Our Galactic Family with James Gilliland: Transcript

  • Graham: I very much enjoyed my discussion with James Gilliland. He talked about some of the many contacts he’s had with our star brothers and sisters since age 5. He discussed being aboard ships, the ECETI Ranch, the different galactic civilizations he’s experienced, how they’re assisting with humanity’s healing and awakening, free energy and healing technology, aircraft-carrier-sized motherships, the importance of staying out of fear and in love, how he can feel different energy signatures of ships and galactic races, escalating earth changes in the month of May, and more. Thank you very much to Ellen who did the transcript.

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    Our Galactic Family, with James Gilliland, May 6, 2012

    Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea.

    My guest today is James Gilliland. James is an internationally known speaker, author and contactee. He is the founder of the Self Mastery Earth Institute, Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conferences, as well as the ECETI Ranch, an internationally known UFO and paranormal hotspot. James has dedicated his life in service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth, and is the author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and his latest best seller, The Ultimate Soul Journey.

    Welcome to the show.

    James Gilliland: Oh, thanks for having me on the show.

    GD: You clearly have a wealth of experience connecting with our star brothers and sisters, experiencing them on many levels. Maybe before we get to that you can tell us a little bit about the ranch and what you do there.

    JG: Well, let’s see. The ranch is a 70-acre ranch. We’ve been here about 25 years. And when I started the ranch it was a healing retreat. And I was mainly focused on, you know, just living a very harmonious life, you know, in touch with nature and spirit, and growing our own food, and doing, you know, process-oriented therapies and things of that nature. It was all very eclectic, and having yogis and lamas and people from all walks of life come to the ranch and share their wisdom. And that’s kind of how it began.

    And then, about halfway through, we started having contact, and some very incredible contacts started happening. And it was a major process for me, because I was on a very spiritual path; you know, having a near death experience, I’ve already connected with the Source and went to the highest levels and was hanging out on the plane of bliss.

    So, I was just kind of hanging out with, you know, all of these other things and really focusing on my spiritual connections. And then on that path I ended up running into these higher dimensional beings which were extremely loving and very compassionate and very concerned for the Earth, and, you know, the consciousness and the energy here, and where we’re going as a civilization.

    GD: And that continues to this day?

    JG: Yes. Yes, it’s still ongoing.

    GD: How many direct contact, conscious contact experiences have you had?

    JG: I would say — God, it’s hard to say. Because I had contacts when I was very young, when I was five years old, that I remember…

    GD: Okay.

    JG: … as a kid. And the ones here at the ranch, I’ve had three just phenomenal ones that I met. One was a physical one where I was actually physically taken on a ship, and got to meet the occupants and put on a little suit, you know, a kind of a gray-silver suit that felt really, really incredible. When you put this suit on it felt better — actually it felt better than being naked! You know, it’s … it actually had an energy to it.

    But, you know, I got taken on a little flight, a little journey around the area here, and they ended up hanging out at the fire tower, hovering right next to the fire tower. And there was people on the fire tower. And so they brought me back and, you know, I went to sleep and woke up like a — kind of, just, “God, did that really happen?” You know. Because it really messes with your mind when these things happen.

    GD: Well, how was this facilitated? Did you go through a meditation process to reach out to them? Was it more spontaneous?

    JG: Well, they have a technology where they can actually — you know, you’ll be in bed and they can just beam you right on board. And then, you know, they’ll have a conversation with you, and the next thing you know you’re back in bed again. And, you know, you’re going, “What happened?”

    So, it was so vivid, you know, and so real, and I definitely knew something happened, because there was a lot of changes when I woke up, things were different. And so, when I saw in Town Hall, you know, I’m not sure how much longer or later it was, but there was a man and his wife and a kid there, they were older. And the parents were — I mean, it wasn’t the parents, it was the grandparents and the kid. And I guess he was — they had an experience, and he was on Town Hall talking about it. And the kid was holding up a picture of the ship that he drew, you know, with his crayons! You know.

    So, when I saw them, I go, it just shocked me, I go, wow, that was them. You know, because I could see very clearly, you know, that the people inside the fire tower and…

    GD: Oh, okay. So that was the group in the fire tower?

    JG: Yeah, yeah…

    GD: Okay.

    JG: And so, that was like one event where I had to acknowledge that, hey, that was a real event. You know…

    GD: How long ago was that?

    JG: Oh, God, that was probably … 13 years, 14 years ago, or something like that?

    GD: So, was it you were sitting in your chair, or maybe you were out gardening, or from…

    JG: No, this was I was actually in bed, meditating…

    GD: Okay.

    JG: I was meditating for that one. And then I’ve had a lot of pick-ups, and local people have seen that since then, where they’ve seen ships coming over and I’ll be beamed up just right on the ship. Now, the higher dimensional beings have a different technology to where they don’t you physically, they actually take your spirit, or your…

    GD: Astral travel?

    JG: Yeah, yeah, like an astral body or an etheric body. And they take that body up on the ship. And they have a technology, they can just beam you right on board while your body’s still laying in bed. And that’s a really interesting technology, and that happens quite a bit on the planet. That’s not really a rare thing. And people are having contacts in their dream states, and when they’re outside of their physical body, they’re having contacts with these ultra-dimensional or higher dimensional beings. So that’s an ongoing thing.

