AstraAngel, a reading request please!

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I hope you are doing well. I would like a new reading concerning my present relationship.

    Thanking you in advance!


  • Hey arieslost

    Okay, I created a spread to represent you and your partner.

    These are the union of energies between the two of you:

    Head: Magician

    Heart: Two Pentacles

    Feet: Four cups and one Pentacle

    Reaching out: seven pentacles

    Letting go: Four swords and one wand

    The cup energy in the relationship right now is centered in the head (4 cups) and feet (4 cups) so this tells me that there are is a lot of "thinking" about foundations in love, like "how can we establish, commit, create a stronger foundation in love?" You may be talking a lot with your partner about love foundational issues, what that means for you two. The "Magician card" in the thought life says that the relationship is comparing some various realities for your future. There could be some effort to imagine or contemplate where the two of you are heading. You could be envisioning living somewhere else together, starting something new together, creating a "new version" of the relationship.

    The four cups in the feet tells me also the same energy is prompting some steps to be taken, you are moving about to gain this foundation. Could be some trips or visits to counseling, psychic help of some sort. You might be traveling together. The one pentacle in the feet (steps) tells us that the relationship has come concerns about finances or a security issue, something new is trying to be started materially. Could be a new setting is trying to be found for the two of you, a new physical shared venture of some sort, sports? a new home, a way to combine your efforts to discover some new financial income together.

    The Two Pentacles in the heart area also affirms this new material effort in the relationship. Deep down the two of you would love to discover a new setting together, move to new area, start a new business together, try a new activity together, sports or something physical. This energy is asking the two of your to discover something fun together in the world around you. Take a trip, go shopping together, play some golf, you are trying to find a shared activity to enjoy.

    Reaching out to one another is the seven pentacles so this is more of that same energy, exploring something physical together, so you are imagining new settings, a new home, financial freedom, somehow the relationship is really wanting to discover a new physical pattern that will be fun. Travel is indicated, visit a travel agent together or something to see what turns the two of you on.

    Letting go is four swords and one wand, so some action must have been taken in the recent past that was a result of something the two of you were thinking. This seems connected to an identity issue, perhaps there had been a misunderstanding and someone said/did something thinking this was their role in the relationship. Maybe it backfired or wasn't helpful... in any case it is being released, let go of, forgotten.

    When we look at each of you, you are mostly cups (in red) and pentacles. So YOU are bringing a lot of emotional energy into the relationship and a lot of physical energies related to home, security concerns, and perhaps finances even. Your partner on the other hand is supplying most of the "thinking" about the relationship, weighing out, pondering, and some a few pentacles (something materially is being provided or desired).

    Between the two of you is only 4 wands total, and the only wand in the intersection of the two of you was being released. This tells me that there is a VOID of wands for the two of you together which indicates you are needing to discover WHO the two of you are together. The relationship needs an identity, you need to name it, it needs a role, and it could also indicate that you are not "acting out" enough with each other. Wands are also time, so a need to spend more time being intimate with one another is indicated. You both know how to do this (the pentacles you both have) its just taking the actual steps that you need now to be focused on.

    I would like to see some cups in your partner, right now it looks like you are supplying a lot of emotional energy, and the partner is supplying a lot of intellectual energy. Interesting though that he has no swords in his head, so his thoughts could be buried somehow, not being expressed in words.

    Individually, you are pondering new possibilities in life, he is pondering starting something new materially (new job, home, a money concern?)

    Your heart is hesitating in some area materially, deep inside you are trying to decide to take a risk in some area physically or materially. A move, change of setting, a new job?

    His heart is imagining some possibilities in lifestyle or his attitude about life. He wants changes.

    Your feet are taking "trust steps" in that you are moving toward a new direction that requires you to trust more. You are being asked to have faith that this new direction will work out.

    His feet are the Queen of Swords, so he is taking steps to be intellectually mature and in control. He could be seeking something new educationally that grounds his thinking. Classes, courses, reading books or something that feeds his mind.

    You are reaching out in some way to release something materially. You could be spending money in some significant way, letting go of an old security pattern in your life. He is reaching out to change something materially. So it sounds like you both are reaching for the same thing in some material dimension of life.

    You are letting go of the Hanged Man, which sounds like you were waiting to take some action in the past, and got tired of waiting and gave up. He is releasing the Hermit energy so he must be leaving behind a time where he was alone and isolated more, maybe he was away from you for a reason, and that is now ended.

    Okay, I hope that gives you something to consider aires lost!

    love, astra

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