How would a Scorpio male react when ignored by someone they love?

  • If he thought/believed she was his soulmate...but other things (distance, his insecurities and fears) kept them apart. He hurt her and is now reaching out by sending her messages telling her he cares about her, loves her, and is sorry for what has happened... but she hasn't responded because she is so hurt (can you blame her?).

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  • Ask ANY SCORPIOS out there

  • Actually the Rising signs are Pisces and Cancer not the Virgo...

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    Sun: ♋ ♏

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    N. Node: ♈ ♈

    Chiron: ♊ ♊

  • as a scorpio...woman I can tell you NOTHING could be worse than being ignored. So if it is your intent to hurt then continue your silence. A response of oh say...I choose not to engage in this discussion with you at this time would work quite nicely. There, I would have had an answer..I may not like or agree with but I would be able to let it rest. The no reply makes us wonder wonder wonder and get twisted up.

  • Spot on Penancing!! Spot on! As a Scorpio woman, yes we detest being ignored, ESPECIALLY by the ones that we love and that claim to love us. It's better to express your desire not to be bothered than to say "nothing" because where there are "blanks", Scorpio will fill them in and you likely won't like what we may 'fill' the blanks with.... 😞

    Wish you two the best; seems like a very compatible blend between you 🙂


  • lol transformed...I cant begin to tell you how many times I have said....just tell me! the truth can NEVER be as bad as what I fill in the blanks with. I am in the process of letting go totally of a highly tight lipped Taurus man it has been very arduous in light of his non-communication so I am winding up closing a door that I may not have If only he had used his words. Lina, is this woman you that we are talking about?

  • Well, the Scorpio Male has come around telling me he loves me and hates what has happened...I went silent after he grew distant and I had to drag it out of him that he was seeing someone new, which was what led me to stop talking to him altogether. He's text me several times only to be ignored until I recently responded, coldly. He then sent me a long message telling me he loves me and that I was real, that he would love to see me, talk to me, go to the beach with me, etc. He also begged me to respond so that he knows I don't regret meeting him; he's afraid that I regret the time we had, which I don't though he hurt me so terribly that sometimes I do wish we'd never met. Finally, he closed his message by telling me that he's so proud of me and that i'm amazing...any Scorpio insight on what the heck he wants from me? I'm in love with him and am getting that he's still in love with me, but the distance and his current situation make it impossible...what can we do? What can I do?

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