    And then I’ve had contacts where I’ve actually, in meditation, I’ve had one contact, I was doing an all-day meditation, and I started hearing voices, you know, in my head, a beautiful female voice. And she was talking to me. And I thought it was like some angelic being or something, and I was trying to find out where they were coming from, what dimension they were coming from. And they said, “Well, we’re actually on a ship,” and the ship was hovering over the house.

    At the time, my sisters came running up, banging on the door, and asking me if I saw it, and I said, “See what?” And they said, “There’s a ship hovering over the house.”

    So now, I had to bridge the gap between my spiritual practices and these higher dimensional beings, and find out how to fit them into the puzzle. And then I’ve had beings that … one group came by and sent a beam through the wall — I was in the bathtub — and it hit me in the chest, and gold balls of energy came down and hit me in the chest, three gold balls. And then they pulled me out, up on the ship. And that was a plasma ship, but it was just pure golden energy. And I met Melia [sp?], she’s from the Orion Council of Light.

    And when I drew, had a picture — I had a artist friend, and she drew a picture of her, a very exact picture of her that we spent a lot of time on to get it right. And later on I saw this picture in J.J. Hurtak’s video, and it was almost the exact same being. The picture looked identical. And he was talking about the beings from the Orion Council of Light, so…

    So these are two experiences that were totally, you know, not known about. I didn’t know about his thing, and he didn’t know about mine. And so, we came together, you know, when we both saw what each other was doing.

    GD: How did you communicate with her? Was it through telepathy? Was it…?

    JG: Yeah, it was telepathy. You know, it’s funny, everybody asks me, “Were you naked?” you know, I was standing on a ship. I said, “You know what? I didn’t even know if I had a body.” I said, “To be honest with you, that was the last thing on my mind.”

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: I said, one minute I’m in a bathtub, and the next minute I’m standing on a ship having a conversation with this woman. And it wasn’t really a physical ship, it was more of pure energy. It was kind of like a plasma energy ship, and I was just there in front of her, you know, having a conversation with her.

    I told her I wanted… she asked me, I asked her, you know, “Who are you?” and she told me. And I said, “What’s the headdress?” She had like a — almost looked like a bathing cap on, a white cap, little thick, bathing cap, and it had gold bars suspended above it. And I asked her what the headdress was about, and she said “It’s a spiritual technology,” she said, “it’s the way we initiate people and reactivate them.”

    And that’s — and I asked her what the three gold balls of light were, and she said, “Those are all of your memories returned.” So, right after that I had full memory of past lives, both here on Earth and other planetary systems as well.

    GD: Interesting.

    JG: And that was a major one. That was one of the major contacts that I had. And, and, and I’ve had several others similar to that. And, one of the most bizarre ones, I was in meditation, I went out of body and I ended up on a ship, and it was — it was like something out of Star Trek, you know, where a whole lot of different beings were on a very large ship. And they were all doing work on panels and things like that. They were very busy.

    And I saw a blonde, this beautiful blonde lady in front of me, and, you know, you still have those energies when you’re on … in spirit! And I just looked, and I go, “Boy, she’s beautiful! Who is that?” You know. And she jumped up and turned around and ran up and just gave me a big hug, like I was a long lost relative or something, you know. And, there was just so much love coming from her, and what blew my mind is that she was feline.

    GD: Oh, sure. Uh-hunh.

    JG: She was a humanoid feline, and just extremely loving and compassionate. Just, it was overwhelming energy, you know, coming from her.

    GD: Well, what was the takeaway from these trips? I mean, were they, in addition to perhaps downloading information, maybe providing you tune-ups? I mean, what was the overall arching mission?

    JG: Basically, you know, what I got was just … for me, it was making it part of my — I’m trying to think — my mindset here on Earth: education; bringing back memories, you know, so I understood the big picture and kind of who’s who in the universe; and learning about the different beings and their cultures a little bit, from what I could. You know, didn’t have a lot of time, I didn’t spend a lot of time with them, so it was more of a download type of thing.

    What I kept mainly getting from each being was their energy signatures, and being able to sense who they are, even on the ships. When they’re flying over I can actually sense who’s on the ships, you know, which groups I’m in connection with or having contacts with. And it just, it was my own — I don’t want to say awakening, but it was almost like my own remembering; is they were assisting me in remembering who I am and where I’ve come from and where I’ve been, and all of that in preparation for something, you know, bigger in the days to come.

    GD: Do you know where you were before you incarnated on Earth?

    JG: Well, yeah. They … it’s kind of interesting. They tell me I’m an old Pleiadian warrior. That’s one of the lifetimes. But I’ve been on Orion, I was part of that Orion Council of Light. And I’ve been a feline, I was actually one of the felines. That’s — it was like a long-lost brother when I met her.

    GD: Okay.

    JG: And so, I’ve been, you know, in many places, as a lot of us here on the Earth have. You know, we’ve all had other incarnations — we’re eternal souls — and not all of them have been on the Earth. And a lot of people are incarnating now to help out the Earth, to assist it, you know, in the awakening and healing process we’re undergoing.

    GD: What do you feel is important for us to know about what you experienced with the ships and the technology? And it sounds like you experienced a number of different kinds of ships.

    JG: Well, you know, one thing in common with the beings that I connected with is that each one of them had a real love for humanity and a very strong concern and were working very hard on our behalf. And, you know, and doing things in the unseen that very few of us will even know, you know, what they’re doing, because very few understand, you know, the vibrational continuum and how things work.

    But the one common denominator I saw was that they’re not caught up in cultures and religions and, you know, their concept of family is life. You know, it’s — they see the Creator in all creation. And they serve creation. And so, they have just a whole different way of thinking and doing things.

