• Hello, Can anyone give me an advise?

    I'm a sagitarius 9 dec 1962. My mother passed away (since last year), and I have to move to live in her house. That's 15 minutes away from where I live now and my work.

    I can not make my decision when to move. But i'ts going to be this year. My mother always had lots of plants in the garden. My plan is to move there, to start a plant nursery business.

    But I wil keep my regular job also. Or do you see me with a new regular job? I have been looking.

    Do you think that's a good decision to move?

    And also, do you see in the future that I'm gonna meet a new man? And when etc?

    Or am I getting back with my ex?

    Last year he went back to his country. He's libra 4 oktober 1962.

    I'm sagitarius 9 december 1962

  • I answered you on your other thread.

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