Will friend and I reconcile?

  • I was hoping someone could give me any insight on a relationship I have with a friend. We had a falling out and he won't respond to my calls or texts; he has cut off all contact. I'm not going to contact him again, I'm leaving it up to him now, but I feel so badly for the way things have turned out and I'm wondering if he will ever want to make amends with me, or if he's completely done. Is he just taking time to heal and reflect, or if he has moved on?

    Thank you for any assistance. 🙂

  • He doesn't feel he can trust you anymore and he feels betrayed. At the moment he doesn't want to get in contact. But he may change over time - just leave him alone to stew for a while. Some people can never forgive and forget, others need time to heal.

  • Thank you very much Captain, I felt he was feeling this way, even though it was his actions that brought everything about. Nothing I can do but give it time. Thanks again!

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