AstraAngel, would you mind giving me a Tarot reading please?

  • Hi Astra,

    I have read some of your posts and am wondering if you would be willing to give me some insight in my wreck of a life right now! Everything has been turned upside down...jobwise, finances, love life....I have tried to stay positive, meditate, talk to my guides, but everything still seems to be at a standstill and I just don't know what direction to take at this point.

    Do you see me moving out of state...back to my hometown? Do you see a relationship coming in, or the ex coming back in? Do you see a job anywhere at all....or possibly some money coming to me? I feel like I am in limbo and all doors are shut to me...ugggh!!

    If you can help, thank you from the bottom of my heart....if not, I totally understand:)



  • Hi Leslie

    Okay, let's see what seems to be going on. Sounds like ascension symptoms to me, you feel like everything is upside down, not working out, doors shut, I know the feeling, and can relate to every symptom you mentioned.

    We can look at the general energies you are working with right now.

    Your head (conscious thought life) - Knight of Pentacles - looks like you are very focused on the material needs right now, physical, job.

    Your heart - Three of Swords - "Planing around a new idea, clarifying a concept, setting your thoughts in order"... you are searching and searching for answers, trying to figure it out, why is this happening to me, that sort of thing. The planning energies here are intellectual in nature, so this tells me that your heart is working behind the scenes to arrive at plans to move you forward in positive ways.

    Your feet - The Hermit - this position is about your path, general course of life, and this means you are "withdrawing to gain perspective".You are seeking to be alone more right now to contemplate your life, gain understanding about who you really are in this new direction you are now traveling. (I know it feels like a steamroller has smashed your life however there is a beautiful story outworking in your life, you simply may not be at a place yet to comprehend what that is exactly. It will develop and this Hermit energy is very good for you right now).

    Reaching out - the Five of Pentacles - changes and adjustments in the material sphere, so this is connected with what is going on in your thoughts to help you make the needed changes to set you in a better material, home, security pattern in your life.

    Letting go - The Ace of Wands - a New Identity - Yay! This is a sign that you have recently established a new identity for yourself, though you may not be aware of it. The conscious mind is always lagging behind the reality of what spirit is working out for us, so this looks very good to me. A recent development where you are seeing some flashes of insight of who you really are, the beautiful creature you were meant to be. Jobs, relationships, all of that is under construction under a new energy.

    So those are the general energy patterns going on right now, swords, pentacles and wands in descending intensity. Now we can start to draw cards to the right of you to see where the trends seem to be pointing and answer the questions you have.

    Ten of Cups - this is energy coming your way now, you will soon be dealing with some "hesitating" cups energies, The ten of cups is a card of feeling at an emotional crossroads. Could be related to your ex situation, you are seeking to determine what expectations to embrace about that. Is he coming back in? Seven of Pentacles - doesn't look like it, I would expect continued focus on the material aspects of your life. So continue to contemplate your material life. (I just got a flash also that you are considering some options for work that may embrace more closely who you really are deep within, like spiritual work, could be something creative like art or writing, these you should seriously consider).

    After the Ten of Cups - Death. Don't panic, this is a very positive sign because it means you have finally cleared out the deadwood in your life and you are now headed into "radical, monumental transformation." This is your goal now, to get here. You WANT transformation, it doesn't come in the way we think it will though. No wonder your life is feeling the pain of change, this energy is mounting and your angels are preparing you for some dramatic and wonderful changes.

    Connected to this card is the Fool (trust) card, so you are learning that you can trust that your life is being perfectly guided, crafted, prepared, altered, adjusted and transformed to bring you into the bliss you deserve as a beautiful spiritual being of light. You are heading for some wonderful developments, so keep the faith (and I know that is difficult right now, however you are doing great. Relax and let the Universe continue to care for you, you shouldn't have to do too much, just sit quietly and relax and let time and angels handle it all... easier said than done though, I know... you are on path though, no worries.

    That question about your ex coming back is probably going to end up on the back burner. The butterfly in the chrysalis wonders whether her old caterpillar chum will come back... the reality is, she is becoming a new creature and that is her priority (Ace of Wands, the new identity, the new creature of light and love that you truly are that was mentioned!). So I would relax the concerns about your ex, that will work out in the way it needs to, although right now I would say no.

    "Do you see me moving out of state...back to my hometown? "

    Ten of Swords - this is another ten, hesitating energies, crossroads in the thoughts, This is still ender consideration by your angels, so I can't give you a yes or no right now. It is under study to see whether this is best for you.

