AstraAngel.. Could you help me with this please?

  • Hi rainbowbright89

    I am really pondering this situation. Have tried a couple different spreads to see what the motivations might be here.

    The Devil card turned up often enough when I was considering the gf connection to your Ex. So that is boundaries, lines, some restrictions, and it can also be the pleasure of no boundaries. I will just give you what I am sensing and you can weight it out for yourself, I am only hoping to give you as much insight as you need so that you protect your own heart and I would tread cautiously here would be my suggestion.

    I think he and the GF have entered into discussions about possible marriage. I think she could be wanting that and applying a little "encouragement" there. He may be feeling the noose tighten and he is like, yipes - what about my freedom, and all that fun I thought I was gonna get...? So I think he may have some concerns there, causing him to pull away from her. Then, he is feeling alone again... yipes! what now?... and he runs back to you because you understand each other in spite of the past. He sees you as nurturing. Not sure that is really helping though either. So in this situation you seem to be a very good friend to him. I think he is feeling some strong emotions lately, ten of cups showed up with him.

    I think he would still like to keep his relationship with this other person is what I see. Six of cups seems to be the hope there. I think she wants a baby with him and is really wanting marriage in that case. Justice card, so I'll bet thats what it is. DO you see that as a possibility? Instincts are strong with here... that can be a pretty strong motivator.

    So I think they are sill lovers, he is just going through the wringer trying to figure out what to do. So he is running back to you for emotional support until he gets it figured out. She ain't gonna wait forever though. This guy may feel like a ping pong ball right now haha...

    You are on a good path by yourself right now rainbow... you are very focused on your thoughts being settled and your material life being in order. You are experiencing some changes in your inner life right now, and I would always come back to your own center... regardless of what the Ex is up to, or his gf... you will always have YOU and your heart, and just between you and me I think you have a guardian angel hanging around you who really thinks the world of you, and is looking out for you.

    So while these other issues are swirling around, the ex, gf, your mum... whatever is going on... always return back to your own quiet heart, secure and settled no matter what others are up to. Personally, I would not spend a whole lot of tim with him until you see his emotional life more at peace...

    Does that help? I could be only speculating about him and this gf, so take all that with a grain of salt... still you never know... wouldn't hurt to keep yourself a little cool with him until you really feel deep down something real with him again... until then I would not let any emotional energy, his or yours, make any decisions.

    Cool as a cucumber ... you will know when something is real with him... until then, your intuition is accurate...

    peace and , astra

    P.S. Is there anyone else? I still see love coming for you, not the Ex... the Lovers card turned up there, so I want to say you have some nice surprises developing for you... in a very nice relationship... 🙂

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