Captain - advise yet again please

  • Evening Captain, hope all is doing good with you.

    I asked you recently about my son who is desperately seeking work out here and you very kindly responded.

    He's now seriously thinking of venturing into his own business regarding Pat Testing which is fortunately not a competitive industry here in the UAE. Do you think this is a wise decision for him to take as he will have to invest a lot of money in the business but it's something that he's very keen on undertaking. He has the necessary qualifications. DOB 01 May 1984

    Your input is greatly appreciated and thank you again for you time

    YB x

  • Having his own business can work out well for your son - as long as he takes care of the business side, and has someone else to manage the money side for him. He is not yet balanced enough to be able to take care of his money situation by himself and may take unnecessary and dangerous risks unless he has sound financial advice.

  • Thanks again Captain. Shall relay this message to him. Positive news at last to deliver to him. I'm thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

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