Black Seahorse

  • I spent a lot of the day yesterday at the nature preserve. It was warm but the water was very nice and clean, greenish blue. Well as I was on my long walk out, I walked at the edge of the surf. Something kept telling me to stand in the water so I stopped and walking into the water. I felt the motions as it thinned and swelled, the surface made thousands of tiny peaks refracting light on the sand below. Then something caught my eye. There was a little black seahorse being pushed towards me then away. I ran and got a shell to pick it up with...but didn't see it again. Then I remember Dr Wayne Dyer speaking about a butterfly that came to him...and I though, if its mine it will come to me. It came right to my right foot and I caught it in the shell and laid it on the sand. It was of course dead, otherwise I'd have left it be. Anyhow the Chinese believe it is a symbol of good luck....its also a sign of higher consciousness and even love....when face to face their bodies form a heart shape AND they mate for life. It was beautiful, like black pearl with a burgundy and dark turquoise sheen. I took a brief moment to imagine the soul of the creature and respect his spirit. The females impregnate the males with their eggs and he was pregnant (therefore he was in love).

  • Beautiful words.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Aww I like that about the dove. Some moments are simply beautiful exceeding the word itself. I was out in a remote area and howled...a coyote answered me! I love wolves, this was special to me. I was a beautiful still, starry, moonlit night, the coyote was just across the river from me.

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