    And, and they — some of them have their pasts. You know, they had their polarity games going on, and they had some ancient wars, and they had a lot of other things that happened. You know. You know, they played the separation game way back in their history. So, they understand it, you know, but they’re really trying to help us evolve and shift into unity consciousness and take this quantum leap we’re currently undergoing.

    GD: Melia, is that her name?

    JG: Uh-hunh.

    GD: What was her physical description?

    JG: I’ll tell you what was interesting about her. When I looked at her she looked like all races combined. And she looked like a very ancient being. And the more I looked at her and studied her and, you know, brought the painting out of her — I had an artist do a rendition of her — the more I realized that, what came to me is that she was a race of beings that have been around for a long, long time. And genetically they kind of melded. They were a lot of different races that melded into, over time, into a kind of one — I don’t know, one — almost — I don’t want to say one genetic pattern, but a pattern that held all the genetics of all the races in it.

    GD: Interesting. And it sounds like those that you’ve interfaced with look a lot like us.

    JG: Yeah, yeah, they definitely — the felines, they kind of look like us, the felines. They’re bipedal.

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: You know. They have a really close fur, a soft fur to them. Very beautiful beings, you know, but they are feline. They’re different than we are. I’ve seen some other beings that were pretty bizarre looking, you know, that some people would run, you know, if they saw them. They — we …

    GD: A preying mantis kind of being? That kind of thing?

    JG: Yeah, we — I mean, well, yes, I’ve seen preying mantis beings, but I’ve seen these ones that look just like the movie ET? They have heads like the movie ET, with really big jaws, and very — they were much taller, though, they were bigger, and very, very ancient beings. Very. And, you know, when people would see something like that, most people would run. But if you stick around and conquer your fear, you can connect with these beings, and they have a lot to offer. They have some very ancient wisdom and spiritual technologies that are beyond our imagination.

    GD: Anything of particular note and interest for you, in terms of what you’ve learned?

    JG: You know, one thing I’ve noticed is that they’re always kind of advising, in a loving way, but advising how I can do things better, how I can master judgment and, you know, master my own emotions.

    GD: 3D emotions, behaviors?

    JG: Yeah. And different kind of higher perspectives of looking at things. You know, being totally centered in your own personal God connection, and centered in that love and joy and bliss. They’re, like, unshakeable in that energy.

    GD: Something that you mentioned that I find interesting, when thinking about the different dimensional beings, it sounds like the lower dimensional beings can take you up physically; higher dimensional beings can take you up through other means, more through astral travel. So what level are we talking about? What’s the distinction between the two?

    JG: Yeah, it’s tricky. Because I’ve seen — let’s take the Pleiadian experience. When you’re talking about the Pleiadian experience, people go, “Where are you from?” And it’s more accurate to ask them when are they from, because they’ve had time travel forever. And they have some 3D Pleiadians, some 4D Pleiadians and 5D Pleiadians, you know, probably 6 and 7D Pleiadians, just like we’re multidimensional beings existing on a vibrational continuum.

    So, it’s a tricky one. It’s hard to answer some of these questions in a linear mind flow, because the universe just doesn’t really work like that. You know, in a way I could describe myself, James, you know, sitting here on the radio show with a headset on. You know.

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: And then there’s another aspect of me that’s doing something else in my astral body, and there’s another aspect of me in my etheric body, my whole and healthy perfect self, and then my Christ self is doing something else altogether, and my God self is this big golden orb, you know.

    GD: Sure, sure.

    JG: I mean, [works?], so it’s kind of like … it’s really interesting. And I’ve experienced all of those aspects of myself. And what’s interesting, is when you understand yourself, and your own multidimensional nature, then you can start having the experiences of these other multidimensional beings. That’s the only way I can explain it.

    GD: I really appreciate you speaking to that. I mean, it just speaks much more to who we are as entities, as light beings, and how we’re all interconnected and we’re multifaceted. And what caught my attention, and I guess I’ve wrongly assumed that the benevolent, higher vibrational beings, galactic beings, that we’re dealing with, are beyond the third dimension. And I’m hearing from you that — a reference that the Pleiadians still exist, some of them, at a third dimensional level. So, I find that really interesting.

    JG: Yeah. Actually, I think — most of them are, you know, more 4 or 5D. Most of them I’ve seen are actually 5D, but they have an ability — and, you know, I don’t know, there probably are 3D ones out there — but they have the ability to walk right alongside of us. And they can drop their frequencies and their ships down into this dimension and interact with people. They have a hard time doing that because their sensitivity levels — it’s very hard for them to be in the psychic turbulence and the frequencies of Earth.

    GD: “Psychic turbulence.” I haven’t heard that before, but that probably describes it really well! [laugh] What was it…

    JG: I have a hard time with it, myself, you know, to be honest with you.

    GD: Well, right, because you’ve clearly done a lot of work on a spiritual level. You’re clearly working on operating more and more in a higher vibrational state. And so, when you experience something that’s not there, you know, I can appreciate that that could be challenging, for sure.

    What was it like when you were on ship and you were going around the fire tower? I mean, what — can you give us kind of the experience, and maybe the layout of the ship?

    JG: The ship I was on was very simple. There wasn’t hardly anything — you know, there weren’t even cabinets in it or anything else that was interesting. There was only three chairs, like, that you could sit in. And the ship was — it’s hard to explain — but the ship was alive., and there was a communication between the occupants and the ship itself, always constant communication. And so there wasn’t, it’s, you know — this is going to be really funny, but as I’m speaking right now, I just saw a ship pop in right over our place here!

