AstraAngel - Any room for me?

  • Hi AstraAngel, hope you are well!

    I have read a few of your posts and wondered if you would mind doing a reading for me as well? Your readings are insightful and so detailed that I think I can really benefit from your talents! I understand it takes a lot of effort and I appreciate that you are willing to do this on this forum, so I hope you wouldn't mind one more, pretty please?

    I am involved with a Taurus man and it's a strong connection but it has it's fair share of difficulties. I find it hard to deal with the fact that it seems like our relationship is always on his schedule. I am trying to stay light with this but I sometimes go back and forth about my thoughts on how he really feels about me. I don't want exclusivity and he knows that but I do want some stability in our friendship. I think he knows that I can't give him everything he wants so he keeps me off balance. I just wonder if the tarot can shed any light.

    I really appreciate your insights and wish you a blessed day!

  • Hi Lizuz

    Certainly, let's see what is going on with you two.

    Using this same spread I have been using lately for relationships, with 5 cards for each of you in the shape of a figure, head, heart, feet, right hand (active, masculine, energies coming in and being reached for), and left hand (feminine, passive, energies being released and moving away)

    Your figure is to the left...

    Heart: Queen of Wands. Right away we see you are very mature emotionally, the Queen of Cups is very poised and has her emotional / intuitive life well ordered and very secure. So this is the center you are working from in your life which is excellent. You have worked hard to establish this secure emotional nature and that is working for you. You also know what you want and are not hesitant to let others know. It also means you know what you don't want, and you are ready to let that out too.

    Head: Your thoughts at this time - The Star which is a very beautiful card of a mature intellect as well, and embraces the full potential of life to provide whatever you need to see yourself through any situation with confidence. Your thoughts are very balanced and you are smart with your material life (you can see that there is a "queen of Pentacles" hidden in the Star card and an Ace of Swords, so you are sharp as a tack, you handle your physical and material life with wisdom, and that Ace swords, you will see through any baloney going on in relationships and your life situations, work and career too.

    Feet: Your path card, this is where your steps are wanting to take you as the Universe guides and your heart is listening.. The Four of Swords which is another strong card of intellectual maturity and "acting on what you think" so this energy is compelling you to act on some matter in your life that you have been thinking a lot about perhaps (could be the need to speak with your Taurus guy and be more honest and let the chips fall where they may. Healthy relationships, you should be able to discuss anything and reach some accord with composure and tact) So your path looks to me like your life circumstances are being arranged to bring about this opportunity to talk it out, express something important to someone (perhaps him).

    Your right hand (reaching out): The Eight of Swords - Another very mature swords card! This eight wants to "organize your thoughts" about something, 8's are organizing energies. So in combination with that 4 swords foundation you are organizing your thoughts about a matter and at the right moment you will be given that opportunity to express all of that.

    Your left hand (releasing something): The Tower - The Tower is "process of changing a key and basic belief" so this sounds like an energy you have waded through lately, you have changed your view about some situation, that was a process that involved a lot of serious thought (you can see the 4 swords hidden in the Tower card). It sounds like something you assumed was dependable came under more scrutiny and you went through a period of letting your thoughts change about that. Could be connected to the relationship with him. Like it was pretty comfortable and felt nice enough... something was scratching at you though... not quite right... so you were willing to face some facts and be honest about how you feel (Queen of Swords in your heart).

    Overall your energies are very nice, strong and very clear. You don't have any real self-identity issues evidenced by the lack of wands. I can see you are a very together person and that is important to maintain your strong self-image. No wonder that in relationships when something smells fishy, you are quick to analyze it and take steps to distance yourself from anything that is not helping. You can rest assured that your life is on a very positive and healthy path, I am very impressed! Your Taurus guy has a real diamond for a friend with you.

    Now, lets take a look at Taurus Guy (TG)...

    Heart: Page of Wands - Okay, immediately we are facing self-identiy issues with him. The Page of Wands is "Taking an identity risk" so this energy tells us that he is dealing with some self image, life role questions, he is wanting to change how he sees himself. This is at his heart right now, so his life path is purposed to help him clarify that. He is wanting to shed an old identity as a result.

    Head: Three of Wands - Yes, more wands, so this is what is going on with him. The three of wands is "clarifying the identity" so he is really working with his thoughts to resolve some sort of identity question about himself. Any time someone is working out identity issues they can be a challenge in relationships, because the desire to change the self identity requires some risking and letting go of previous concepts of the self, and this can be a little fearful. So the person can lean on others for emotional support and unknowingly be even a little controlling in order to "guarantee" they will be protected from this fear. Unfortunately the Universe is designed that we each must "walk the walk" by ourselves to discover who we really are, and will separate two people in a relationship as needed to make sure this identity process continues without relying on someone else to "carry you" emotionally. You have such maturity emotionally he could be drawing on that to help shore himself up. This may be what you are feeling with TG.

    His feet, life path - Strength - This is an energy of a compelling instinctive drive. So there is some area of his life that is riding along on a more basic, instinctive level. Probably on some material level. Could be physical closeness, a home or security pattern that he is (subconsciously even) seeking to manifest. His steps are following his instincts right now to carry him forward, not a lot of real thought in this guy right now, (*you can see the absence of swords in his figure) so his actions are more knee-jerk responses that anything carefully considered and analyzed (unlike you, you want to think through things). He doesn't want to think, He just wants to "do it" and "doing it" may be another area where he is seeking some shelter from his self-image transition process.

