Missing objects and strange things going on need help.

  • Hi a short while ago I bought 2 brand new pairs of circular bamboo knitting needles, I put them in a place where I thought they would be safe and unfortunately they've gone missing and I have been searching my apartment and I am unable to find them. Things keep disappearing from my apartment from time to time and in all honesty I am fustrated and think that someone may possibly be entering my home when I am not here or people are walking out the door with my things undetected. Sometimes missing things will show up on another occassion and will be sitting in an place when i return home. Wasn't there when I left home but there when I returned. If anyone is able to help me figure out what's going on here I would appreciate it very much. Thank you

  • Sounds like you may have a mischievous spirit or two - try telling them off in no uncertain terms. They may depart if they know you are onto them.

  • oh there certainly are spirits here but i dont feel like they took my knitting needles. I think possibly a friend may have taken them but since i have no way to know for sure i thought i would ask and see if anyone would pick up on where they went. Kind of upsetting since I just got them and havent used them yet. Should I just go buy new ones again? These were expensive good quality ones that cost me 25 bucks for 2 pairs.

  • It depends when you need them. I feel they will be returned but maybe not immediately. If you think a friend stole from you, are they really a true friend?

  • I/ don't know if she took them and so I'm not accusing her, although the last time I seen them was when she was here. After that I didn't see them again and have no idea what happened to them. As for the spirits I made it pretty clear that the jokes they play on me are not funny. As quite a few times i have been alone and sat down my keys and they disappear for a bit then are returned to where I had them in the first place. I once lost my glasses, put them up before I went to bed and I was here with my baby and my daughter was at her dads next day my glasses werent there and I turned my place upside down looking for them and I found them in my dresser under clothes meanwhile i had already looked there and they weren't there and thats not where i put them the night before. last summer turned off the lights and locked the doors. get outside and my bedroom light was on even though i had turned it off. Nothing I aint used too, spirit activity is something that i seem to find everywhere ive lived during my life time. Ive seen some pretty weird things.and heard some weird stuff too. Ive even intentionally left lights on and went out and i came home to the lights being off lol. my tv shuts off by itself sometimes too and i have pictures of spirits in my photos in my tv when it was shut off. so who knows. I have said out loud that if they took the needles i would appreciate it if they would please return them and then depart from my place. I dont know if it will work though.

  • Tell the spirits if they return your things, you will take some time to talk to them every day - maybe as you get up. They are lonely and looking for attention.

  • I asked out loud what they need from me whether it be help or something else and sat here quietly and then heard an audible help coming directly off to the right of me from behind. Which made me jump but none the less I heard it and well i always get startled when i hear things. Especially when alone. So I am going to have to figure out what to do. Anyone you know of that might be able to help me out? I know I am destined for more but don't know what it is yet.

  • i meant directly off my left side not right oops

  • Keep trying to communicate with the spirits - if you can hear or see them you may have mediumistic ability.

  • Luckyne,

    Hello... first thing I am getting is1 female and 2 male spirits/ghost in your home. Also, I am being told your knitting needs are in your car. These ghost are very mischevius and the female wants your attention, I feel like she is trying to get away from these male's. She want's help moving on but the males won't let her. I feel like something happned in that apartment/home. I feel like you live upstairs. I can help you more if you can send me some of those pictures maybe post them here or to my email. When helping a earth bound spirit it's like solving a murder mystery. You have to find out why there still here and what you can do to help them leave. I'm already getting something isn't very happy that I am helping you. First, thing go get a cross.. I'm not sensing this is a demonic presence but I think it's 2 grouchy men who have done bad things in there lives. I keep seeing a picture of this female running away, screaming from whatever is chasing her. I feel like this woman could be from the 1950's time period the way she's dressed. I can tell more as soon as my guides chime in and I'll know for sure once I take a look at some pictures and the core energy sources.




    I have plenty experience being a psychic my whole life, I am now a professional one at that and I have experience in missing person's cases.

  • ok i will email you, right away

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