    "Do you see a relationship coming in, or the ex coming back in?"

    Yes to a relationship coming in. This seven of cups is imagining energies so this is being developed now, like a photo the image is beginning to grow, solidify. I do see a wonderful relationship coming in for you and it will be with someone who will understand you, be at your side and can relate to you on a deeper level. When will this occur? Page of Wands, soon, wands are timing energies and the Page is showing 2 wands so I want to say pretty dang quick. Weeks at most, soon you should be meeting someone who will be good for you.

    Do you see a job anywhere at all....or possibly some money coming to me?

    King of Wands - a releasing energy, centered in the identity. I see you changing career paths in a profound way. Whatever the "job scene" was that you were involved with and around which you shaped your self identity seems to be leaving, releasing and you are embracing something new in work that more closely matches who you are.

    Nine of Pentacles so YES this is going to open out into very solid income for you. Is there some area of your life, a hobby or some sideline work you have been doing that you would LOVE to do for a career, that you hadn't seriously considered? That seems to be where the angels are wanting your to devote your attention. Whatever it is will be very nice for you. Psychic work in some area? Are you working with the tarot? Reiki came up for someone else today, maybe that is you. Something... anyone who is dealing with the kind of upsets and closed doors and changes that you are experiencing is heading for a new work and love path that is profoundly wonderful. Be sensitive right now to these new paths for yourself, your heart will guide you perfectly.

    I know that is a lot to consider, and a lot of cards, however I see you really going through major transformation (Hermit and the Death card, along with Fool-Trust) and a lot of swords right now. You are heading into more emotional waters (the red cups in the cards) so be prepared for that. Some tears, you know the drill. No problems everything is working together in some fantastic ways to move you to the place you need to be in life. The last card (lower right) is coming your way and that is material abundance so everything is working to get you there. And a new relationship/very intimate friendship, something very nice there (seven of cups) these are the lights at the end of a tunnel for you right now, and then further developments.

    Hang in there, it will get better. Like I said I can relate to all that you are experiencing. Apparently this is all a normal part of transformation process - your life feels like it is going to h3ll in a handbasket.

    Much love, let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer the best I can. I am no expert at any of this believe me, although I am seeing patterns for all of us and I try to share that.

    Love, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    What a blessing you are....and what an insightful and reassuring reading you have given me...thank you so much! You hit everything going on right on the head and felt and described how I am feeling exactly....just having someone who understands mean the most:) The "steamroller" comparison is just exactly how I feel....honestly!! I am very intuitive and I have "felt" that the guides, universe and God are working to transform my life and I have trusted and been patient, but I do tend to panic at times because of the unknown, not knowing how to pay the rent, being so alone and not being able to make decisions....the block I spoke of. I then start to question weather I should be waiting for the doors to open or start making decisions impulsively just to be doing something....I feel it is so important for me at this point to follow my path and watch for signs....I don't want to get off course at this point in my life.

    Your reading really, really helped and I can't thank you enough for your kindness. I am starting to let go of Bill (the ex) and though I do believe we have a karmic connection, I do believe his free will will always get in the way of his path....I have spent 17 years loving and waiting and I am so ready for a new relationship that is good for me this time!! The move answer was quite interesting to me....I am happy that the angels have it under control though, but they need to hurry before I am living on the street:)

    Just a couple of clarifications.....the emotional waters you mentioned....does it have to do with Bill...there has been some contact after almost a year and a half and it worries me....or is it due to my dire finances and things getting worse?? You also mentioned Reiki or psychic work....both of which I have always been interested in and tinkered with....did you see this as a career path or just something to do for personal fulfillment?

    Thank you again for your help....the relief I feel is immense and your kindness is overwhelming.

    Much, much love,


  • LibraLuli,

    Well everything i am hearing about you right now really sounds like you are experiencing a profound transformation. And it comes with a lot of rocky times, I guess its the way we learn, expand our consciousness, attain some place where we find a new place in life that is truly free and amazing. Your story sounds like that right now. Especially knowing that you been involved with psychic work on some levels. That is a sign you are meant to be in a path where these gifts can flow in your life more. So there are adjustments, some things breaking apart, confusion, uncertainty, a sense of being in limbo, drifting, life can at times seem pointless, finances can blow up, relationships fall apart... all of it seems to play a part in growth and I don't think there is an easy way to "get there" from here apart from the painful experiences. You find out that trust is the only thing that the Universe ever asks of us. I have a long way to go, however I am seeing patterns with all of us.

