What the meaning of life?

  • I sometimes ask myself this question even thou i believe i have the answer. Most of the time i wonder what i came to this world for. What's my mission. What's my path. I feel like i have an important mission that i yet don't know. Sometimes i want to know so badly it make me anxious and desperate. It kills me not to know what i came for. I believe my mission is great. I want to change the world somehow. Since little i always wanted to change the world. To stop the injustice on Earth, to protect nature, to end poverty in my country, to rescue abandoned kids from the streets. To do something great for the world. But then sometimes i feel so small. My determination fails... I know that my path will unfold by itself day by day and that one day i will know what my true path is. And then maybe one day i will somehow change the world. Even if its just something small or little. Drop by drop we can make an ocean! I want to believe in it! 🙂

    My soul is eager for knowledge, anyone felt the same?

  • I want to help the world as well, we can in small ways but sometimes its difficult to when we have our own problems to face, maybe once we have sorted out ourselfs and our situations, we can help the world in a much better way with not to much to worry about.

    We can still do things now, of course if you have the time i am always wondering what am i here for there has to be more than this, which maybe there is and were not seeing the bigger picture

    im sure alot of people feel like this.

    im curious to now my mission and what my path is like everybody else, its unclear at the moment but more will reveal itself in time.

    Best wishes


  • I've often wondered is this the practice test until you get to where you are really supposed to be. Who knows for sure right? I've always had the feeling my purpose in life was simply to help others. It seems I've always been the go to person in the lives of others. I'm good with that but have always felt it should be so much more or what felt so much more important to me. Perhaps that is just ego getting in the way of destiny. Personally I think the fact that you think about it all says something great about your character as a person. I'd like to think my reason for being here is just to make a difference in some peoples lives. Seems simple but I don't think it's as easy as it sounds. Thought provoking thread.

  • 42

  • 42 ?????

  • hahaah Rcdreamer i was tempted to ask What 42 lol X


  • SunCappyGirl,

    I remeber asking the same question to myself.

    I even remeber becoming so curious & voicing

    it and questioning it to others..& they looked at

    me as if I had broke a LAW. Nonone Could tell me.

    After speculating the thought over and over,

    and introspecting myself over and over.

    I had realized people dont think that far ahead,

    you know? only great minds think of things like that


    of doing what everyone else is doing your tryna to do something productive..

    Same ething I thought, and then over I though WELL.. what do i WANT to do ?

    Well each have the power of free will which allows us to create

    what we choose to manifest in life by putting out our energy

    and sending it to the universe, also check out poetic topic on that.

    otherwise, we just WAIT, & recieve what life gives us. So you must think

    what do you want, write it out, speak it out, think it out, draw it out.

    imagine & you will get there believe me.


  • Helping The World, Sometime Means Sacrifise hurting yourself.

    Especially in the masses or the public eye, theres always gonna

    be someone that finds something wrong with you or have a reason

    to disagree with you. Things Dont kill people, People kill people.

    It really takes a strong and guided heart.

  • People search for complicated reasons as to why they are here. I can't tell you what to believe - just what I believe.

    I believe that the powerful entity we call God or spirit or the universe or whatever KNOWS everything but that isn't the same as experiencing it for oneself. Just like you can 'know' what love is but until you have experienced it you don't really understand its beauty and power. So God split itself into gazillions of souls in order to experience what different forms of existence experienced.

    God is a part of every one of us today and exists in other forms all over the universe - in the stars, the planets, the black holes, the angels, aliens, etc. God is part of the rocks, the animals, the insects, the sky, the sun, everything here on earth. God IS the earth and so much more. So we are not here to be or think like anyone else - we are all the same (God) yet all uniquely different in some way because God doesn't need to repeat itself. And because we are all part God, we must respect each other's differences and beliefs and learn how to live together in total acceptance and love. God is growing and learning through experiencing all these multiple different lives and when it's over, we will all join back together to make the whole so much wiser and more evolved.

    So I don't think we are here particularly to DO anything, just to experience life through this body we are currently residing in, and to allow our God side to see the BIG PICTURE and direct us towards understanding, while our human side takes care of the little earthly details like earning money and building a home etc. but nor running the show. Because I know that God is in everyone, I can respect all people as I do myself because no matter what the human side does, deep down we are all GOD. No one is better/worse or more/less important than any other person. No one is more right or wrong than anyone else. We are all equal - all old old powerful beings with eternal life and wisdom. Believing this makes me feel confident with people because I know they are my equals, no better or worse than me.

    The meaning of life is that we are all just here to experience that life through whatever form we chose before we were born. That's all. Just be who you really are.

  • Captain that is an intriguing perspective, thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  • Sorry, 42 was a reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Their great question was 'what is the meaning of life?' '42' was the answer. You'd have to read it or see the movie to get the joke. It's kind of a zen thing.

    And I wasn't making light of the question. We're all looking for what we're doing here. I'm just not sure we're supposed to find the Great Answer, but maybe a lot of little ones?

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