Captain can you help?

  • I have recently begun talking to a Pisces man (2/23/82). In the beginning he wanted to meet early on, but I was hesitant. Now his communication is consistently sporadic but we do communicate in some ways almost everyday. I've never dated a Pisces before. We have tons in common, and my instincts tell me not to look so deep into his actions of late. My birthday is 5/31/82. we are supposed to be going out on our first official date next week. He has a pretty busy schedule as do I. Does he still like me the same? Do we have a promising future? What things should I expect from him in terms of pisces characteristics. Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much.

  • There can be conflict here since you are very different personalities, but this kind of friction can also be stimulating and can lead to a positive result. You Franni are thought and talk oriented while your friend is feeling and non-verbally oriented, so you may have problems communicating and understanding each other when you are face-to-face. You are not usually introspective but your friend is - very. You tend to maintain a frenetic pace in your life, while your friend prefers a calm and soothing environment. But in a love affair you two normally show great sensitivity to each other's needs and you can both learn a lot from the relationship. It tends to be very private - the inner growth you two manifest is not for the world's scrutiny. Affection and pleasure are certainly a part of this relationship, but its principal value is educational, especially for you Franni who has not been exposed to the the influences and sensibilities of a Pisces man before. He will inevitably be put in the position of teacher here, not so much imparting information but gently showing you by example how to develop the deepest parts of your nature constructively. Such a relationship however will put great strain on him, and he may come to find you too demanding and lacking in concentration, a trait that tends to make him nervous. Marriage can become a source of stability (if you can get that far), seeing you two often affiliate yourselves with a religious, spiritual or cultural group. Should this bond become too strong, however, and should it end in disillusionment, it may lead to extreme upset, often resulting in separation or divorce.

  • Does this mean that at this point he is still quite interested? I was fearful that my initial hesitation made him feel as if I never wanted to meet. And the lack of calling when he says he will is a Pisces trait or just a him trait?

  • Oh and I entered his bay wrong (not sure if it matters) he's actually 4 yrs younger than me, 1986. I'm sorry.

  • No the year doesn't matter.

    Pisces people can get caught up in their own minds and dreams so it's not surprising he forgot to call you. The key is patience with Pisces. They won't pursue you. They can be very reserved and withdrawn. They will often wait for someone else to talk to them because they want the person to show signs of liking them and a reassurance that they don't annoy them. Be sweet, fun, and friendly, do not let him know you're having all this anxiety over talking to him. Just stay laid back, talk to him occasionally, initiate conversation when it's been awhile, but in a very friendly nonchalant way. Flirt with him, show him you're interested in little ways, and see where it goes from there!

  • I do my best to keep things light. We haven't TALKED since Monday, but I have called and left one message. I have shown him that I'm interested, but he seems spotty with communication either way. I just don't want to get excited over a date that may not take place.

  • Then remain calm and go about your life with no expectations of him.

  • Thank you.

  • Update. He text out of nowhere after days of absence. In the beginning he said he wanted me to be my REAL self so I was. I told him I'm not used the disappearing and that my time is valuable too. He apologized and said he had a gig in atl. He said that we were still gonna go out this Thursday. Have I messed things up???? We still text but no verbal communication in a week for me being a Gemini seems like years! He's studying for the bar, but a simple Hi isn't too much, is it? I know you said patience is key, but yet again I'm a twin lol. Do we have a solid chance here? Like if we finally meet up will we like each other more and our communication dynamics change for the better?

  • The relationship would go better once you met up - it's just that I feel him retreating from meeting you, like he has talked himself out of it, that he thinks you want more from him but he cannot handle more than he has on his plate right now.

  • Hopefully he won't stand you up for Thursday because then I feel you can finally move forward. If he cancels, I wouldn't bother any more.

    And your communication styles are very different - you are into verbal and technological communication while he goes more by his feelings and insecurities. So you can't expect each other to communicate in the same way.

  • Well I called him for details and of course he didn't answer, so I left a message. I hope he hasn't talked himself out of it. I'd feel like we would both be missing out on something possibly great. Yes I would have no choice but to move on, however is there a way I could turn things around?

  • Sooo I left a beautiful text and he responded immediately! He says that he's taking classes 5 hrs a day, had I known that I wouldn't have been so worried. I truly hope our communication improves. He says he definintely still wants to meet tomorrow and that it's just school that's in the way. Is he telling the truth or is there another woman in the pic? My intuition tells me school work and music are the other woman, however you just never know.

  • No, you have left a message - now you must leave him alone to make his decision. And you don't have enough information about this guy to know that it would be great with him. look at all the trouble he has already put you through before you have even met. You are just hoping for a good outcome...maybe a bit unrealistically since you both have such different approaches to life and love.

  • Well I thought him replying last night was him making a decision. Not sure if you saw my latest post. And I understand what you're saying, that's why I said possibly due to how we communicate when we are on the phone. I'm not sure how unrealistic any of this is. Sometimes I feel he acts like a Capricorn with all the jobs he has. Although it could go either way I am choosing to be optimistic, which is rare for me. Your first response said that we could actually learn from each other so I'm crossing my fingers that, that happens.

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  • Taleb, it's very rude to butt into someone else's personal thread to promote yourself. You should read the forum rules before you post. No one will be attracted by this selfish approach.

  • Thank you Captain, I didn't want to say it. Anyway I'm just coming back from our first phenomenal date!!! It was great and we discussed what we need to work on, on both our ends. He was a gentleman the entire time and he allowed me to hold him accountable for the past few weeks. He said that he is interested in me and I told him I know I have to develop patience with him. I really want to thank you for all of your help. I think we have great potential ahead.

  • Let me know how you go! 🙂

  • Well we have only texted a few times since the date. Is this going to be a slowly built relationship? Is school keeping him that occupied, is this a Pisces thing or is there another lady in the pic? I know I have some insecurity issues so I just thought I'd ask you. Thanks!

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