    So, lets talk about Bill...

    ".the emotional waters you mentioned....does it have to do with Bill...there has been some contact after almost a year and a half and it worries me....or is it due to my dire finances and things getting worse??"

    So I am doing a spread on Bill... it will help you to see what is going on with him, and that can explain why the reaching out. So in his figure...

    Head - Seven of Swords - A lot of "mental imagining, pondering and experimenting" in some ways, his life is taking twists and turns that has him having to be flexible in his thinking. The reason for this will become apparent as we look at the other cards.

    Heart - Three of Wands - Ah, now we are getting to the heart of the matter, King of Wands, which is letting go of an old identity, so he is growing too, and for him right now that means releasing his old self, This is at the center of his life right now, so no doubt he is experiencing some real confusion at times also. Then, he reaches out, to you, to anyone, for some comfort.

    That seems to be the first place we go when we are experiencing personal transformation of the identity, back to the past relationships (memories of where we were once 'safe') and so I am guessing this is the reason for the reaching out to you again. I see it more as a cry for "help" than a real desire to be with you again. You could represent a safe harbor to him in some way, and in that case, him being with you again probably won't help either of you. You each have your own paths now apart from each other. At least until you both come out into the clear again, attain higher ground, THEN you could reconnect and it would be fun because you could both compare your paths. Right now, the only thing that would happen would be his neediness for solace and that would drain your energies. Best to stay apart if you ask me.

    Okay, his feet (path) is the Ace of Wands, "a new self" so yes, absolutely he is on a path of personal transformation and this is the "new Bill" that he is striving to be reborn as. This is underlying a lot of his decisions now, his heart (releasing the old) is prompting his steps to be faithful to the pattern of the new. Meanwhile his mind is contending with some pain and brokenness of the growth process and he "imagines" ways to avoid the pain, find comfort, and so he reached out to you.

    "Reaching out" for him is the Moon and this is the card of "Inner Guidance". This means that his efforts are reaching out for guidance, so he is really trying to uncover his path, what steps he should take, The Moon card has a lot of Wand energy as you can see, so this "new identity" is being explored a lot in this card, his life roles are being prioritized and sorted out. And there is that one Cup (ace) in the center of this card which tells me that he really wants to find love in his life (like we all do), and so that is like the carrot on the stick for him right now.

    Letting go, this is an energy that is passing away, and this is the Ace of Swords. So he is also learning the lesson that the mind doesn't always have the answers, this is a card of a "new idea" so he has been a real thinker about his life, and thought sure his mind would figure it all out. Such has not turned out to be the case, and you can see that he is still leaning on his mind for guidance and ideas to bring him the happiness he seeks (seven swords in his thinking).

    Absolutely no pentacle energy in his life right now, so his material needs, job, finances must be relatively stable, unlike you with the king/5 pentacles those are cards of material adjustments and can be painful).

    You are actually a lot more "stable" than him right now, as your cards have you resting on that Hermit energy, which has a flat base, very solid. This poor guy is standing on one foot, the Ace of Wands and that is a balancing act. He could sway a little right now, He would NOT make a great partner for anyone right now until that Ace clears away and is replace with a card that has at least 2 placements horizontally across the base.

    So yeah, this guy is going through the wringer too. He needs to be alone I think and work through his own stuff privately, he could be a little unpredictable in a relationship right now.

    This same "need" could very well be working the other way as well, with you feeling the confusion and uncertainty and reaching out to him for some comfort "from the past". I think you two could possibly reconnect at some point however you would both have to be on the same page in these matters of transformation for their to be meaningful dialogue and consequent intimacy again.

    We can look at him again from time to time if you like and see how he is changing, developing and at some point it might be safe for you to get back with him on some level. Until then, I think both of your paths are better as they are, apart and remaining focused on yourself, staying quiet and calm (as much as possible haha) while this phase of life finishes.

    So that is Bill... you had a question about the psychic work,

    "...both of which I have always been interested in and tinkered with....did you see this as a career path or just something to do for personal fulfillment?"

    I did get another word about the Reiki work for you, so I would say to continue with any of that and whatever psychic work you find interesting, I seemed to gravitated to the Tarot. There are so many pathways to take in the psychic world! A place for each of us! So yes, absolutely I would strongly encourage you to keep that going. Do you have a Tarot deck? Do you like the cards? I could help a lot more there than with this other paths, Reiki and such which I am not that familiar with (I had one Reiki distance session months back and it was really nice though!)