    GD: Is that right?

    JG: Yeah! I’m looking up at the window and this big flash, and then this thing flashed in and then took off towards the mountain. But…

    GD: It’s still light where you are right now, right?

    JG: Yeah, yeah.

    GD: Okay.

    JG: It’s almost dark. It’s getting close. But we have a lot of people here doing a — getting ready for a sky watch. But, hopefully it clears up. But we — this is kind of a common thing, we see this here all the time. But I think I lost my — I got sidetracked by that ship popping in on me….

    GD: Well, you were talking about what it’s like with [ ? ] ….

    JG: Oh, yeah, on the ship. Yeah. They had a series of screens. The windows were not really windows, they were more like screens. And through their consciousness, they could control the screens. And so we could see what was all around us, and zoom in on it, or, you know, it’s pretty amazing, the technology.

    You know, and I thought about that. If we had a vehicle, let’s say we had a car that could do, you know, 300 miles an hour, we would need a different type of windshield, so we could see further down the road. Because we would be on things so fast…

    GD: Oh, sure.

    JG: … you know, we would probably need a different, you know, some kind of a telescopic windshield that would expand, or a screen that would show us exactly what’s coming in from different directions, and sensors and everything else. But, you know, it makes sense that if you were flying a vehicle, you know, the visual and whatever sensors would have to be pretty high tech, and be able to zoom in and zoom out, you know, so you could see everything, you know, what’s going around.

    GD: Have they provided you any technologies that you’ve been using on the ranch?

    JG: Unfortunately, no. Basically, if you show up with a piece of physical technology from these ships, I mean, you are going to have your place torn upside down, and …

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: … You know, we have the, you know, the black helicopters here on a regular basis, we have black F-16s, and we’ve gotten them on film, you know, shaking the ranch up pretty good, doing little intimidation maneuvers.

    And so it’s kind of a, you know, basically what they told me is that, you know, it’s okay to see them and to film them and to talk about them, but when you start interfacing with them or especially getting parts, you know, or technology, then, you know, you’re in big trouble.

    GD: Yeah. I guess that makes sense. But soon to change, I mean, we’re seeing…

    JG: Yeah.

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: Yeah. It’s not very far away where we are going to be… You know, the government is already interfacing with a lot of — they have been for a long time — with a lot of the low level stuff, but that’s phasing out. So, it’s not, we’re not too far away before we get the antigravity and the counter-gravity and the fuelless energy technologies. And basically they’re here on the planet. I have seen them and held them, and there are places where these devices are on the planet already. They’re waiting — the people involved are waiting.

    I actually tried to get some of these technologies out in the past, and they were, you know, in the hands of two or three physicists that I knew, and they experienced some extreme challenges to the point where, you know, their families were threatened, their labs were blown up, and they just put everything on the shelf, and they said, well, I’m going to wait until the consciousness catches up, when the people are really ready for this and are going to get behind it.

    GD: Yeah, yeah. You mentioned you have a — you can connect into the energy signature of a ship and know where they’re from. And I suspect that came with the download that you experienced when you were in the tub and you had the three — you described them as orbs or …

    JG: Uh-hunh, yeah, they were golden balls of light that came down the beam and hit me in the chest. But I always — I think from my interactions with them as well, I’ve learned to discern their energy signatures. And, you know, a good example is when the Pleiadians come flying over the ranch here. You actually feel them first. And people get real giddy. And they get really happy and giddy, and they don’t know why. And the birds all start singing at night, and the coyotes start howling. And …

    GD: Really?

    JG: And then, and then all of a sudden, you go, okay, they’re here, and I’ll just feel them. And I’ll turn around, and I’ll tell people they’re coming in from the west. And sure enough, they’ll power up and fly right over the group, and do a little — what they call a power-up. They’ll come over the group and they’ll just power the whole ship up. And it sends a huge pulse of energy out, and you feel it through your whole body.

    GD: Are you seeing lights power up as well, or is it more energy? What’s the visual?

    JG: Yeah, yeah, it’s lights. I mean, they expand to just enormous size from something small. A lot of these just white your camera out when you’re filming them. They white your whole camera out. We have a lot of footage of this happening with, you know, 200 people on the ground. You know, so … you know. With aerospace engineers, you know, Boeing engineers and triple Ph.D. Lockheed, Boeing engineers, that have all testified that have been here and have seen the ships.

    GD: And what’s the difference between the energy signature of a Pleiadian and maybe a Sirian or Andromedan? I mean what — maybe you can tell us a little bit more about some of the other races?

    JG: A lot of the Andromedans’ energy is hot. That’s the only way I — it’s a hot energy, it’s intense. Very strong energy. And some of them actually have to merge with a feminine energy just so they can interface with us. And so, they’ll merge with another energy just to do an interface.

    The Orion Council of Light, they’re very down-to-business energy. They’re very — they come in, they do what needs to get done, they do their initiations, and boom, gone, you know?

    GD: What are the initiations?

    JG: They’re usually light and energy initiations, or some type of healing initiation. You know, they have a lot of different technologies and abilities at their disposal. Pleiadians come in, you know, everybody gets really giddy and starts laughing and, you know, they’re like — they’re just fun tickets, you know, when they’re around. Everybody has just a lot of fun with them. So, you know, each one has — and my body actually reacts to the ships.

