How do you get rid of an aquarius man

  • I know that aquarius men are supposed to be distant and unemotional and stuff.

    But this one is completely different, he tells me that he loves me every second hes with me.

    Hes so sensible and kind. I feel like our conversations are really intellecutual and he has an amazing

    sense of humour aswell. I feel like I'm the distant and unemotional one in the relationship.

    He tells me he wants to be with me forever, and that he's going to marry me someday.

    which is a scary thought, because we're both so young. He gets jealous whenever he sees me talking to another guy, he completely flips out on me. and sometimes it makes me feel so sad whenever he starts ignoring me. He says I only talk to guys who are in love with me. Which is complete nonsense! Because I'm friends with everyone,really.

    I am definitely not in love with him, and the only reason I said yes to him when he asked me out was because he was my best friend. And I figured that if I gave him a chance, I'd eventually fall for him. Instead, he's become really emotionally attached to me. And I would never even imagine breaking up with him because of the various things he tells me. "My stomach hurts from missing you so much, and I'm pretty sure it's not because of the pasta from last night" , "Life wouldn't be worth living without you" , "I want to be with you forever" , "You are the first and only girl that I'll ever be with" etc..

    His rising is in leo, and his moon is in saggitarius, and his sun is in aquarius.

    My rising is in leo aswell, and my moon is in aquarius, but my sun is in gemini.

    I don't want to break up with him, and I know that honestly is the best policy but I just know that if I'm the one to end things then he'll just completely boycott me from everything and our friendship will definitely end too. So instead I figured, why not have him dump me instead?

    I've been trying to be very rude to him, and I've been critizing almost everything he does. I've started talking to even more guys than I usually do. And yeah, it's working because he gets mad at me. But within the next ten seconds he goes "I'm sorry!I love you so much" and yada yada..

    So yeah.. someone please help me.

  • Have you tried just being honest with him - telling him that you like (not love) him only as a friend and don't want to lose the friendship, but that is all you are offering? That you feel you are both too young to make a serious commitment? That if he cannot accept things this way, then you must break off the relationship altogether?

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