    I will draw some cards about your career and work....

    I am using a 5 card spread (shaped like a "W" for work) like this

    1 - 3 - 5

    • 2 - 4 -

    1. Where you were in your career - The Hierophant, which is a card of tradition and "connecting to a philosophy" so this simply tells me you were employed. 5 swords and 4 cups so it must have used your mind and had some pleasant aspects. (I drew another card to clarify and it was the 9 of wands which looks like walls of a prison so you could have been secretly longing to escape anyway)

    2. A unique skill you possess - Queen of Cups! This is a wonderful card of emotional and psychic maturity, intuition, so YES this is already telling me you have some amazing gifts and would be a fantastic psychic healer, counselor, tarot reader, life coach, Reiki,anything in that realm!

    3. Where your focus should be in your new work - Two of Swords - A card of affirming intellectually, so this says whatever you do, your mind needs to be in agreement with it on a deep level, as in "I really believe in this!" That is what you want to have, agreement intellectually that the work is something you really see as helping others.

    4. How your work helps others - The Chariot - Your psychic (and I do see you on a psychic path) will help people get "unstuck" and start moving again. You could be traveling also in connection with this energy.

    5. Where you are now headed in career - King of Cups - Ah, this marries up with that Queen and tells me you are both the Queen (mature) and the King (releasing emotional patterns) so these two energies combine to help others "release" outdated patterns of emotional life, and become mature within. This is very strong with you, you could be a counselor, psychologist, emotional healer, there is a lot of opportunity here and boy do people need help in these areas these days!

    (I am just getting back into college to purse a path in psychology in some way, not sure exactly what speciality, I only know I like to offer counseling to people), So you could be on some sort of similar path. You are in "college" for that right now LL, these life experiences you are having are all helping you learn so many valuable lessons that will have immediate and direct application in the lives of others. Your angels above are helping you grow and develop so that you can help others grow and develop in the same way.

    All of this is well and good... what about income? That is where your faith comes into play, my experience so far is that as long as we stay focused on our true calling and path, the financial aspects will be taken care of somehow. Not sure what "somehow" is for you. You may find a new job in some area that is simply something you have to do to keep the lights on. What that is, I am not sure. I drew the Empress card which seems to be saying some kind of work you could get soon in a caring nurturing area, something where you are touching people's lives in positive ways. Could be anything from work at a restaurant to massage to watching kids. I am not sure.

    I will try some automatic writing to see if any clues turn up for you... I play around with it once in a while to shake loose some ideas... here is what I got...

    1. RN, transcendental meditation - so something in nursing or TM classes, teaching others?

    2. Olive (oil), soda - this seems to be saying something in restaurant work, serving in that capacity

    3. Mr. Pink - Work at Victorias Secret... not sure about this one, could be something I want to do haha

    Those are some off the wall thoughts from 'beyond for you'! 🙂

    So, I hope that helps LL... something to think about anyway. You are on a beautiful path LL, don't forget that!

    love, astra

  • Here is a pic of the automatic writing so you can see how that worked... you follow your intuition to write out some rough letter forms and then see what words/letters seem to jump out from that. Kinda fun!

  • The automatic writing may spark some ideas for you too when you look at it. Use your intuition.

  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for the follow up....very, very enlightening...I have often felt Bill was confused and searching, hopefully he finds his way. I have not wanted any contact with him but it is hard for me to ignore his messages. I am very excited to meet someone new and move on!!

    I am interested in Tarot, but don't have a deck...which would you suggest? I have also tried the automatic writing during meditation and find it fascinating....I will try to get something out of what you wrote...thanks!!

    If I could ask one more question since we are on such a good roll here.....after losing my job in March, I filed a lawsuit against my employer...the attorney that was working on it came down with cancer and had to withdraw and since then I haven't been able to find another attorney....I am waiting for calls back on several, but attorneys are notoriously slow!! Is this something that is going to work out into a settlement for me or should I stop pursuing it....I wasn't sure if I should take the attorney withdrawing as a sign or not. The case was going pretty well when he had to quit, but there are so many of these cases, I guess the attorneys are really swamped. I really need the money and because of the way things came down, I feel I deserve it. Can you see if a settlement will come through?

    Once again thanks....are there any books or classes you can recommend for fine tuning intuition or Tarot reading? If someone is psychic, don't they know it pretty clearly early on in life?

    Thank you Astra, you are such a beautiful person....I hope you have a wonderful day!