    When the Pleiadians come in, my left side will start tingling. And I’ll hear a ringing, a very loud ringing in my ears sometimes. When the Andromedans come over my third eye just goes off, and my crown — you know, I’ll feel pressure in my third eye and my crown. You know. Each one, they have a little different signature. A lot of times when the big Orion Council of Light ships are flying over, the big motherships, my whole right side starts pulsing.

    GD: So you’ve seen motherships over the ranch?

    JG: Oh, God, they’re — they come over quite a bit. We have footage of — we have one that looks like an aircraft carrier in the sky. You know, it’s just parked right over the ranch.

    GD: Well, these have to be massive!

    JG: Yeah! They are.

    GD: And now, do they look like a ship? Are they more like a cloud? How does that…?

    JG: No, no. They’re a brilliant light ,ike, that has a form to it. Like a giant gold light that when you take a picture and zoom in on them, you’ll see a form.

    GD: Have you been on any of the motherships?

    JG: Yeah, I have. I’ve been on a couple of them. That I remember.

    GD: And maybe that’s one of the experiences where you mentioned there were multiple races working together?

    JG: Um-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was on one ship where felines were working there, there were some very tall beings — I don’t know who they were — very tall, very thin. You know, they could have been Andromedans. I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t Andromedans. There are some small, little — really little guys running around there, looked like little — oh, God — they were almost elfin, on the ship. I mean, there was just a real mix of beings on this one ship. I thought it was really interesting.

    You know, in, you know, some of the beings, you ask them where they’re from, and some of them are just — have been on the ships. I mean, they’ve been born and raised on the ships.

    GD: What have you learned in terms of communication etiquette with these beings that you’ve interfaced with? They’re operating at a very different vibrational level, they’re not carrying a lot of the behavior or emotional baggage that we do oftentimes on the 3D plane. How might you greet someone, or a new being? What’s different with the communication interaction?

    JG: Well, what I do is treat all of them with respect, and come from the heart. Love is the ultimate power in the universe. When you’re coming from the heart and you’re allowing the Source to flow through you and you’re greeting them in that capacity, you know, you’ll see some amazing things happen.

    If you’re in the solar plexus or in fear or you’re down in survival mode or whatever, and running or hiding behind trees, that is not a very good way to …

    GD: Sure.

    JG: … create a friendship. But I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned, definitely the respect is — just a little heads-up out there, don’t make fun of the little guys. Because I had an experience where I actually ran into a being; I did an out-of-body thing with the Tibetan Foundation, and I ran into this very small little guy, with two beings on each side of him. And they were about eight foot tall, and they were humans, you know, eight-foot-tall humans. And they wore brown robes — you know, very advanced beings.

    And I saw the little guy standing between them, and I thought, “Oh, what a cute little guy,” and he sent me a thought form that was so strong, I mean, it gave me an instant headache. And then I just thought, “Wow!” I said, “So you’re the guy in charge?”

    GD: He didn’t appreciate that, hunh?

    JG: You know, it was kind of like, not — not a good idea. And this was like an inner Earth out-of-body experience that I had, when I was with the Tibetan Foundation and doing things there. But, the, you know, there are beings, you know, a lot of these ships we’re seeing and ultra-dimensional beings are actually coming from the inner Earth as well, not just from the different star nations.

    And, you know, he was not happy. I hate to say it, but everybody thinks everybody’s happy and joyous? This guy was not happy with us at all, and our nuclear testing, and what we’re doing to their heavens, you know. And we’re fractioning the Earth, and you know, poisoning the water, and they share the water, you know, that we share. And…

    GD: Well, that’s when they really started to engage much more, when we started to get into nuclear warfare. I mean, that was, okay, this is a playground, and we’ve been kind of letting you do your own thing, but now, now it’s getting to a whole new level.

    JG: Yeah. I think they — they [ ? ] you know, basically, you look at what’s going on with Fukushima and this other plant that just blew up as well, sending depleted uranium towards us, and all the nuclear testing and the posturing and the wars in the Middle East, and all the stuff we’re doing, they’re — they — you know, it’s affecting them. And their realm is of a much higher consciousness and energy; you know, what we’re doing up here is affecting the whole — you know, it’s because everything’s connected.

    And they’re coming out, and they’re starting to come out more and more, and they’re checking out what we’re doing here, and you know, what’s happening on the surface.

    GD: So, have the sightings above your ranch, at your ranch, increased exponentially over the last several months?

    JG: Yes. You know, just two nights ago I was out there, and you know, we look at Heavens Above and J-Track and check out what’s flying over head, you know, make sure we’re not mistaking something for like the space station or EvoStat, or one of the big physical satellites. And the — you know, I saw the space station coming in right on schedule, you know, and it’s a beautiful sight, seeing it come over. And then I saw this other ship power up — this was about four nights ago — another ship powered up, flew at right angles to it, and went right across its bow. And it was big, it was bigger than the space station. And I would just love — I mean, they could not miss them.

    GD: Yeah, it would be great to hear their conversation on board the space station.

    JG: Yeah, there’s no way they could miss this. For them to say they’re not seeing anything out there, I mean, we all know that’s not true.

    GD: Yeah. Yeah. Right.

    JG: I mean, I’ve had NASA people here and they’ve told me what was going on. And I showed ’em our footage, and they said there’s no way that is a satellite or, you know, any of these so-called triangular satellites that they say that are up there that really aren’t up there.

