Captain, I could do with a bit of advice

  • Hi captain,

    Just over 1 month ago I met a guy (David) who I feel I have a connection with and have been on a few dates with since our initial meeting. Just his presence has been able to help me with getting over someone else I was involved with (who I had asked you about previously...) I ceased contact with this guy however my ego is still a little hurt by the whole thing. My mind is still on him but I realize that this guy was not right for me, and as you very correctly stated is a 'player.' I just want to forget about him completely....

    I feel I can be myself when I am with David and feel he does have the potential to be someone that could develop into something.

    I do realize I am still very young but I find myself craving the relationships my friends around me have, and feel I do deserve the same!

    It's just very rare for me to find someone who I am attracted to & feel like I can be myself around, (i am a foolishly picky virgo.) But I feel like it is going quite slowly with him however. He doesn't seem to be good with keeping in touch over txt (which is why I'm unsure about the situation) however when I am with him in person our communication is great. He has always been the one to initiate the dates, however I don't hear much in between. Should I be the one to initiate the next meeting or should I wait for him? I prefer not to chase, but I'd like your input on how to handle the situation..

    He is about to write his final uni exams and lives 2 hours away so this could also be why this feels like its lagging. However, we will both be moving to the city in September so it could technically escalate to something more. Shall I rather just give it time until the summer is over? I'd prefer not to know the outcome of this but more just advice on whether I need to be more forward or continue to leave it to him to make the moves.

    David: 11/06/1991 (only child)

    me (kalli): 18/09/1990 (only child)

    Thanking you in advance,

    Kalli x

  • Not every connection you make with someone is meant to be a romantic one. This relationship was only meant to help you get over your last relationship and to feel better about yourself. It would not work as a love relationship. Your friend would be away from you for too much of the time even if you were together - that's how he is. Normally with this combination, there is neither the time nor the need to develop the relationship further. It was just what you happened to need at the time.

  • I see, your reading makes some sense. I can't say I'm not disappointed as I do enjoy his company and of course would still like to spend more time with him... Thank you for your time captain, I appreciate it. Hope you are well x

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