Marriage reading please help!!

  • Hi, Rider Waite cards, love/marriage reading : the king and queen cups , the 2 of swords reversed, and the hierophant how would you interpret this reading?

    Also I had asked my spirit guides about how they thought about my husband and I rec'd : the four of cups , the hanged man reversed , and seven of swords ??? what do think ?

    Please help!!

  • Vonna15,

    It is hard for anyone to interpret the cards you have drawn on your behalf because I might misinterpret according to my understanding but I'll try.

    King and Queen of Cups - most likely you and your significant other concerning love/emotion & progression through emotion and love. Needing to work on yourself or doing well in it.

    2 of Swords reversed: blind to emotions, trouble accepting what's going on, turning your back on things

    Hierophant: Time to do things right, set aside your prejudices and predispositions and look at things neutral to do what needs to be done. Follow sound advice. Follow the guides.

    Next question:

    4 of Cups: Plentiful however you are currently only looking at one part of it. Not realizing what you have. Opportunities missed because you are so concerned with looking else where.

    Hanged man reversed: The wait is over, take the opportunities that are being offered. Do not wait for God/Guides to toss it into your lap. You want something, this is your wake up call to go and get it.

    7 of swords. Usually a warning, don't try to get away with something, don't try to lie/cheat/steal/ or only thing of yourself. It will come back to bite you - karma. Make sure you are fair in your choices. Do not be sneaky or make bad decisions according to your selfishness.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!


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