of your life i feel you think that you are never good enough to succeed and by thinking like this you are manifesting these fears and negative thoughts into reality .

    the emperor

    I feel you will be going through a time where you will need structure and routine as i feel that you are a bit all over the place at the moment i am picking up on scattered energy . I also feel that you need to be in charge of your own life and make firm decsions , I feel that you are the boss in general of your own life but letting others make important decsions for you , and this is not a good idea , as i feel there is something that you are not going to happy with something that was done on your behalf . I also feel it could have legal complications and i feel it could be to with a mobile phone , if you have one be careful where you leave it . I know this probably sounds gibberish but it is what i feel

    Knight of wands

    Ok i see some travel coming up for you within the near future 6 to 12 months i feel this holiday will be a spur of the moment i feel you will be going some where that you never thought you would now i have just had morroco pop into my head but i could be wrong whatever the destination is will be so taken in by it that this it will be a life changing experience for you .

    page of cups

    Ok i feel you will , be doing something of a spiritual nature i feel that it could be to do with angels something to with spirits i feel you know this already , i feel that you will be contacted by a spirit he is male very close to you i feel he had a bad chest infection defently problems with his chest and this is how he passed he always around you he is wearing a grey suit .

    Have you been doing seacones or trying to contact spirits in your house at all ? Anyway he is harmless he protects you I hope i havent freaked you out by this just going with what i feel .

    four of pentacles

    You will be coming into a lot of money in the next 6-12 months i feel you should invest this money wisely , as you could end up with a nice little nest egg , I feel you have leant alot of money in your life to others now karma is coming back to you in abundance .

    Sorry i am unable to do more cards im having problems with my wrist i ahve carpal tunnel and it is driving me nuts .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Good Morning Loap

    That is ok when you did this for me. You are doing something for me. I can't rush you. I am just

    grateful for you for doing it. You did not freak me out. Believe that. Now the spirit that is around me, my second son dead from a fire so that could be the chest feeling you get from him. But I do have a question what is seacones. I do not try to get to the spirits hear because I am not comfortable here. Wow the Knight of wands is just coming up for me all over the place. I just pulled that card four times this week and I am hoping to be moving. And yes I have done a lot for other people. So you say be careful with my cell phone I am going to court for my younger son. Ok that is another card that I have been coming across alot and is the four of pentacles. I wish I could read the cards like you I have tried everything but maybe one day you could help me I have the general idea with the cards. I will say a pray for you and hope you feel better soon.

    You are so awesome and thank you so much. Maybe when you feel better you can help me with the cards BLD

  • Hello Loap

    See I was telling you that the knight of wands keeps coming up for me, this was something that

    happen a couple of weeks ago. I was cleaning my room and when I went by my bed their was

    six cards that fell in this order

    Card 1. Aces of Wands

    Card 2. Queen of Wands

    Card 3. Knight of Wands

    Card 4. THe High Priestess (reversed)

    Card 5. Temperance (Reversed)

    Card 6. Queen of Pentacles

    You see that is the third card down and this week I pulled the knight of wands he is just following me.

    Thank You again and I hope you feel better soon BLD

  • Hi BLD,

    I am sorry to hear your Son died in a fire ((Hugs)) to you my freind . I feel the man i am seeing is not your son he is older i would say in his early 50s and i feel he died in the 1970s he is showing himself to me leaning up against a wall it is white and has an office or work place feel and he is slumping towards the ground like he is losing his balance he has dark hair with a moustache i dont know your age but i feel he is older than you , i am feeling the name John very strong as well Can you relate to this ?

    The knight of wands is defently trying to tell you something , interpret it how you feel , i feel it is a move or a holiday for you ocming up ion the near future .

    Love and blessings Loap:)

  • Hello Loap

    I am not sure who the man is. I am 50 years of age and will be 51 in July. The only man I can relate to is a man that my mother worked for he had a moustache and dark hair. And he was a writer and was very crazy about me. My mother worked for his family for over 15 years and I was around them alot. But my mothers sister husband his name was John I had never meet him. Or I could have but I was a baby when I first saw him so maybe it is him. Well I am going to be moving in August. And I feel like that is what the knight of wands is telling me. And I think this will be a very good move for me and my family. I think things will be so much better for us. How are you feeling I hope better. Oh I have one question and that is about when you say

    "about somebody doing something for me and then I am not happy and I should watch my cell phone because it may have to deal with something legal." Thanks again BLD

    ANd hope you feel well soon. Are you going to have the surgery for your carpal tunnel. Illona

  • Hi BLD,

    I feel your phone could be lost or stolen also if someone tries to sell you a phone be very careful as it could be stolen . I feel someone will try to help you in someway im not 100 percent sure if this is related to the phone but whatever it is you dont want thier help , you want to do it on your own but they will be persistant . i feel there will be a falling out with you and this person over this it will be a major issue . I will have to have surgury on my carpal tunnel my fingers are numb as i am typing to you it feels weird . I am expericening light tingles in my other hand as well now . Thanks for your kind words

    Love and hugsLoap:)

  • HEllo Loap

    That is so funny because I have been getting some funny emails

    on my cell about new service and new phones but I have not responsed

    to them. Thank you so much, I will watch for this. But my fingers are like

    that too. They are numb when I get up and sometimes when I am doing

    my homework I have to stop because my fingers are so numb. Well after

    you have the surgery you will feel the difference because my friend that had

    hers said her hands feels so much better.

    Thanks so much bld

  • Hi BLD,

    I feel it is an iphone, have you been thinking about getting one of those ? i have one and they are great .

  • sorry hit submit by mistake if you are thinking about getting an iphone or smart phone make sure you read the fine print and buy it from a trusted source .

  • HEllo Loap

    You know I have a little cell phone nothing fancy. But I have been wanting to get a smartphone but I know I would not get it from the emails I have been getting because I don't think they are good. But I probably won't be getting one no time soon, because I am going to be moving next month and I am so happy. Both my boys want to move too and that is making this move so much easier for me. I was reading where you said you think I will be getting some money in about 6 months or so. I think I will be too but it will be for my younger son. Because I have filed for his SSI because he has medical problems. But I really think things are going to work out for me just fine. I hope that everything will work out for you with the surgery for your hand.

    Again thinks so much BLD

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