I need this dream interpreted

  • It's honestly bugging me to no end and I have no idea why. So, if you could tell me the meaning(s) and/or why it's bugging me, then please do so. A little info about me: I'm a Christian, 21, married to the love of my life. Here's the dream: In the dream, I have long, brown hair and I'm about thirteen years old (sweet, humble and innocent). I'm wearing a brown, long-sleeved, knee-length dress and no shoes. In the beginning of the dream, I'm walking out of the woods with a group of people (one I know to be a boy) and it's winter. Then, my memory skips to me and the group of people are in this King's castle (made of stone). I'm sitting beside the King, whom is a Satanist, at this low-to-the-floor table. I look down and see the small-width, brown bracelet on my left wrist, which has a cross on it, and pull my sleeve down over it. The King, though, sees the wide-width, brown watch on my right wrist, which also has a cross on it, but it's a dangling charm and comments on it. Very sweetly, I tell him, "Oh. I didn't know that was on it when I bought it. You can take it off, if you'd like." So, he does. I know in my mind that he has picked me to be his intimate partner and the rest of the group, he intended to be his worker slaves.

    So, he leads me into his bedroom, which consists of a blanket on the floor and some pillows. Somehow, he ends up on top of me and says, "I love you," to which I reply, "I love you too." He says something else and I get bold (challenge him a bit) with my answer, but I cannot remember what I said/he said. Anyway, he gets off of me and begins to play with me (dress still on) and I with him, when his advisors walk into his room and all playing is done.

    I get out of the castle somehow and begin to run away. I see these blonde haired, American men in the square and they're surprised to see me. The season is Spring, by the way. Anyway, the Satanist King has placed these invisible spells all over his kingdom (which you cannot get out of due to a spell) and if I ran into them, he would know exactly where I was. I think I ran into ONE, that's all. Anyway, I ran into this store and up the stairs and it ended up being a shoe shop... and that's where I hid... Then, I woke up.

    Is there a meaning behind this or is it just a dream? It's been bugging me the entire day. Answers would be awesome.

  • Oh, and the King had black, curly, graying hair but wasn't old-looking.

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