AstraAngel.. Could you help me with this please?

  • Me and my ex partner were together for 6 years and broke up beginning of this year. He has recently been doing little things to get my attention although when I messaged him he said it was by accident. He is with another girl but when we were messaging he did mention stuff like memories between us and have a good connection. I just want to know if he is happy with this new girl, is this just mind games or does he miss me and could we get back together in the future maybe?

    I appreciate any help you may be able to give me at all - this is driving me crazy and I don't want to wait for something thats never going to happen but on the other hand I don't want to loose it either.

    Thank you

  • Sorry his DOB is 12.09.88 - thank you

  • Hey rainbowbright89

    There's hope here apparently.

    I did a relationship spread to see how the energies are distributed within you and him, and you can see in the pic what is going on.


    Your heart toward him - The Moon, you are very very open to him and would love to see something happen again. Your Moon is very inviting.

    Your head toward him - Nine of Pentacles - shows a very strong physical attraction toward him still, this nine is solid and dependable. You thoughts seem to be revolving around some physical aspects of the relationship re-joingin, like the setting, place, a home, a new dependable security pattern with him again.

    Your feet - The Hanged Man - indicates you are waiting to make your next move toward him. There are some timing issues here that you are waiting on. This also shows you are feeling a little wobbly maybe at times emotionally (you said ' this is driving me crazy ' that is part of this energy). So no worries, take a deep breath, relax. Timing issues work themselves out.

    (By the way, you want him back in your life? Then he will be back in your life, period. As long as you are willing to walk the walk with him)

    Your hand extended to him - The 5 of Swords - a change of attitude toward him, you are saying to him "Look, I am willing to adjust my thinking about you. I am flexible, let's talk it out..."

    Your hand behind you - The Hermit - an energy that is leaving your life is some isolation you have experienced. You must have been passing through a time where you have really been feeling cut off, alone, however that has been very important for you and this relationship. You broke up for a reason and apparently a big part of that was for your own growth. So this is all working together.


    His heart toward you - The Ace of Swords - Shows a new attitude on his part toward you, like "maybe we can start again? Something new? Let's talk..." seems to be his heart cry to you. Look at how this card mates up nicely with your Moon card, do you see that? Your Moon has this lovely Ace of Cups right in the middle, very inviting. His sword wants to go there, it is intense.

    His head about you - Knight of Wands - a strong focus in his self-identity area, I think he has been holding tenaciously to some ideas about himself, who he is, and his roles with you, how he relates to you, who he is with you... this is very important to him.

    His feet - The Tower - the collapse of something important to him, his beliefs about something, my best guess is that his new flame hasn't exactly turned out to be what he had hoped. This matches up to your Hanged Man energy - he is falling, and you are waiting and watching.

    His hand to you - the Nine of Swords - this mates with your 5 of swords to make 14 swords, and 4 +1 = 5 so that is a nice confirmation that whatever he is thinking is along the same lines as you, he wants to reconnect for sure.

    His hand behind him - The Hierophant - connecting to a philosophy about his life, I think he has really been clinging to something, his concept about life and love that is receding. This along with the Tower energy shows a drastic collapse or change of attitude about his life in some key areas. Probably how relationships should work. His current gf could be connected to these energies so she may be heading out the door is my guess. So long.

    When I lay his figure over yours you can see where the common energy is right now between you two. Four of swords as the Queen of Swords behind him. This indicates his gf, and she is a fading energy apparently (behind his back). He could be hiding from you some problems he is having with her as that would tip his hand and show some his vulnerability, wanting to reconnect with you. Now that you know this, you can play it a lot more cool with him, and keep him on his toes haha. Next time you two talk try this. Ask him "Hey, by the way, how are things with you and Gladys?" Watch his response, he will tell you how it is going well, but he will fumble a little, act a little nervous. See? He doesn't want you to know the truth. She is leaving him.

    Also, the other match up is a four of swords in the feet. So there is an intense energy of intellectual connection trying to open out between you too. The Four of swords is "acting on what you think" so expect some actions very soon to start talking seriously about how you can get back together. As this is in the "feet" it is very action oriented. Expect more calls, txts, emails whatever. He wants to talk.

