Leo woman, please give me some advice here?!?

  • I know this leo girl couple of months okay. First this girl is checking me out all the time, giving me her cell etc. she texts me first one day but now i initiate the texting always, not every day and when no reply i won't send another text. She is short on her answers, i can't really get answers how she really feels and she acts interested even still, and last week she checked me out 3 times in 20 seconds we locked eyes 3 times for about 3-5 seconds, looked away and back. Don't tell me she stares at something because she pulled away her head and looked at me again, and 3rd time she pulled away quicker as that probably confirmed her i like her?! Then that night later she is all around me and opening up a little.

    The next day i promised to call. She was quite distant. And also the two last times i saw her there were these small moments but overall she is busy with her girls and got a thick wall around her.

    She does not yet open up for me, and i just do not know how to get to her heart. Asking her out might be too quick, so how do i get through her defense mechanism and her wall she got up?! Even texting is short answers and i know she does that to everyone tho. Let me say this, too. She had a bad experience in a relationship last year. So it could also be a trust thing and coming close pull away thing?!

    Last week she asked another person we work with if i text her and such, and then that other girl said, yes, and then she asked “band stuff or also other stuff?” She answered “No only band stuff”. Well, that was about it and the other girl was kind of confused why she asked. As her roommate is also working with us and i never text her. So anyways, i think the other girl got confused and she randomly told another guy who knows about it, and he came to me telling me just now about that she is asking questions if i text more people more personal or whatsoever. Anyways, i don’t know if that is a good sign or a bad sign lol. But even after she asked that other girl this next thing happened.

    Last Monday she started texting me some biz questions. Then i started to be personal how she was doing and she said she was going to head down for pint night. I texted her back and said. "Pint night! I love pint nights!" And she texted me back immediately: "Ha! You should come over!". So i arrive there, and she was there with her roommate and 3 other guys. In my opinion. If she was content with these 3 guys or didn't liked me, she would never initiated te idea to let me come over! Am i right??? 🙂 further on she asked me to finish her beer 🙂 (yes, pint night, special beers).

    But back to the text question, that happened last week she asked these questions. Then we haven’t texted that much in the weekend and then, this Monday that happened with the pint night thing.

    Tuesday she acted nervous around me, she was sitting on a chair and I on a couch and we had a friends night dinner thing, so, she goes outside for a phone call, me to the bathroom, i come back and someone else took my place on the coach and i had to take the chair next to her. She comes back and i hear her kinda shock, she goes to the kitchen, comes back, sits with one knee on the chair, then moves the chair 1 inch further from me, and sits down. I felt her nervousness. Then in a minute she asks the person on the other side of the room if she needs help and goes there. I just don’t know if this is all good signs or no But then one hour later i sit on the other side of the room on the coach, and then she sits on her place again where we started, and then she comes again and sits in front of me on the coach, back to me but then we start conversation with me and someone else, we talk about personality types and she says she is very passive, and she got few dominant friends and that works perfect for her. Well, i am pretty dominant lol but not too much haha) anyways, then we talk about me on the road and she said "yes, you need to come on the road, we have way more opportunities when you are with us".

    Yesterday i emailed her that someone called me back she referred me to, so that was great she said, and then she told me if i wanted to call her mom, she gave me her number, and said, whenever we want to be at her mom's place so i could talk it out with her mom. Nothing is yet set but okay, so that felt kinda interesting!

    So, today, first thing she comes with a smile in my office asks me a question, then, she goes to the practice. But, during the practice she came back passing the hallway 6 times, while no one else of the band did. Every time she barely looked me in the eyes, twice she did but then she asked a question. I am facing the hallway and my door is open so she needs to pass me 🙂 Then, last time when she passed looked at me she said "Done!" and walks further.

    Then, at 8 or 9pm she text me a random question about a show. I answered, nothing back. What should i do!

  • Her Venus is in Cancer, her Mars is in Taurus, her Moon in Sagittarius and her Sun is in Leo.

  • So.. no one?? Really?

  • I think she is trying to sense the situation. I am not a Leo but I am a fire sign as well (Sag). My Mom is a Leo. I would say a Leo woman likes to be pursued but will see right through any bs out there. Leo women have a good sense of justice in general, they tend to be very fair people. I think this girl likes you but she is trying to see what you are about too and not too fast. In other words, you need to let things flow and happen on their own a bit. Do not analyze too much what is going one, that can be your downfall. Just take things as they come and only pursue her if she gives you some signs (she has been given yo some that she is open to at least a friendship for now, which is a really good thing). The courtship phase is soooo important!! Take your time, become good friends with her, then see what develops...

  • Thanks 🙂 I am a Leo myself as well, so i am the same way like the BS meter i have a good sense on BSers, and the gut feeling, as well as sensing that there is something there. I pick up atmospheres and environments easily. And my gut feeling definitely says there is something there.

    Thanks for the advice! Yeah i want to get to know her better for sure. But i need to gain her trust and that is where i am working on right now. One step at a time.

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