Can I have some help please

  • I when to look at some apts and I found one that is so pretty and I really would

    love to move in. But now my housing specialist is telling me that I can not go any

    higher than 1650. But I am not understand because they already have people in

    that complex that are on housing. Can somebody please help me will I get the

    place I want or will I have to keep looking.


  • I feel you will get an apt some where else. It is the right size that it needs to be & you will feel more comfortable in it than the one you are looking at now. this one you are looking at now is good, but its not the right one.

  • Good Evening Enne

    Thank You. You know I went to see another apt in irvine and I think that is the one that we will be moving too. The lady is holding the apt for us. And my boys really like it. So I think it will be the place for us. And I think I will finally sleep in my bedroom because the apt we live in now I have not slept in my bedroom but about 5 times and we have been here about three years. So I think that is the one for us.

    Thanks again BLd

  • That is wonderful to hear! I really feel you will enjoy this place. It will be HOME! 🙂 Enjoy your new place, & you are very welcome! 🙂

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