Family Issues

  • Lately my friends been telling me im depressed but i know there is a reason lots of things been going on my wife and I rushed into a relationship had a child i feel she doesnt really truely love me for who i am recently my mother found a number i had got from a girl but i wasnt talking to her for anything other than business which now they assume im cheating on my wife.. Ive just beeen down alot theres been more reasons like other father figues in my childs life doing more of a batter job than i am and my family takening notice that they are I do try but my apearence helps me none i can be a father but i will always be young in there eyes. if you want to help me out and talk to me some reply at or leave a message here

    im glad to just let it out somewhere

  • Well Dear before i go sounding nasty & offending... would offering your E Addy not cause your mom or family to raise an eye brow or two.... after all ONE phone number ~ and everyone is suspicious of you... BEST to remove The E addy on here.... there are many many who are willing to offer some kind of logical & sound advise..... I for one don;t believe in mistakes... i believe in experiences & the choices we decide to make once we reachthat hurdle.... if your wife & family are that suspicious of you now..... .OFFER THEM PROOF THAT ALL IS WELL & NO HANKY PANKY IN YOUR PANTIES.....LOL TRIED TO RHYME.... CLOSE THOUGH...LOL



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