    I also drew some cards that are "crossing you" and connect your two hands together, and I got a lot of cups, an 8, the 10 and a 2 of cups - also - the resurrection card - which is a "phase change" card, so something is definitely brewing between the two of you in love again. And a new beginning. So these are all very positive emotional energies between you developing.

    Bottom line? "She" is leaving, and he wants to reconnect with you. He really wants to communicate with you about it. And you have some very intense physical aspects to provide him, your 9 pents fills a void in his life physically (he has only the two pents and those are connected to this Tower experience. My guess is the physical part with the gf isn't nearly as nice as what he had before with you.

    This is heading for reconciliation. You want that keep doing whatever you are doing. This would be a great time as you talk to him to establish some basic understandings between you, really be honest with each other.

    I hope that helps you rainbowbright89...

    love, astra

  • Oops - I missed one other hidden aspect with the overlay!.The EIGHT OF WANDS in the heart reveals that both of your hearts are really wanting this reconnection. Quickly. 8's are strong organizing energies so expect some serious discussions very soon about how you two can make it work again. Congratulations!


  • Thank you so much AstraAngel. I feel I have ruined this now though because I told him to leave me alone. The pain of him being with the one he left me for hurts so much because this isn't the first time he has done this to me. I don't know why he can't be honest with me about his feelings. I have saw things he has wrote to her and he says how much he loves her and she is "his everything". I really want to believe there could be a reconciliation but I'm sick of him coming back to me and leaving me for someone else again. The reason I wanted to cut him out my life is because I don't want him to think I'm there when things go wrong with his new girlfriends :(. I just feel so down lately. Sorry to tell you all of this. I just feel like I try and try and everything I do isn't good enough for him sometimes. People keep telling me to move on and find someone else but there is just a connection there they is so strong between us but he isn't happy with it.

  • He has also said to me that it was meant to be us splitting up and it was for the best. That hurts me so much 😞

  • Okay, I hear you. Well, I still think it comes down to you, what you really want. The Universe is pretty open to any reality you want to step into, believe it can be and it will be. The trick is to not become fixated on the physical manifestations of things (including people) and try to see the underlying energies you want to experience.

    Let's say you have this amazing connection with this guy... buy he has been a total jerk, running off to other females, and then coming back "home" to you. (Sounds like a pattern with this guy). Instead of focusing on him, focus on the "connection" feeling with him, and say to yourself, I REALLY LIKE THAT feeling I have with him!

    Now, try and separate that energy from the physical part that is "him". It is the feeling you have with him that was nice. It could still come back, and it might be with him - or it might be with someone else. The reality is, you DESERVE to have that feeling again, that kind of intimate and wonderful relationship where it clicks. We all do. The problem is, we become attached to some person and think they are the only package that can come in. Not true. You could meet a guy this weekend that would sweep you off your feet, as the Universe provides you with the love relationship you desire.

    However, when we are fixated on only one person we think that is it - there can't be anyone else. Come on, there are 3.5 billion guys out there. This guy you know can't be the only one.

    So you simply send out a request to the Universe for all of the nice qualities you want in a relationship, and agree to stay open to options. When I say options, I mean some other guy. Now, the Universe might reply by reconnecting you to him, or it might be with a new guy. It doesn't hurt to imagine reconnecting with your ex, however you have to be real and remember that whatever his pattern is... running off to someone else.... may be his style and that doesn't change. Maybe you two kind of get off on it, who knows. People's motivations in relationships can be anything. (I don't really think that is the case with you though!)

    Then, just stay open to someone new entering in. You never know. However, if you are totally obsessed with your ex, and have concluded that he is the "only one" for you, then you won't even be seeing all of the other options that cross your path. So that is very important to stay open to new possibilities. That also enhances your own self-image and you will feel better about yourself.

    Whatever he is saying that hurts you is actually helping you mature believe it or not. People that act or do things to us that hurt us actually helps us discover who we really are. That doesn't make what they do "okay"... what it does do though is force inner growth so that whatever anyone says to you won't hurt you anymore, You'll laugh it off in the future. I realize right now it isn't pleasant.