    Right hand - reaching out for something: The Magician - This is a card of "comparing realities" so he is reaching out to compare various life concepts for himself. He could be fantasizing about you, or even someone else, in any case he is imagining himself in different life situations and "wearing those" in his thought life in order to arrive at some conclusion as to the life he wants.

    Coupled with the self-identy clarification and changes he is seeking, and that instinctive drive under him, tells me TG is trying to imagine his new identity in various scenarios. He could be imagining himself in other relationships, hard to say. I think this energy is kind of intense for him, he is hoping he will get the "lightning bolt" revelation of who he really is, and with whom his new identity is meant to be with. So I think he is trying to have his cake and eat it too... he wants to "make sure" you are there as an emotional cushion, while at the same time he is free to harbor some imagination and fantasies about possibilities with other situations/people. This is taking place without any real conscious clarity also, he isn't even aware of this process. Fortunately, you are aware of it, and can take steps to make sure you are safe and secure while he does his magic act.

    Left hand - releasing: The Seven of Pentacles - Physical experimentation. Some more evidence that he may have been relying on something for physical comfort and release, not sure what this is, it is leaving anyway. He could be waking up to the fact that the physical dimension of his life is not where his answers lie, and while that worked for him in the past, and he experimented a lot in that area, he is letting it go and is focused more on imagining possibilities for his "new role" and is more interested in more of a fantasy life now rather than reaching out for the hugs and physical intimacy that used to provide comfort.

    His energies are mostly pentacles and wands, so the physical dimension of life and self-identiy issues, along with some Cups mostly in areas he is reaching for (not in his possession yet). So he is needing emotional energy which you could be supplying when he is with you.

    You are both stable personally in your paths though the base of your figure both rest on double balanced figures, two swords for you, two pentacles for him. So he tends to rely on physical things, you tend to rely on your smarts.

    It is interesting that when I overlay his figure on top of you, that we end up with the Lovers card at your feet (your swords cancel with his pents, leaving the Lovers (two pents plus a cup) at your feet. So there is a lovers energy sort of dormant under the relationship.

    Your hearts mesh nicely, his page of wands drops right into your Queen of Cups, so you two do share something very nice there, your hearts are knit together easily. It is probably mostly his identity questions which are at the root of everything you are sensing in the relationship.

    The relationship in the Thinking dept ends up with a Two of Pentacles which is a card of material affirmation as to direction and security, So when you two are together there might be a focus on the physical and some movement there, like "what can we do now?, where can we go?" Looking at the releasing side of the relationship i also come up with a Two of Pentacles so this tells me this may be a pattern in the past with you two, You want to talk communicate about something, and yet the relationship keeps wanting to "do something" physical and the clear communication doesn't take place, instead there was a physical something or other that replaced that. Over time this has become wearisome to you and you are ready for a showdown, like, Let's Talk with a capitol L and a capitol T... and he is probably sensing this is coming and that has him scared, he may use some avoidance tactics to try and make sure that scenario doesn't occur. Like this...

    You: Hey TG, can we talk about something very important to me about the two of us?

    Him: Oh darn, Lizuz.. I just remembered, I have an appt at XYZ place I have to run, we'll talk about it later... and then later.. remains later... meanwhile you are getting more antsy to make sure that your hearts are clean and open with each other... meanwhile he has the self-identiy issues he is dealing with... you see how it can make a merry go round, where the relationship kind of ends up in a flight pattern and doesn't quite make touchdown.

    You summed it up yourself (this is that very intuitive Queen of Cups talking!) " I think he knows that I can't give him everything he wants so he keeps me off balance."

    Yes, he may be afraid of "the talk", and he is using some avoidance or a little manipulation to try to keep this from happening. Why? Because he really cares about you and you are a strong anchor for him emotionally. However he also is fragile right now with his identity search so he is carefully trying to preserve your emotional strength, without the honest sharing of feelings and honest communication... so it is a balancing act... however I see that coming to an end soon as I believe the Universe will give you that window to share your concerns. He may become very defensive, so be prepared for that. "What are you talking about, I think everything is great with us!" that sort of thing, you know what I am talking about.

    Does that help Lizuz? I hope I am not over-analyzing you two however that is what I got. Let me know what you think and we can look at any area in more detail. I know you are right on track though, your intuition (Queen of Cups again) is very profound and you can trust that implicitly right now! My pleasure to help, thank you for the opportunity to provide something, I love doing these relationship readings!

    love, astra

  • oops I said Queen of Wands in your heart at the beginning, that should read Queen of Cups, I should proof read better haha

  • OMG AstraAngel, your reading was so on point that we could change places right now you would be amazed at your reading and your gift!

    So much of what you said hit home because its so true. I have to go back and read it piece by piece to get every piece of wisdom out of this reading. There is so much of it!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this for me. It confirms everything that I thought and felt and you don't even know us but you picked up on all our issues just like that. I too feel that we are very compatable and there is something soulful about our relationship. However, with your input, I am going to be able to try to navigate the challenging areas much better and I can't thank you enough for your help!

    I will keep you updated on things as they move along. Blessings and blessings to you!

  • I wish I could send you a private message AstraAngel, I just reread and if I could give you the details of this relationship, you could see just how beautiful and accurate your reading was! If there is an address I can send an email to, please let me know.

    You have a real gift! Thank you again. I appreciate the advice and insight tremendously!

  • Lizuz

    Hey thanks for the feedback, and I am so happy it seems to make some sense.

    You can try my email at AstraAngel1 at gmail dot com and we can go from there. I understand that sometimes the personal stuff is not appropriate for a forum situation.

    Glad to help!


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