AstraAngel-My friend too!

  • Hello Astra,

    I have missed you, How have you been?

    I see you been doing things making your own Tarot cards.

    I have just had my forty birthday, last month.. i d like a general reading if you can.

    I also been and done speed dating, wow did that boost my confidence, and i got a match, do you see for that his initials sk, we only had five minutes, so if we meet again that will tell.

    Hope to hear from you

    Love light Scully

  • I have feeling i have done something too upset you, Astra?

  • Oh hey Scully

    No not at all we are still buds... Let me do a reading for you! I have to become "Mulder" for you so that requires me to change hats haha...

    Speaking of Scully and Mulder I have been reading books lately on alien abductions.. I think that is what happened to me, and they "did" something to me... no wonder my life has felt so weird!

    Okay, let me do a relationship reading for you and 'sk'.

    I use this 'relationship' spread and we can see how the two of you compare. Your figure is on the left and he is on the right.

    Thoughts (above) - You are the Magician and he is the Nine of Cups. You are imagining things with him, could be some fun fantasizing about the two of you together and he has love definitely on his mind!

    Your heart is the three of wands which is 'clarifying your identity" and he is the five of pentacles so he could have some material/physical changes in his life that his heart is concerned with.

    Your feet (path) is the Ten of Cups, so you are pausing, hesitating a little in an emotional area. You are wanting to move ahead in love with someone, you have some concerns there, because your identity has centered for a while now on a "new you" that you do not want to give up for anyone (nor should you). His foot path is toward the Queen of Wands, which is a mature identity, and I immediately saw those series of wands across you horizontally, and this could be the way he sees you, as a mature person, confident in herself. THat is attractive to him.

    You are reaching for the two of wands, which is "claiming and validating" yourself, so while you would love to see something happen in a relationship, your first concern is for yourself and guarding your heart to protect your hard won new identity. He is reaching for the King of Swords energy which is releasing intellectually, so he could be wanting to talk more with you is what I get. I would be expecting him to contact you or signify his interest in some way.

    Letting go of things.. for you it is the 6 of wands which is more "identity" patterns from the past that you are leaving behind, it worked in the past however you are looking for something new in yourself, He is leaving behind a six of cups, so there is some emotional situation that was working pretty smooth for him, however this has left his life recently.

    it is interesting that when I combine his path (queen of wands) with your path (Ten of Cups) we come away with a Six of Cups! (His wands cross or cancel out four of the cups leaving us with a six of cups) so this could be a very positive sign that the "six cups" situation that left his life, has now become a new six cups energy connected with you, so this is an interesting combination.

    Both of your thought lives seem very full right now with anticipation of some next steps - we can se that he is very full of emotional love thoughts in his thinking... so I see good things here!

    I asked would he be reaching out or some sort of communication developing and drew the eight of swords, so that looks good, like a "doorway" of communication developing. Eights are doorway cards. (An opening).

    How does that sound Scully?

    I hope all is going well for you, you sound good and I can tell your life is on a nice path... I am doing fine, some issues 'back there' had me forced to stay alone to work through some things, however I am feeling better about it all...

    nice to hear from you we should investigate some abduction cases or something haha...

    love, astra

  • Asta, Firstly, i Mulder and Sculley, going to do the final Film this year, it is 2012, Aliens take over and the little boy William, as a way stopping it??

    We had coffee today, tes we can relax and talk, i think he has long-term relationship on his mind,, me im cautious, im no rushing anything, but yes he nice guy, didn't offer me a ride home, i liked, no pressure, he wants to see me soon, like next weekend, go out my town as we long country walks, i dont have a bad feel, just cautious as i dont know him enough to do that.

    A lot has happened since we last spoke, for us both so i guess we will find them out

    Love light Scully

  • Do you do Astrology,?

    I now know he Liberian, now we suppose be complete opposition, but not all the same, i try put that away now, go by my feel.

  • bump

  • Oh if he is Libra then you two should be a good balance for each other. I think opposite signs are perfect for relationship! I say that is a very good sign for you. I just did another look at a chart here and same situation Libra/Aries and the relationship there looked very nice to me!

    xx astra

  • Hi Astra, No clues on the final movie for fox/scully/William , re aliens then?

    Hows you love life been, weird and extroranary>?

  • Hi Astra,

    Today we met again, although we het on well, we both have said we are just friends, im happy with that, as i want a better social life and friends away from work.

    I do wonder if i a bit to confident, ( he said im very confident) for this slightly shy man.

    At least ive gained a friend, am i really ready for a romantic love, maybe with someone one day.

    Love Scully

  • Hey Scully

    that is cool you are seeing him... maybe mulder in disguise?

    I laid out some cards for fun to see what is going on between you and him right now.


    Are 5 cups in your thinking, so there is some emotional adjusting going on in your thoughts... you are thinking of changing something in a relationship or feeling...

    Your heart is the three of cups which shows a lot of optimism and happy cups feelings deep down, so something could have taken root...

    Your feet are the Empress (a nurturing path) so you are very tuned in right now to being very nurturing and caring, so a lot of kindness and empathy... so he is picking up on that and senses that you connect with him somehow - perhaps?