    GD: So, have you been offered protection from our star brothers and sisters, from the cabal or Illuminati, those dark ops that are trying to mess around with things?

    JG: You know, it’s interesting, I just, after you die, and you have — you know, I’ve had two near death experiences — you kind of lose the fear. And when you lose the fear, you know, they’ll do stuff, they’ll do intimidation runs and stuff like that, but if you just, you know, don’t react to it and don’t draw it to you or whatever, it’s amazing how that seems to defuse things. And I’ve actually seen black helicopters coming towards the property where like a diamond-shaped ship came between us, and then it started going in reverse.

    GD: Really! Hunh.

    JG: And I would love to see the pilots’ faces, you know, when all of a sudden they find their helicopters going in reverse!

    GD: No kidding! Yeah.

    JG: You know, I know they’re keeping an eye on me. I, you know, I know I’ve been really pushing the limits on a lot of things, and I have probably pissed off a lot of people, you know, exposing certain things. But, you know, you’ve got to be true to yourself, and true to your experience and your soul, and, you know, this is what I do. You know, it’s like, you know, you’ve got to be yourself. And, you know, we are definitely experiencing some major heat from the county and people like that. They’re probably getting heat from somewhere else. I don’t know. But they’re doing all they can to shut us down, so we can’t have visitors here anymore. But… we’re just hanging in there, you know. It’s even at the point where they’d like to throw me in jail for [90? 19?] months [could he mean 90 days?] for just having people come and see UFOs. You know, but…

    GD: For the sky watches?

    JG: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s just ridiculous things that they are doing. And we’re actually having to take things out of the local level to a federal level and getting really on it, because it’s so insane, the harassment and the things that they’re trying to charge us with, that, you know, anybody — we’ve showed people the paper work, and they go, that is insane! That makes no sense whatsoever. And I said, well, yeah, that’s why we need to get it out of the local level.

    GD: What are you doing to push the limits?

    JG: Oh, just basically, you know, with me just talking about this and putting the footage up constantly of the black helicopters and the ships and all the other things. And kind of exposing the — you know, back in 1982 I wrote some books, Becoming Gods and Renewing with Source. And they talk very clearly about the days to come, and they talk about the Illuminati and the international bankers and the expanding sun and the escalating Earth changes.

    And we’re in the middle of all that right now. They just spelled it all out, so, and gave a major heads up. So, I’ve been pretty instrumental in exposing a lot of the nonsense that’s going on and the suppression of certain technologies and free energies, which is a real no-no in their eyes. And it seems like there’s two things. UFOs have a higher secrecy level than even nuclear warheads, basically; they’re more concerned about that. And the fuelless energy, they’re very concerned about that, because that would put the oil industry out of business.

    GD: Well, they showed you free energy technology.

    JG: Oh, yeah. I’ve seen their technology, and I’ve also seen it by physicists that have actually created similar technologies here on the Earth. That, and so I’ve seen — and I’ve seen extreme healing technologies. And that — my dream is to actually, here on the ranch is to bring that technology here as a template, both the fuelless energy technology, which is also a healing technology as well, and the magnetic light tables and all the other things that I have access to, and create kind of a Patch Adams place here.

    GD: Right. Oh, yeah.

    JG: You know, help heal people physically and mentally and emotionally, and connect them spiritually. Hit the whole enchilada. But right now it’s — the funds aren’t there and the resistance needs to go before we can do something of that nature.

    GD: I know that you were a guest on the Thrive documentary, and the fuelless energy technology was referenced. I don’t know much about the healing technology. What can you say to that?

    JG: Yeah. Well, the devices they showed running, those devices on Thrive that they showed running, I actually gave them that video! And those are from the inventors that I work — you know, I worked with one very closely. I was his right-hand person for seven years. And he also invented some things, some formulas, just some super formulas that had incredible healing powers.

    It would, like, if you took 60 gallons of Aloe vera and condensed it down to an ounce, it would be that type of technology…

    GD: I see.

    JG: … where these formulas were just amazing. And he also crystallized oxygen, and stabilized it at room temperature, and so he could actually put it in water, suspend it in a micro-hydrant, and raise the oxygen levels of water up to 1000 percent.

    Yeah, and oxygen’s the highest systemic antibiotic you can get. Most of your cancers are anaerobic. And if you increase the blood oxygen and raise the body pH it backs it right out of your system. So… you know, that and magnetic light tables and things like that. We have access to all of that, but, again, the funding, and the …

    GD: Resistance.

    JG: … resistance is something that it might take a little time, you know, to put it together.

    GD: Well, the healing chambers that I’ve been hearing about on ships, that must be the same kind of technology.

    JG: Probably very similar, because there were some chambers that I was involved with where they had actually seven different types of oxygen going into them. And people go, well, oxygen is O2, and it’s not, it’s O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, O7. So, when you really get into the higher physics, there’s a lot more to oxygen than people think, can think of. But there is the, you know, those special chambers and, you know, your skin is the biggest organ on your body. And so to actually immerse yourself in oxygen bath like that is just amazing.

    At five years old, I had a woman appear to me. I had bronchial pneumonia, and I — they called my parents several times and said, you need to come down, we don’t think he’s going to make it through the night. And I had a woman appearing to me, all dressed in blue. And she just talked to me and stroked my head, and… you know, she — I could feel energy, a lot of energy coming from her. And the last day she actually gave me a substance to eat that was like ice cream, but it wasn’t cold. And she told me to eat it, and I was never sick after that. I never missed a day of school. You know, it was just like an instant healing.

