Interpretation of these cards?

  • I found this deck of cards in my grandma's old home (baraja Espanola) and I decided to give them a try. I was thinking of everything that's going in my life... Feeling lost, what should I do? Why can't I let go of this past relationship? Everything seems to be working out at work and school and opportunities are presenting themselves, but I don't know which route to take. This confusion from work/professional/academic life leads me to go back into my "emotional" side and just constantly worry about them (past relationship). This worrying about the past is making me almost give up on my present and just not give a shot to the opportunities I am being offered. I am too overwhelmed by the emotions. I just drew 7 cards after shuffling, mostly looking for guidance. They were these,

    3 of Pentacles

    2 of Swords

    King of Swords

    6 of Pentacles

    10 of Swords

    3 of Wands

    3 of Swords

    The last 3 of swords always worries me on its own but I am having a difficult time interpreting it in this context (after the 3 of wands). Anyone want to help interpret this?

    Thanks so much.

  • Hey loveisstoppingme

    Its funny, I just now finished an article on my tarot blog where i specifically address the 3 of swords meaning and point out ( to me) it is simply "planning" energies of the intellect. 3's are planning energies. No, you are not facing more heartbreak, that card is reinforcing your path of planning something intellectually, it would be something positive and helpful to do.

    I will share my thoughts on your cards and then you can see what fits. Others may have some thoughts too!

    3 of Pentacles - "Planning secure structures"

    2 of Swords - "Affirming a new philosophy"

    King of Swords - "Releasing an old lifestyle or philosophical pattern"

    6 of Pentacles - "A predictable security cycle"

    10 of Swords - "A philosophical choice point"

    3 of Wands - "Clarifying the identity"

    3 of Swords - "Planning a philosophy or lifestyle"

    The emphasis in your cards has to do with planning it seems more than anything and affirming a new positive "approach" for your thought life.

    You are planning out a more secure structure for your home/security needs in your life, and this involved affirming a new (positive) philosophy and thought pattern for you. You are then releasing an old pattern which sounds like it is part of that emotional tug of war you are experiencing and instead entering a more stable security cycle. Right at this moment you are intently analyzing your "methodology" to life, your thinking patterns and habits and choosing to affirm a steady and dependable thought life, as contrasted to what you have been doing out of habit. This involved clarifying your identity as you seek to discover the "new you" who is very secure and balanced in your life choice patterns. This leads out to yet more healthy planning as you move forward with your amazing life!

    A lot of 3's and a lot of swords says planning energies, sorting and prioritizing, and most of this is all in your thought life. So you are developing some wonderful strengths there, although I know the emotional energies can be a challenge to contend with (boy do I know about that!) You are on a great path though, no worries, keep going as you are and this is all working together for your best interests! That 3 of wands is in there to show you that it is your "self identity", how you see your life and your roles that is being clarified and resolved into something much nicer for you!

    How does that sound? These are meanings largely based on the tarot work of Gail Fairfield which I really like.



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