    I still think you two are heading for getting back together unless you close the door on that. It doesn't matter what he has said, or all of the "sweet" letters to his new girlfriend, blah blah blah, who cares. Makes no difference. He is really drawn to YOU but he is playing with you by running off when he wants. Your job is to see that you deserve better and to look for options. So, SEE yourself in a fantastic relationship with a great guy, and stay expectant for that. You have options, don't forget that! This guys is NOT the only guy in the Universe for you. The Universe could easily arrange for a thousand guys to be chasing you today, your first step though is to love YOU and say to yourself, I DESERVE A GOOD LOVE LIFE and I am not settling for jerks.

    How does that sound? You need to do something to throw him off. Do something different. The next time you see him (if you do), go to the meeting wearing a mask of some sort, like an alien, or a gorilla or something. Tell him you are wearing the mask to remind him that his behavior has been hurtful, and you need something to protect you from him. So every time you meet up with him, put the mask on and talk through that. He will think you have gone insane and that is exactly what you want. Keep him guessing. DO weird things with him. He will be totally transfixed. And that also puts you in control of the relationship. By adopting bizarro behavior you give him something to think about. He will NOT be able to get you out of his mind. And it liberates you to realize that YOU can be whoever you want to be, and you really don't care what he thinks. Act strange and tell him you are seeing a doctor about it.

    When you get to a place where you can think about him and laugh, regardless of how he has acted, you are FREE. Then, you can expect him to start chasing you harder AND you will have other guys chasing you too. AS SOON AS HE EVEN SUSPECTS HE HAS COMPETITION HE WILL BE FALLING OVER HIMSELF TO RECONNECT WITH YOU.



  • Thank you again 🙂 one last question - if we do stay in contact how should I act with him? Just like we used too or do I just not tell him much? Should I wait until he starts communication? With him having a girlfriend I respect that you see (even though she didn't) or should I back off until he is single one day maybe? X thank you again

  • I wouldn't twitch a finger in his direction. Let him do all the work. Let him reach out to you. He wants to get back together with you. Once he realizes that you are on to his usual games he'll be sweet as pie and come crawling. Pouring his heart out...

    "Oh, please rainbow... you are really the only one, she (gf) didn't work out and I miss you so much... can't we try again..."

    I would just growl at him through the gorilla mask.

    You gotta keep this guy on his toes, guessing, wondering about you. Have some fun with him by doing weird things and he won't be able to keep you out of his thoughts. Some harmless game play haha.... everyone likes playing games, that is what makes life fun!

    Eight of Wands he'll be knocking on your door very soon.

    How should you act with him? Cool and weird. Don't say anything more than "growl" and "I have to go now."

    The gf is leaving his life, so that is being taken care of, however I wouldn't do a thing until he comes crawling back. Don't initiate.

    King of Pentacles, two Kings in the spread so that is him releasing emotionally and materially. I would be looking for jewelry and nice dinners. Keep your gorilla mask in your purse when you go out with him and have that ready at any moment to wear - to keep him honest.

  • Hi AstraAngel. We have been talking online and it has been nice but he has said a couple of times "we ain't getting back together" and I just don't know 😞 I want to get back together but how he is acting sounds as if we never will. He said he wants me there just to chat but not meet up. It's tearing me apart because part of me likes talking to him for the laughs we have together but then it's hurting me talking to him knowing he has her. I'm a mess 😞

  • Hey rainbow

    Yes, this would be a good time to just keep to yourself and focus on YOU by taking YOU out and loving on YOU. I did a quick relationship reading on you and your guy...

    Your thoughts right now are contending with trust concerns (the fool) so your mind is wrestling perhaps with questions of trust and staying in a quiet space right now.

    Your heart (king cups) is releasing emotionally so I can see some pain there as those energies are leaving you. That's okay, more cups on the way in some new areas, you'll see.

    Your feet (path) right now are also releasing intellectual energies so you could be feeling compelled to talk, share discuss something, open it out with someone (like him) however that door may not be open. So if you need to talk, you can pour it out her my lady, or connect with your friend there where you live and share.

