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  • I want to leave my current job ASAP (the people are all users, manipulators and liars), but not until I find another job as I can't have a gap larger than 2 months on my resume. When and where will I find my next career? Are there any tips anyone can give me to help guide my way?

  • Ariespiscesaquarius

    What happens when you leave this job and find people of the same level on your next one? You need to find peace within yourself and with those around you before you leave this job. So that the next one will not make you feel as though you are on a merry go round.

    When you release the attitude and feelings than you can either stay where you are with a promotion given, or you can more on to your next job which will than be a step up not only money wise but also spiritually too.


  • Shuabby, thank you. You've helped me before, but there was no office in April. I'm still working for minimal stocks since January and it's doubtful I will get paid until December or even sometime next year.

    I'm just burnt out from being given the runaround of when we will have an office and I know all the employees are being lied to by management. I've already had a public fight with my boss and my co-worker hates my guts - I don't see how my boss will promote me if she hates me for exposing her incompetence to others. She has accused me of not being a team player and I feel as if she still resents me as I can see she is trying to make my life hell by purposely continuing to steal my ideas and work, leaving me out of team email communications, and assigning the other employee more work behind my back.

    I now know how to behave in the workplace, but I feel it is too late. I never did apologize to my boss and I don't know if I should or how to. She is very robotic and does not seem to like people that express emotions too much. And I do need to leave this job, my brain is wrecked and I need to get paid and appreciated for the hard work I put in.

    I refuse to stay for a mere title upgrade if I cannot receive any compensation for my work. Can you see when and where I will find the next job?

  • ariespiscesaquarius

    I see why the need for making peace came through, if only to find peace within yourself for your choice to work under such circumstances.

    I feel that your next job will be coming to you in the next 3-6 months as I feel for some reason it will not be an easy find because of what you are going through, you may be on mental alert and carry some anger forward with you.

    I do see you going into a white stone front bld is what it appears to be and going up stairs to meet with an employment counsler a woman . She will be helpful to you her name comes in as Mary.

    I do see you being much happier in the next half of this year. Sun shining brightly here for you. There is a John coming in around you also.

    Money is coming to you in June is what I receive.

    Take Care


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