• What does it mean when you keep having dreams about the same person, but each dream is different?

  • It either means that you are giving yourself these dreams because of stress or your psyche is trying to work isn't out concerning this person.

    Or, your guides are bringing this person up because you have a choice/decision or something which needs to be addressed with this person.

    Multiple scenarios could just mean they are trying to make it obvious that something needs to be done or that you have a decision to make concerning this person.

    Do a tarot reading over it and see what comes up...dreams like this are usually direct messages from your guides.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you for the insight! After having all these dreams about this guy, he called me up and wanted to see me. It was as though he knew or felt that I had been thinking about him so much.

  • That sounds like manifestation. ^_^


  • Seems to happen to me often..even if I don't want to see the person..they show up anyway because I keep thinking about them.

  • Maybe if you keep thinking of other things you want you'll manifest them too 🙂

  • These dreams are about an Aries man in my life. His birthdate is April 13, 1981. Why am I so drawn to him?

  • Because you knew him in a past life.


  • Good Morning Disirnott Tarot and laq83

    First I most say I do apologize for posting on your session here. But when I seen the birthdate I just almost fell. I have been having a lot of dreams about a person too that I have been knowing since I was 17 and his dob is april 13 54. I have not talk to him since I had my first surgery in april 13 2012. But I have been having a lot of dreams about him like every night. And last night I had a dream that was really out of the norm. The part that I really remember is that he thought I had took something and I did not and he was very upset about it and he had said some things to me and I was really surprised and then I was like what do I do because I had not taken anything from him. And I was with some girl and then I left her and then I ran back into him and he told me that he found what it thought I took. And everybody that was their was surprise that he was so upset with me and that he would think that I would do something like that. He did apologize and I was acting like I did not care but I felt better but a little sad that he would think that I would do something like this. Because we have known each other to long for him to think this so I was really surprised. This was a first to have a dream that he was so upset with me like that. I am really crazy about him and I am like laq83 just head over heels in love with him. and will never love anybody like him. When you said do a tarot reading about the dreams how do you do that. I do the cards but I am not good at all with them I am learning. Again I would like

    to apologize for jumping in your session.

    Thanks Illona or BLD

  • Interesting! So it's not a coincidence that a few months ago I picked him out in an online dating match, but we never met up, but then he ended up moving into the same apartment complex as me. (don't worry, he's not a stalker 🙂 I think we are both attracted to eachother, but afraid to do anything about it, or maybe we just aren't supposed to be together that way. He's a tricky one to figure out because he's kind of hot and cold with me.

  • P.S. Does he feel like he knows me too from a past life?

  • The residual feelings are there, so yes.


  • I wonder why we both struggle with our emotions then. I've tried ignoring our connection, but it's there...at least I have always felt it.

  • You'll always have some sort of connection with him because your soul remembers him. There is nothing that the mind can do about that but block out the feelings if it wants to.


  • Thanks Serah! My brain doesn't want to turn off the emotions, but I've always been an emotionally sensitive person. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't only attraction that was drawing me to him because I did ignore him for awhile, but then those dreams started night after night and I wanted to know why. It's funny how he and I are opposites on the zodiac chart too. I've been told I'm not compatible with Aries but my best friend of 25 years is one and the very first tarot reading I ever had done said that an older Aries man was coming and that there would be choices to make.

  • OoOoOhhh sounds exciting 🙂 Hope it works out for the best 😄

  • Thank you! 🙂 would you recommend I get a tarot reading done on this issue?

  • The guides say if you want to you can, it's not absolutely essential, it would be more of a curiosity reading to you. They say that you only need one if you don't feel competent in doing what you want, but they say you've already made up your mind about this.


  • It's true I already know that I have feelings for him, but I can't figure him out! That is what frustrates me. I sense that he has some issues of his own he is trying to work through.

  • Well if so, it's up to him to figure himself out. The guides are only worried about you for the course of this question session because he isn't here for them to help him. They can only give you the advice you need to make the best choices for yourself. They say, when in doubt, follow your heart because it will usually lead to the best ending.


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