Reading for a Reader?

  • My love life has been crazy. I would love to have a reading myself ^.^ If anyone is interested in pulling a few cards for me I will trade if you like.



  • Hey S. Eden

    I will give it a shot... thanks for the offer of a trade...

    I use this little 5 card figure to get an overall sense of the energies you are dealing with and this is what is going on.

    Head (your thought life): Death - Radical, and profound transformation in your thinking, so your mind is pretty much caught up in some transforming, rebirthing thought processes as regards relationship and love. Because of this you may find yourself pulling away from relationships (or they pull away from you) while this process continues.

    Heart: The Wheel of Fortune - There is some area of your relationship life where you have set something in motion, either through your words or actions with someone and this process is still working it way out, there is not you can do at this time, you can only wait and see what happens.

    Feet: Life path card - Knight of Wands - you are very focused on a personal self-identity issue right now, That can make it difficult to maintain stable relationship patterns as you are solidifying this new identity. It also leaves you feeling a little wobbly at times (evidenced by this card is standing on one foot).

    Reaching out: Queen of Swords - Intellectual maturity so this is what you are striving for right now. Your thought processes are very important to you to exercise in a very mature and wise way. This could be working with these other energies to cause you to pull away from a relationship so that you can "think it through" and you are spending a lot of time in contemplation what is going on in your life.

    Letting go: King of Pentacles - this could be someone you have recently released, in any case it is a card of releasing something materially, could have been a relationship that was more physical than anything else, not satisfying so you have moved on.

    There is only one cup in your figure and that is right at the center, so this is saying that your emotional life seems to be restrained right now while you process out that death energy and the Queen of Swords/Page of Wands in conjunction with it. The Cup is waiting for the right relationship at which point you will be joining very closely with someone else in a nice, very intimate relationship that will at last be very satisfying for you!

    That is a rather quick snapshot of what I got for you. Let me know about any followup and we can look into any area in more detail. So you are a Scorpio that must be exciting for relationships. Where is your moon in your chart?

    I would love a reading! I won't ask any questions, I am just curious what you pick up on about me, that would be wonderful!

    Blessings and love


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