Help With A Dream for Shuabby

  • I had a dream where I had my personal files with me in hand and went into a bld where there were people and one woman was so sad and crying there, I was asked about the files and where I got them and explained they were mine.

    I left this bld and walked outside to find my car and found that I had to go down steps large stone steps which were unusual to get to the level where my car was. I thought these stones are so far apart and when you stepped down it was more like a jump had to be made. I had jumped three times and woke up.


  • I feel this is about you wanting to get right away (taking your files/life with you) for a while from your situation but feeling there are some very big obstacles to doing so. But you are making the attempt.

  • Hello Captain,

    Yes, I would like to change my life situation.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

  • I feel that you are burdened by all those who ask for your help (sad and crying woman).

  • This post is deleted!

  • dmick59

    How Sweet of you to try to help. I will keep you in mind next time I have a dream I need help with.

  • Hi Captain,

    Sometimes, I do feel a burden in which helping others just does not seem to have the outcome I wished for, example: i contacted my niece Michelle 7-02-1987 as she had been adopted away at 3 yrs old by my younger sister. I helped Michelle make the family contacts and always tried to keep things positive between us. I had begin to express my opinions to Michelle on FB in which she did not agree with my veiwpoint. She told me that I was misunderstanding what was said. I guess you could call it the generation gap. Because of this we now do not stay in contact at all. It makes me sad, but I hope I know when to let go and let God.


  • The things we say may have no positive impact in the present but, once said, they will stay in the mind of the person we said them to and perhaps later on, when emotions have settled and time has passed, that person may move their feelings out of a negative reaction.

  • Captain,

    I will keep your advice close to my heart.

    Thank You


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