In love with my best friend

  • Hi all,

    I am in love, for some time with my best friend. He's a Virgo and is 23 I'm an Aquarius and I'm 26. We've been friends for over a year now and ive watched him be with many a woman during this time haha. Recently I've surpressed my feelings and I'm trying to treat him just as a friend but it's hard. When I look at him I just think we would be so great together, we have so much in common and sometimes I even know what he is thinking and vice versa. The question is why doesn't he see what I see, the chemistry that we have. Am I imagining it all? Will we ever make a step towards being romantically involved?


    Tissy 86

  • Well, why don't you just ask him if he wants to be more than friends? Obviously you are suffering by trying to maintain a facade of friendship when you really want to be more than a friend to him. So the friendship side of it is already long gone for you - you aren't losing it by asking him for more. Yes, he may not be feeling that sort of chemistry for you in return, but at least you will know not to waste your time anymore hoping for something that won't happen. Having these feelings for him means you can never go back to being just friends so you may as well speak up.

    On the other hand, he might tell you he was holding back from asking you to be his girlfriend because he was as reticent or wary as you. You will never know unless you try.

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