Fear of Meditating

  • Ok, so this kinda strange. I've been wanting to develop my psychic and spiritual gifts for a while now. I keep reading and hearing that meditation will help. However, I have this strange aversion to meditating. I don't know why it actually scares me to want to do it. Every time I close my eyes for a few seconds I have this strong urge to open my eyes to see what's around me! I don't trust it. Has anyone else experienced this? What is wrong with me??

  • Does this happen every time you close your eyes or just when you try to meditate?

  • Good questions...whenever I'm going to sleep I'm fine. I don't fear closing my eyes. However, when I am consciously making an effort to meditate I can't keep my eyes closed for too long. It's too scary. I feel like I hear/feel things coming closer and closer to me so I immediately open my eyes!

  • If it's just the meditation that makes you afraid, I feel you may be letting a subconscious fear of the unknown affect you, maybe inspired by spooky stories of possession or other such supernatural happenings. Meditation is really not that complicated - if you have ever daydreamed, then you have mediated. Ask your guides and angels to help you relax. You just close your eyes and let your mind go wherever it wants to. No big deal!

  • Thanks Captain, I will ask my guides and angels to ease my mind and help me to relax. And as often as I daydream this really should be no big deal! lol

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