    Your hand reaching out is the 6 of wands which is the confident self that he mentioned about you. so that 6 wands is very confident after some adjustments at the 5.

    You are letting go of page of pentacles so you took a little risk in something materially... perhaps a lottery ticket from the grocery store? 🙂


    He is the 8 of swords in his thinking, which is a very organized mind.. his thoughts are busy organizing something...

    His heart is the Hierophant card which is connecting to a philosophy, or tradition or some sort of order of belief. He is reaching out with the devil card which seems to be some fun with you... as long as you are inclined that way...

    He stands on the Queen of pentacles, which I take as his version of the Empress. Closest he could come up with anyway. So he is really trying hard to stay "in charge" of his material/physical life, he could be a little nervous with you. He is letting go of some of his ideas, and relaxing his thoughts about love and relationship... I think he would love to really open up to you more as long as you would like that... the hiero card and devil side by side seems like him wanting to relax the traditions and expectations or something and simply enjoy something more innocent with you.

    I hope that offers something for thought? Sounds like fun to me Scully, keep going! Have fun.... maybe a third movie in 2013... who knows cross your fingers......


  • Hi Astra,

    I think the Emotional change, is relating to me how far ive come in myself in the last month or so, i am finally the real me happy with who i am and confident with that knowledge, i seem to be connecting and communicating better with present people in my life, as well as total strangers.

    Im not needy or desperate for love and affection any more to make bad choices as i had been doing.

    I relaxed more when we had that chat to be friends, i opened up a bit more said, i would like friends out work it more important than anything, i feel we get on are similar in was, like have friends like minded.

    I think the Pentacles, might actual illy be me selling my engagement ring, ive had for over ten-year, no real reason, cause i not sentimental type, just never thought selling it for cash, and i got a good price too bonus!!

    I think he was looking for a relationship with someone one day, just dont see that in me,, but i will be really peed off, if he was hoping for fun, in the way i take that in s,e,x?

    I am worth more, and am sick of men just seeing me just for that? Im not worth a friend or girlfriend material, if i get feel that the case, god help him. I had enough of that.

    I dont know well enough yet, what traditions, i think it the case of it been me i think way i do, as he never even lived with anyone, so we have to wait till i next see him1 I nearly texed him asked if he was just looking for that type fun, but fortunately im more controlled, decided wait till we catch up again.

  • Astra,

    I think the innocence, may be in relation to him wanting to be just friends?

    I was supposed to go on a self-esteem ? confidence course, since do the speed date, and few people have told me i more confident and brave, (why people call me that) than they are, i dont need do the course, i could not agree more. This is my new life starting, having him as friend shows me that i can make friends away from the work, catty bitches ha-ha.

    It's good to have a friend away from work, it has occurred to me, if something go on as in group or something, i can ask him if like come, that way i dont always have to do things on my own.

    We both ,well i encourage him too, go to the next speed night, why not, deferentially go for over forty's this time?

    It funny, how i just relaxed and just be me, when we got that out of the way,? Having friends and better social life is what's most important to me, than anything,

    I always new deep down, even when i first did on-line date,,, that my type of guy be someone who outgoing, has social life, people person, so i need to get that in my life too,, see i know now im not the ant-social, introvert, i was made to feel!?

    I shall be taking a break, as i have got into routine i want and for on month im going to get it done, i have neglected my Physic and tarots poetry, i have get little ways of keep them up.

    I will catch you up soon

    Love light Astra

    Scully x

  • Hi Astra,

    I back already, haha

    Would you mind doing a general reading, as to past present and future.

    I be get readings but all seem to have some degree of residual from the past, im confident, but i dont think i over confident, this is the real me? What more important, to be wanted liked, yes i am seem to be get that slowly now? As for love, im not desperate for it now, i know im loved in various ways?

    Hope you understand me?


  • Hi there Scully21...

    Hey we'll try a Celtic Cross and see what turns up

    You - are the Ten of Swords so you have finished thinking through one project and are beginning the next one. So there might be a well deserved break in there for you somewhere! 🙂

    Your situation - Ace of Wands - There is your new you. You can't be too over-confident! 🙂 You are this new person who knows her heart well... she has worked hard to reach this place.

    Crossing you - The Two of Cups. Oh, hmm... could be a companion who shares your journey now with you enters your life.

    Above you - The eight of cups which is like a door to love, in heaven or somewhere very nice.

    Below you - The eight of Swords so that is a similar doorway and it shows a lot of intellectual focus and organization. So your life, has involved a lot of your own contemplation, and a desire to learn.

    Recently - The Emperor - So you were giving your support to some situation, could have been a person, a setting involving your affiliation with others.

    Near future - The four of Swords, so this is the foundation of thought, and that well-deserved break, right? I want to say your break time will be with this two of cups with you... could be a really nice break...

    How other see you - Princess of Swords. Wow, she took a risk with something she has been thinking about. So people see you as a risk taker, especially when it comes to matters of the mind. Outspoken is what I get.

    Future environment - The Six of Pentacles, so this shows a very nice, working, steady flowing material environment. All is working very nicely in your material life, money flow, home and security needs... all has settled into a very nice physical groove here.