  • Okay LibraLull

    yes, let's take a look... I will be honest with you. I am not a big fan of lawsuits for any reason. I have had only painful experiences with lawsuits as they seemed to becoming against me, and the one situation where a family member had some proceeds come in from a lawsuit against a company resulted in some real heart break for me for reason I won't go into. ANyway, that is just MY personal feelings, and not what the Tarot is saying.

    So, let's look at some cards and see what the "verdict" is haha....

    " Is this something that is going to work out into a settlement for me or should I stop pursuing it?"

    "Can you see if a settlement will come through?"

    I drew 3 cards to see what is being said.

    Five of Swords, The Universe card, and the Five of Cups.

    Hmm...... not one pentacle in any of it, and the 5's are unsettled energies, the Universe card seems to suggest that your needs will be taken care regardless. So my sense is that you should not pursue this, however that is still something you have to weigh in your heart. Had we seen a lot of Pentacles it would have suggested a win for you materially, however that didn't occur.

    So I will let you ponder that one. I know that the lawyers make a lot of $$ on lawsuits and I hope that one day our life on this planet is free of any lawsuits and that sort of thing. Ugh, I wish life were more kind. Doesn't excuse employers though from taking advantage of their power and authority over employees, however my feeling is that if we didn't sue these companies, then we would release the angels and the Universe to deal with the companies in other ways, and I think you know what I mean by that. Anyway, ugh-ola... I am wishing wisdom your way in that matter!

    Okay, on to your questions about psychic things...

    "are there any books or classes you can recommend for fine tuning intuition or Tarot reading? If someone is psychic, don't they know it pretty clearly early on in life?"

    I have not taken any classes in tarot reading or anything psychic, however I am sure I would benefit from that. I am sort of a self-starter and can learn on my own. The internet has a LOT of material on the tarot. There are tons of books and they are all good... I really like the work of Gail Fairfield, a lot of my card meanings are based in her work, so you could go to amazon and look her up.

    I would say just get a Tarot deck, or buy some crystals, or a book on astrology whatever area you like and go for it. I have a lot of extra decks here, I would give you one if you were in my area. The Rider Wait deck is the "standard" deck that is very traditional, and there are umpteen hundreds of others.

    (I will make a shameless plug here for my deck design, it is simple and fun, and costs hardly anything to make and it is green - uses cardboard that would be thrown out anyway. That is the deck I use in these pics for the readings. When you make things yourself your energies are embedded in the material and that only makes your readings even better.

    As for knowing about the psychic things early in life, wasn't the case with me. The closest I ever got to psychic things was in the Christian church and of course that was always something you "weren't supposed" to practice. Whatever. My views have changed a LOT in that area. The Tarot along with all of the psychic things is the gift of Heaven (or God, if you believe in God), and I know that were Jesus to show up today, he would be using crystals and tarot and astrology and would be a Wiccan most likely, as all of these things are here to HELP us, not keep us imprisoned in archaic religious systems that only support the system.. with no real help being provided. ANyway, I better not get going on that, or I will say something I shouldn't (which I have been known to do haha).

    I only started into the psychic things with the Tarot about a year and a half ago, so I think these gifts are in ALL of us, and all it takes is a willing heart and just working with it, and off you go!

    If you like working with your hands you could try making one of my decks and save your hard earned money. Here is a pic of my deck it, it is a handful haha....

    Love, astra

  • Thanks Astra! I feel you were sent for a reason and I so love you and all you have shared! I am really drawn to Reiki and am going to pursue things in that direction, if I can come up with the money to attend some training....a big reason for needing the settlement:) I am not sure I understand how "my needs will be taken care of financially" without it, but I will wait and see what comes. I keep getting the "feeling" that Bill is going to step in and help out (out of guilt and a feeling of obligation - nothing else), but I am not sure my intuition is correct on that one....we will see!! I too, never thought I would ever be involved in a lawsuit, but I got SO tired of being kicked around all my life that I decided to try and stand up for myself for once....that didn't work out either I guess....again, the perverbial steamroller!

    Thank you so much for all your help and guidance!



  • Well, if you feel it is important that you stand up for yourself and file a suit then do that. I will admit I am kinda torn with lawsuit energies... on the one hand you can see that it is important to not let people (especially companies) steam roll over you, on the other hand... all of that is so wearisome, the courts, the battles, the negative energies you have to wade through in order to get them to pay some price for whatever they did. Corporations are pretty tough cookies to deal with. Anyway you'll figure it out. Maybe all of that is entertainment for the angels, who knows.

    blessings, astra

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