Men ARE all like

  • Hi All,

    Ok recently met 3 fantastic men:

    1. Lives in London and really cool...he took me number but not sure if he will call.

    2. Spanish and amazing!! Instant attraction which l think was mutual....lost each other in a club! :-(. Will l ever see him again???

    3. Fab guy at the airport on the way home but think he was too shy to ask for my number.

    So although this is very ramdon what feelings do you guys get about these men? Wondering if they are the same as mine!

    Advice/clarity would be much appreicated....

    R 🙂

  • Oh sorry this might be better in Love and Relationship board but feel free to comment!! 🙂

  • I would say keep looking. I would need something more tangible and then I would probably still have questions unless I knew more which you probably do after a month into a relationship. Waiting games are not easy and I don't wait (guess I'm not that patient.)

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