    Reaching out, Queen of Wands is an energy of a mature identity so you are reaching for something to strengthen your self right now, I would do something nice for you today, go somewhere you like and relax, this is a time for you to feel good about you instead of letting yourself feel blue because of his responses. (Or lack thereof).

    Letting go, Ace of Swords so this is a singular thought of something that you are letting go of, sounds like a decisive conversation you wanted to have and maybe that is now abandoned.

    His energies,

    Head - Justice, he is rebalancing in some way in his thinking. Could be trying to establish some kind of calm in his thoughts about you, or the situation with his gf.

    Heart - The Hanged Man - His heart is "waiting to make the next move" so it is like his emotional center is in some sort of holding pattern, I would leave him be to process this out in his heart.

    Feet - Seven of Pentacles, so his "path" has him imagining or wanting experiment in some physical/home area... he is envisioning some sort of physical change in his life.

    Reaching out - Queen of Cups, so his hand is wanting to attain emotional / intuitive maturity, this is something he is reaching out to achieve. So he is in a place where his emotional life is in need of this.

    Letting go - Knight of Pentacles - letting go of something materially. There is something physically he has been very focused on that he is now releasing, and this seems to be connected with something else (physical) that he is imagining something new with.

    When we combine the two of you today, I see that:

    Head - the relationship has nothing intellectually going on, all energies cancel out.

    Heart - Queen of Cups so the heart of the connection between you two is a strong "emotional maturity" energy.

    Feet - Four Pentacles, making something tangible, in some physical area the relationship wants to manifest something material/physical or a security pattern is wanting to be developed (as a path).

    Reaching out - Both queen energies cancel out and so there is nothing really trying to be achieved right now, reached out for.

    Letting go, the energies combine to the Ace of Swords and Knight of Pentacles, so each of you are letting go of something that has been shared. It was an intellectual beginning in some way and the focus on physical (could be his telling you he does not want to meet up that is him 'releasing' the physical focus on you).

    So with nothing happening in the head and reaching out the relationship is certainly at a lull right now as these energies pass through both of you.

    I would simply try to relax and wait, that Hanged Man in his heart has to flip over to something else before this guy is going to be doing much of anything, I would release him and give him his space as you are doing. Stay calm and focus on yourself, your life is still PERFECTLY ON TRACK for your divine happiness rainbowbright. No worries, you are under a lot of "releasing" energies right now so your best thing to do is absolutely nothing, relax and just stay quiet, calm, centered in your angels and all is working out. (There is some pain I know with the emotions in your heart, releasing that king, you are in good hands though! )

    I hope that helps you rainbow, you take it easy, hugs to you...


  • Here are the cards rainbowbright...

  • Thanks so much AstraAngel. We havn't spoken to each other since Tuesday. I feel so confused. A part of me wants to message him and speak like we used too etc but then a part of me doesn't because he is with this new girlfriend and it's so hard. He has said to me it didn't work because we couldn't go to the next level of commitment with each other. My mum said to me she does not think he will come back to me and actually settle with his new GF and

    marry/have kids with her. I keep asking out loud everyday for something to happen in him communicating with me or something but It never happens. I really love this guy so much 😞 sorry to bother you again Astra xx

  • Hi rainbow

    Hey I hear you... not a pleasant situation. I drew the ten of cups so that is releasing emotionally, (the confusion you feel) is some of that King energy, having to let something go, relax, be at peace, focus in on yourself.

    Hey you are going to be fine. This is a bump in the road. No matter what this guy means to you, no matter who he is with, no matter your feelings for him (Knight of Wands) and they are very strong - regardless of ANYTHING, you are going to be fine, your life path is still proceeding along nicely, it is all a part of the divine bringing you to your true place in love and peace in life.

    Page of Pentacles / ten pentacles is a taking a risk card materially along with releasing so that seems to be picking up on your desire to message him or something (that would be risky now given the current situation with the gf), so you are smart to sit tight and focus on other things right now, like you.

    I asked what you can be doing now, where your focus should be?