    Hopes and Fears - The Tower - This is an interesting card in this position. It seems dramatic! I think that is what you love so much, the drama of your life. You are all about passion and firey excitement when need be. You LOVE to feel life, and that can sometimes go either way.

    Outcomes - The Page of Cups. So while the crowd had concluded you were off chasing mental castles in the sky, you were in fact chasing love. Deep down, secretly, you waited. Your little two of cups relationship, something nice for you, was there all along.

    It is nice in this deck you can see how the two cups crossing are still there at the outcome...

    This looks beautiful to me Scully, you are on a nice path..... yes Im understand you & would love to see you find this happiness... I wish that for us all one day...

    Also... the Moon card and Magician also popped up for you, mystery and magic... that is you. 🙂



  • I actually ended up doing two spreads for you, the pic above was the first spread, you can see the Moon there at the beginning and the Magician there in the middle. The Universe also at the end so only wonderful things ahead for you Scully! There is a 3 of swords there to however that must be some planning in some area for you coming up soon...

  • hey

  • hey there scully...

  • Hey Astea,

    I dont know what happened there i wanted to say something and my mind whent blank,

    Thank you for that,

    Would you mind do general love spread for me pretty please,

    I think SK will be just a friend,, cant see it being more than that.

    How ever the tree main men i felt something too in last year or so, have all been in my life to show me the type guys i like,

    The out going one, feel at ease to touch share same food, a great connection in bed lol..

    Oh and that reminds me, did you mean that SK was just hoping for that kind of fun with me?

    I always feel like he be older and kind but strong, good sense of humour and principles, that my feel for a man i may meet one day

  • Hi Scully.... Yeah, we took a little break there I thought it was nice.

    Yes, let's look at a love reading for you. ONLY because you said pretty please though. 🙂

    We can look at SK first...

    The Lovers. Well, that says something rather clear! And you are sure it was only a dew days you saw each other? This sounds serious for some reason.

    What is he thinking of you Right Now? The Queen of Swords! He must really admire you, as a very capable and lovely lady and very tuned in. The Queen of Swords is a very intelligent and sharp person, still water run deep with her. She is confident and poised, he sees you that way! He must respect you.

    And the Three of Cups. These are all very wonderful signs. I am sure you must have really made an impression, and I am sure he was excited to hear from you. These nice cards would not be turning up were his heart not really attracted to you.

    "That kind of fun"... well let's see what SK has in mind... The Three of Pentacles. Physical plans... hmm... this does kinda sound like he has designs haha... let me draw another card... The Ten of Wands. That is some effort. He may be putting the finishing touches on one identity and beginning a new one. I am guessing your reaching our to him did get his wheels turning however that ten of wands... that is him going through a transition... so your timing may have been perfect.

    Knight of Pentacles. He is focused on the physical no question. What is his sign? We could do birth chart comparisons to see how you two match up. That can show you some nice things about you and another person and how you fit together.

    Just a friend. You know, THe Lovers can be best of frIends. The Knight of Swords. It does look like some very focused effort in some area for him. He does seem to be on a mission. Beginning with the Lovers, and there must be a queen. You are sure... only a few days you were with him? I think SK is wild about you to be honest.

    So, these other men, there are three others of interest. That is fun... I drew some cards to represent them. Maybe you can match up who is who...

    Page of Wands - this person is a risk taker, creative personality, light hearted, can be fiery temperament at times

    Two of Swords - a more mysterious person, this individual could be very reserved and composed, a thinker, calm and doesn't take too many risks. A strong lover though, very romantic in the right situation. Likes to take their time making decisions.

    9 of cups - This person is a happy go lucky style, exuberant, emotionally expressive, very passionate, can be a handful at times! Likes to do things spur of the moment.

    Does that sounds like them? We can look at each of them and see what the love trends looks like... I still say something could be trying to happen with SK.

    I hope you and sk can reconnect that sounds nice to me. Crossing my fingers for you scully... hope your week is nice too... 🙂

    love, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Yes had a good week in a way, but am letting something bug me i try work through what it is, a colleague is leaving, and there are doing night out, present ect, i know nice, but i think it upset me because i did night out thing for my forthwith, no one bothered.


    Yes i have only met him twice, yes we get on well, now he was one said " i dont know how you feel, but i think we just be friends" his words exactly, yeah we said we would catch up after this weekend, we have sent texts, im one who start them mind.

    He did say i was confidant person, i unsure if more would come off it.

    The other three i mention where men i met or talk to on-line, and i feel they helped me get to where i am now that's all, there married now ones even got a baby. the last one was SP whom if you remember was already married, but i did have feelings for him, i wonder if that why im cautious now.

    I just have the idea in my head type he bee, but who knows i could be wrong about SK, if he was think like that, and realised im not that way in-clined, as you and i know be there done that, dont want be treated like that again, im worth more.. He has treated me with respect so far, i just want get know him better, same for him i guess.

    Think he still wants to do the speed date, i was going to but cant get the time off,, still maybe a blessing in disguise!.

    How has you week been?

    Love scully.

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