♥ If you would like a reading for free, mind you this is free & I ask that you d

  • ~I have come to reallise there are a few things I am not good at when I am doing readings!

    ~I am not always good at time frame questions. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It has to do with my mind receiving the messages & if my mind is not calm then the connection is fuzzy.

    ~ I also have found that you cannot do a reading on a sex of a baby, because a baby that is still a fetus can & if chooses to change it's sex. I can however tell you if a male or female is wanting to come in.

    ~Sometimes I am distracted am owning it & have since started working on concentration & meditating.

    So having said all that...

    ~If you ever receive a future reading... The more specific questions you ask guides, the more specific answers you will get.

    ~Sometimes we are not meant to know everything and Spirit will only give us the answers we are meant to know at that time. If they tell us everything, that will inhibit our growth and there will be no surprises left.

    ~We all have FREE WILL and sometimes the outcome of a reading may change due to the fact

    that people always have the option to exercise it.

    ~Please remember that things take time to work themselves out. The Universe has its own DIVINE TIMING and there is just no way to rush it!

    ♥ If you would like a reading for free, mind you this is free & I ask that you don't take advantage of my free services. I am wanting to get more practice and by doing this it helps other's out as well as myself! Please only 1 reading per a person,be patient,curtious, if you are wanting to know about a person please give me there first name only.

    ~I recomend getting your reading done privately you can email me @Hotrodmomma81@aol.com

    If some one sends me spam just know that KARMA will get you 😉

    ~Also I am NOT a feel good psychic, I do NOT sugar coat anything, I am HONEST so that being said if you can't handle the truth then please do not request a reading because I tell you exactly what I am getting & not what you want to hear!!!!!


  • geesh ok the blotted out a 3 letter word that is not a cuss word.... Ok Tarot.com I should have said..... GENDER not S.E.X.

  • For future purposes you can visit me at my website if I am not on here


  • Hello DevineEvanescence,

    I don't have a real specific question, but would you tell me whatever Spirit has to tell me?

    I mean if it has anything to say, that is.

    Thank you.

    Hugs and love to you.

  • hello EIAI,

    Spirit wants me to talk about some writings that you are doing, they want you to continue to write and share your writings. they are telling me you are on your correct path and sometimes you worry for no reason at all! Also there showing me a teacher thats inside of you, the teacher wants to break free! They are saying to let the teacher break free! hope this helps

    Love and light


  • Hello devine,

    Could I have reading please on relationships my DoB 10 nov 76

    Thank you:-)


  • Sorry Devine,

    Any messages from spirit would be fine instead of relationship reading. I would much sooner hear what the spirits have to say about things.:-)

    Thank you


  • Hello DE,

    Thankyou so much for your kind offer to share you gift with us . I would like to know if there is anyone from the spirit world that has a message for me ?

    Many blessings 2 u

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hello DE,

    Thank you for being willing to share with us. Any message that spirit has for me would be welcome.



  • Hi Devine,

    Thank you for your kind offer. I would like to know what the spirits says about ex. We live together at the moment and im trying to get him out of my life.

    Thank you Effie.

  • Devine, you have probably forgotten about the second thread. 🙂

  • Hi Devine,

    Sorry to bother you but if you are kind enough to do a reading for us people that where on your second thread . Thank you. :)) Many blessings to you and have a good day!!!

  • I think you guys should go to her second thread.

    This one seems like it was a test thread. 🙂

  • A test thread ?

  • Yeah.

    It seems like she wasn't too sure of everything she wanted to put.

    It's like a roughdraft is what I see.

  • Oh ok or maybe she could have gotten inundated as well with requests on the other thread .

  • Good Morning Devine, I feel like sprit has somthing I should know about. Could you help me and be a go between. Many Blessings.

  • Sorry,

    This was a thread that got messed up. Please,if I didn't do a reading for you already on the other thread go and post your questions for your reading & I will do them right away. If you are wanting a private reading my email is Hotrodmomma81@aol.com... And again.. I am truly sorry, I forgot about this!! Shame on me, Ive been a bad girl 😕

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