Reading please? I'd be willing to do a reading in return.

  • Could someone do a reading for advice on how to make my friend more willing to commit to our relationship? He seems to keep going back and forth, yet assures me his feelings are real and that we will be okay. (although part of me thinks this is a side effect of the Venus retrograde)

    I would be happy to do a reading in return 😄

    Thank you.

  • I would be willing to do you a reading for you.

    Question first: Is your friend your lover?

    You want to make your friend your lover?

  • Thank you so much!

    Well, he's said that he likes me, and knows that I like him, yet I don't think he's sure if he wants us to be serious or not.

  • Elizabeth,

    In my opinion, if a man can not make up his mind to be with you, it means he is either really immature or doesn't like you enough.

    I asked the cards what are his feelings for you:

    Fountain + Stability + Economy

    Revision + Bouquet + Two Paths

    With Gaia as your Goddess card.

    I think his deal is that he does like you, but not in the same way that you do. He may be more into the physical part as I got two earth cards (Stability + Economy), You may be more of "rock" to him as he can go to you for help. Still, romantically he does not seem to share your same affections. For me, I think he is saying that he likes you because he doesn't want to lose you. He knows he has created a bad situation as he might've led you on, or caught on that you already had feelings for him.

    He doesn't know what to do right now, as he feels stuck saying yes or no because, either way, he feels he will be betraying you.

    In all sincerity, he does not seem to want to be in a romantic relationship with you.

    Hope it helps.

    But you certainly deserves someone better!

  • The thing was, he confessed he liked me.

    And the we'd had a conversation about him "committing" to the relationship, and he was telling me he wasn't sure about my feelings.

  • Hmm...

    I asked yes and no questions.

    If he liked you: they said he wasn't really sure. Two paths came up again.

    I asked if he wanted a relationship with you:

    They gave me Adaptability for yes. It seems that he is waiting for an answer from you.

    For no I got bouquet again. To me it says that he does but is more interested in a short affair.

    I also got these cards:

    Recharge and Revision, both are black moons. Also, the Economy card was in your other reading.

    To me it signifies an end. For me it doesn't seem like an auspicious time to start a relationship as you both won't feel connected much (Air, Fire, and Earth Black Moons to me seems like your Mental, Energy, and Physical sides won't be connected right now.)

    I guess I'm off, though.

    Would you like me to ask again?

  • You don't have to if you're busy. I appreciate you taking the time out for me though. The thing is, he has bipolar disorder, so I think sometimes that it affects his feelings. Also, we are in a long distance relationship atm, so maybe that is part of it too.

    I talked to him about it today, and he's always reassuring me that there is nothing to worry about. I think maybe, that this is more of an issue with MY ability to trust him, as I was in a very bad relationship before him. Which he knows about. He's very patient towards me and I really appreciate it.

    I think you are right about him not wanting to lose me, we have a really awesome friendship, and I think both he and I are worried about it.

    Could you maybe do a spread asking what I should do to make our relationship easier for both of us?

    Thank you so much for your patience. May I do a spread for you?

  • Not a problem at all.

    what I should do to make our relationship easier for both of us?

    Wow. Haven't had this happen to me.

    You got pretty much got the same cards as before.

    Fountain + Stability + Economy

    With Demeter as your Goddess cards.

    The best advice I think they are given you is to take things slow--very slow.

    You both have probably poured your heart and soul to each other (in the friendship stage) and now as you have both taken it to a new level, it has changed things dramatically.

    Demeter says that things will never be the same. You both seem to be at the tip of the iceberg. Any wrong move can cause you both to fall. Stay still for a moment and do not rush him or make him make a decision on your relationship.

    You certainly wouldn't want him to feel trapped while he is with you, would you?

    Today, I asked about his feelings for you.

    I got so much better cards.

    Recognition + Passion + Instinct

    Passion and Instinct are water cards so they show he is really emotionally tied to you. I still feel that feeling of both safety and attachment that he has toward you. I got Isis too, so it seems he is being loyal and honest towards you.

    Above all, Elizabeth, I think if you really want something serious with him, you should always let him know you are there. He seems to have confidence problems, and he may take it the wrong way when you don't show how you are feeling towards. I think it's that you should let him know that you're are ready to be with him when he has gotten over his issues about a relationship with you. You are a person he cares for so much, but he's weighing the pros and cons. Definitely he does not want to lose you in his life. I think he's just looking for a guarantee for this never to happen.

    Hope this time it does help! (laughs)

    Right now I don't have any serious questions. Whatever your cards have to say to me is good enough.:3

    Thank you.

  • I'm sorry for all the trouble! I guess I should have told you more about the relationship so you would have an easier time reading.

    I think I will just have to let the chips fall where they may, and instead of worrying so much and consulting the cards to just have fun and enjoy being friends.

    Thank you so much for your insight. By the way what deck do you use? I love the interpretations you give!

    Also here is my three card reading for you.

    Past: Two of cups

    You have met some new people in your life. Perhaps a new friend or even a lover. You feel emotionally attached to this person or people. You are learning new things about them, and maybe were learning new things about your emotional life.

    Present: The Ace of Wands

    You are currently on a path of new creativity in your life. You feel empowered and you are full of new plans and prospects. Be careful now, to fully plan and integrate your plan before going full speed ahead lest you get yourself in hot water.

    Future: Reversed Nine of Swords

    Be careful not to let your worries and thoughts get away from you soon. Always remember that your mind can make your worries appear much more possible and realistic, especially during the evening hours. However, you will find that things will be okay much sooner once the sun rises and sheds some light on everything 🙂

  • No trouble at all!

    Sometimes we just need some reassurance, that's all.

    I use the Moon Oracle tarot cards and Healing with the Angels Oracle cards.

    Your reading was accurate! I have been meeting a lot of people, especially from this very site. Haven't done anything new yet so I wonder what whacky idea I come up with. As for the future, I'm not surprised. I am worry wart to the extreme.

    Thank you so much for your reading!

    Hope everything turns out well in your relationship--now and in the future.

    Hugs and love to you,


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