Followup reading for Pinky9dec

  • Hey pinky9dec

    okay on your questions about this man... I am just going to give you what flashed into my head as I was reading your questions about your mystery guy...

    He seems to be a black man, 40's, some gray, distinguished, I see him in a suit, so he must be affluent. He seems to be from a different country.

    You meet up for coffee, after having connected online it seems. I am getting you already know this man, perhaps from childhood even. He reaches out to you first.

    There, take that as you like, I usually only read cards however all that came to mind immediately so why not share it with you.

    As for the business startup deal . a big YES! As I drew the Ace of Pentacles and that is a very strong positive sign to GO FOR IT!


  • Thank you!

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