    So, they have some pretty phenomenal technologies there that straighten people out. And it’d be nice to get that back here on the Earth, but, you know, now you’re going up against the pharmaceutical companies, which…

    GD: Yeah, yeah.

    JG: … you know, peace, and healing people and peace and free energy, all three of those, you’re going up against the big three corporations that are basically running the country, which is the war industry, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry. So, you know, that’s why these ships are a threat to them, because these ships have transcended all of that. You know, and they have incredible healing and longevity technologies, and fuelless energy — all of these things, which we really should have right now. I mean…

    GD: Yes.

    JG: … certain aspects of our government already have this.

    GD: When I think about the significance of 2012, the Ascension process, and experiencing on Terra Gaia the new Earth, higher dimensional state where there isn’t disease and there is free energy, and we’re living and experiencing unity consciousness and a very different way of life — you know, certainly that’s exciting, and it’s inspiring. And when I hear you talk about how you received your memories back, those are one of the things — that’s one of the things that I’ve been excited about, basically reclaiming my galactic memory and gifts by being a higher dimensional being.

    So, are you experiencing these things as well, in addition to the memory downloads that you’ve gotten? Are you — are you experiencing five dimensional or higher dimensional level gifts as well? I mean, are you —

    JG: Um-hmm.

    GD: Okay. What does that look like?

    JG: Yeah. [ ? ] it’s interesting. We do a process here called transpersonal healing. And what we do is we take people through and we clear out, you know, any past lives or any unseen energies that aren’t coming from Christ consciousness, or fifth dimensional on up. We clear those energies out, and then we go through the past lives, and we clear those, whatever they need. And then we go from age one, and pull their major patterns or blocks out. And at the end, they get initiated into conscious contact with the highest being that they can access at the time. And people go through a quantum leap in evolution when they go through this process.

    And just recently there was a man who came out with some technology called — I believe it’s called pit technology where they can actually film the sessions, and you can actually see the energies come into the room. And, you know, he’s filming the room and all, so you see the whole room fill up with these beautiful gold and green energy, and then the bodies in the room pixel out, and it fills them, and it’s just amazing to watch the technology. And when Mary comes in the room, the whole room turns pink. You know, the energy’s pink when she comes in. When Yeshua or the other beings come in, it’s a kind of blue, it’s a beautiful blue energy.

    And so different beings carry a different frequency or a different energy, you might say. And it kind of follows with their… forte, you might say, or their gifts. What they bring.

    GD: How else have you changed since that energy download occurred? So you have memories back…

    JG: Yeah. It was, you know, I was still doubting everything when that happened, and that just removed all doubt. You know, I’d had a lot of crazy experiences, but I was still — there’s no mirrors to mirror back to you what’s going on, you know, in social consciousness. And so you’re — you know, you’re starting to really second guess yourself, and, you know, you keep discounting these things and pushing them away, and saying, “Well, okay, that was interesting, but who am I going to tell about it?” You know. [laugh]

    GD: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, right.

    JG: And… and what’s interesting is after that initiation from the Orion Council of Light people, I had no doubt whatsoever of who I am, why I’m here, who these other beings are — you know, the big picture. You know, it was very — it was just solidified after that event.

    I just want to share information and help people remember who they are, and remember the vastness of themselves, that they are multidimensional beings existing on a vibrational continuum, and there’s a lot more to them than just a body and a personality. And I’m just here to assist in the awakening and healing process that we’re going through.

    You know, the only difference between me and everybody else is that I’ve had some incredible experiences that triggered this and awoke all of that within me. And I just want to share that. I want other people to have the same experience. And because it’s been given to me, I can transfer it to others. So, basically that’s — my function is just to assist, you know, as many people as possible, kind of match the frequencies of Earth. And Earth is ascending, she’s moving to the next level, and we have to go with her, you know.

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: It’s not an option anymore.

    GD: Yeah. It’s exciting. Things are definitely building, and this is a big, big year for us, for sure.

    JG: Um-hmm. You know, and I’ve noticed it’s really interesting, I was having a conversation with a woman, a beautiful psychic woman that does — she’s like a medium. And we were talking about it and, you know, we have to be realistic about a lot of this, there are some people that are just not going to make it. You know, and there’s people that have — they just don’t have it, you know, within them to make it. And maybe that’s what they’ve chosen to do, they’ve just chosen to do the social consciousness thing and that’s it. And there are people that just don’t want to make it…

    GD: Yeah.

    JG: They want to continue in the dramas and the other things. And, you know, we can’t be pulled off our own awakening and healing process. And sometimes we can be yanked off it even with compassion. It’s very tricky being down here, because you really want to see everybody get it, but at the same time it’s not your job.

    GD: And it gets back to free will, right? I mean, we’re…

    JG: Yeah. Yeah.

    GD: … we’re — I suspect that as things continue to build and the window closes, or starts to close, that the many will want to jump for that opportunity at the last minute, and to your point, people have every right not to.

    JG: Um-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. It’s — you know, I’ve just seen, I go, God, it’s like, you know, why beat your head against the wall? You know, why create all this karma? You know, why continue in actions that have nothing to do with the heart or service? But I continue to see people taking that direction. And so, I just [ ? ] so, so. It’s just amazing! I just look at it, you know, I — you know, you see what a lot of the international banksters are doing and things like that, and you go, what’s wrong with these people? You know, don’t they have a soul anymore? Don’t they even understand karma? Like action, reaction, you know? It’s …

    GD: Well, it’s what’s known, right? I mean, it’s what they know. And there’s fear in breaking out of what’s secure and known, even though it might not even feel great, or make sense, or work in many ways.