    Queen of Swords / 9 of swords - which is a card of intellectual maturity, strong wise thinking, so this is YOU in this present situation. What you should be about now is keeping a cool head, stay calm and balanced let your mind remain settled and serene (I know that is probably a bit of a challenge) and simply let life continue to flow while you await further developments in your life that will be nice, taking you where you really need to go.

    Page of Cups / Judgment / Transformation is a beautiful sign that you are experiencing something very wonderful in your life, that you may not be able to really grasp right now. I am getting to take that "I want so bad to contact him, say something, talk.." energy and focus it instead on an area of your life that (you know) will benefit you. If there is one thing I have learned in life, is that you can not go wrong staying quiet and basically "do nothing" (high priestess energy), I mean that really shows trust. We get into situations where we want to do something, try to change the sequence of events, however all that is out of control really. You can "wish" he would reach out to you and communicate, however that choice still remains with him.

    There is a reason you two are apart right now... a good reason. It is in YOUR best interest and his also. It is serving a purpose, a plan that is all designed to bring into your TRUE and WONDERFUL life path of intimate and deep love with another, fulfillment, happiness, a great peace.

    Our angels together with your faith have lovely plans and delightful stories that they love to weave through and within our lives... so those plans may often not be something that we can comprehend. You know, like right now, you are crying out, "WHY heaven would you do this to me, change this relationship and create this painful situation I am in? It makes no sense! I love this guy..." And in the midst of the confusion, you hear that higher frequency song of angels and highest love, and they are singing "all is okay rainbow... simply keep going and we have something really nice in the works for you... we love you... "-your angels

    The Universe card and Six of Cups us a very strong sign from above that you have something very wonderful ahead, with whom, or in what exact way, I do not know, I only know that the UNIVERSE and SIX OF CUPS together are two of the most wonderful energies possible together and you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

    If I were there in person I would give you a big hug and look straight in your eyes (tears I am sure) and simply say "keep going, you are close to something new very wonderful."

    The only 'practical' advice I can say is to divert some of that risking energy of wanting to do something in this situation, and divert that into some activity that you KNOW will benefit you... do something creative, journal, paint.. not sure about your creative side... some thing pleasant for you by yourself perhaps... you can take that as you like.

    love and hugs


  • Thank you AstraAngel for all your help. Do you still see me and him reconciling? I was going to message him tomorrow and let him know I miss him but I don't know if it's the wrong or right thing to do. I just wish he could understand how much he means to me. x

  • Hi rainbow, I drew the six swords and ace wands, which sounds like a nice transition, you are thinking of taking this step hoping it goes well, and the Ace wands sounds like a yes the timing is good.

    I also tried a pendulum and the answer was affirming a reconciliation.

    So much depends on your intention, and being strong with what you desire (ie, not basing too much on external events, but digging deep in your own heart and staying strong on yourself).

    I hope that is encouraging to you! I would say in every case follow your intuition and you won't go wrong.

  • Hello AstraAngel. I met up with him today - I felt great being with him and he said he enjoyed seeing me etc but he is still with his girlfriend and I don't know what to do. He said he wants to see me again but it feels so wrong when he has a girlfriend. He said he had feelings but surely he wouldn't be with his girlfriend if he had feelings for me. I don't know if I'm just there if things don't work out with his girlfriend or if he does genuinely have feelings for me - I feel awful. 😞 I hope you may be able to help me in any way. 😞

  • He also said "I'm sorry I'm being a bit forward just my way of trying to hide other feelings" :s so confused! X

  • Hello! My Name is Taleb, I go by, MySelf. I have been on a journey to find my path for 3 years now, and finally i have obatined the knowledge of the old. Im 20 years old, and i hope to share this information to the world!! Please help me, everyone has a role, no one is better than the other. THank you so much.

  • Hi AstraAngel. I wondered if you could help me again. Me and the ex have been meeting up pretty regular and we have been getting on so good. He has told me he is unhappy with his girlfriend and how he misses me etc. He keeps saying he is going to dump his girlfriend but he isn't and it's really getting me down. He seems so confused and I don't know what to do. I don't know if he is being genuine or if I'm getting used. I don't want to get hurt as I'm developing feelings for him again. Thank you AstraAngel x

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