    JG: I mean, I was offered jobs, some very, you know, well-paying jobs, and at an early age I had my own office, I was doing commercial real estate and had people working for me. You know, I was offered a high rise in Studio City there, you know, in the big high rises, to manage these major supermarkets and shopping centers and things. And I walked away from it. And, you know, I was offered jobs with Ford Aerospace, helping to build tanks and things like that, and I just said, I can’t do this. You know, this is not, this is not my path.

    And each time I just, in my soul, I just said, I can’t participate in anything that would harm anyone or anything, that’s just not — it’s not my job. And if I am involved in something and I find out it’s going in that direction, I really have a duty to quit, you know. And [ ? ] voice why I’m quitting, you know. So, you know, so, I’ve been lucky because I’ve always been that way.

    GD: Good for you. Good for you.

    JG: Yeah, and I’ve had — and I don’t judge. I mean, I still have friends that work at Boeing and things like that. And, you know, one’s really struggling, because he’s actually building — they put a big order for all these massive tankers, for the chemtrail program, and…

    GD: Oh, yeah.

    JG: … he’s really struggling with that right now. He’s just going, “You know, I’m working for this company, and they’re building things that I know are very harmful for the planet.”

    And so, you know, it’s getting interesting, but I think with all this energy coming in, that it’s really forcing people to take a really hard look at who they are and where they’re going and what they’re doing and how they’re contributing, either to the awakening and healing process, or are they contributing to the downward spiral.

    GD: Well, how do you personally view the significance of this year and the Ascension process? Are you feeling hopeful?

    JG: I’m feeling really hopeful, basically, because they’ve given me a lot of information. They’re saying from May on, you know, it’s buckle your seat belt! We’ve got major planetary alignments: we have a huge moon coming really close to the Earth, you know, the full moon coming in; the sun is going into a quadripolar event from a bipolar. All of these things are happening this month.

    And there is a huge alignment with the Pleiades system that’s coming up. So, you put all this together, it’s going to be a — you know, major, major social, economic and probably physical Earth changes. We’re going to go through some things real fast.

    GD: Yeah. For sure. How many people have visited the ranch at this point to attend the sky watches?

    JG: You know what? Somebody else asked me that, and I couldn’t even put a number on it. I was doing the math one day, and it’s thousands. Thousands and thousands of people have been up here and had their own personal experiences, both spiritually and physically, actually seeing the ships.

    We’ve had some late night landings here in the field and things., where it shook up some people. You know, about four or five in the morning we had treetop stuff going on, you know, where they fly really low and come over. And I think seeing these massive triangles coming over the, you know, at treetop level, things like that, was just, just amazing. That doesn’t happen all the time, you know…

    GD: And how big are these?

    JG: Well, I saw one that was much bigger than a football field, that went over at treetop level, didn’t make a sound.

    GD: Hunh.

    JG: Didn’t, you know, you didn’t hear any air pushing, nothing. And it flashed its lights as it went over.

    GD: And do you know who they were?

    JG: I think it was one of the Andromedans. One of their little scout ships. Their little ships, the Andromedan little ships, some of the little ships are bigger than football fields. Those are the… You should see the motherships! [laugh]

    GD: Oh, yeah! I can imagine.

    JG: You know, so… Yeah, I would imagine that was that group. And then a lot of the inner Earth people are flying around here in their ships. We have a lot of even daylight photographs of those.

    GD: Do you have a sense what your role will be as December comes, and beyond? Do you know what’s happening for you?

    JG: Yeah, I’m really hoping my role is on another planet.

    GD: You’re ready for that, hunh?

    JG: I’m ready for a major vacation and some R&R, but I’m just going to let it unfold. You know, I just kind of see acting as some kind of an ambassador capacity, to help people, and they’re saying some huge door is going to open in that direction. But, you know, I’m not — I don’t have any expectations. I’m just here to serve, and I’ll do what, you know, what the big cheese tells me to do. [laugh]

    GD: Yeah. Yeah. Well, is there anything else you feel is really important to share?

    JG: Yeah, I think it is just so important right now for people to drop into their hearts, and focus on love and joy and bliss, and just end the nonsense, you know, all this separation game that’s going on. Just walk away from these wars, and, you know, get away from anything that causes harm to humanity, Earth, because everything is accelerating. And especially karma is accelerating, and action-reaction is accelerating, and there’s a huge time compression coming in.

    So, it’s like we really have to get our ducks in order and release the past. That’s their message. They want us to release the past and let go of all the old wounds and traumas and grudges, and go forward.

    GD: Well, how do people get in touch with you? What’s your website? If people want to visit the Eceti Ranch, how do they get in touch with you?

    JG: The best way is just go to Eceti, it’s E C E T I dot org. And all the information’s there, including the phone number. And so if you want to find out some more, just go to the website. And we’ve got just amazing videos there, and top speakers, you know, international speakers that have come to the ranch and delivered some very powerful messages.

    GD: Oh, I’m sure. Well, you’re doing some pretty exciting and important work, and I really appreciate you spending some time with us today.

    JG: [Okay? Great?]

    GD: You’ve been listening to James Gilliland, and thank you very much!

    JG: All right. Have a great evening.


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