Could I please get a TAROT reading. :)

  • I would appreciate a tarot reading if someone could. Im having a really bad day! nothing seems to be going right! lol I got a interview for a job so I may be working soon, hopefully. Im frustrated cause no one in my house is doing their share of the chores and Im cleaning all day, whats going to happen when I work?I understand cause Im the only one not working I should contribute, but Im getting tired of cleaning all the time. Cant wait til I get a job. Will I get hired with this company? so i can take care of the client i was to bring onboard? im in home care. My boyfriend and I have a good relationship but there is a problem in the bedroom(he doesnt last as long as I or he would like him to) he has admitted that he has a problem with stamina, and I have printed out things from the internet for him to try to help, but who knows if he is trying the excercises. currently he has a cavity that is bothering him and he is now reluctant to conduct in oral sex cause he fears of things getting worse! so now I have been more intimately frustrated more than ever! its making me cranky and I hate that im taking it out on him, but right now Im feeling like the universe is being cruel to me, Im trying my best to do what I have to, being responsible, cleaning house, going to college classes, studying,etc.. but I want to know when things are going to pay off, when will i see rewards for my effort? i owe my mom so much money for bills,rent,etc.. How long before I get caught up so I can save $ for the things I need, like extensive dental work, my bills, car repairs,moving out with boyfriend,fun,etc...??? Will our s*x life get better? How? When? its a touchy subject cause when I bring it up to my man I can tell his ego and confidence is hurt/bruised, probably making him self concious of his future performances. I dont want to lose him over it, I love him so much and I dont know how to fix this. I would like to know if there will be any improvements in any areas of my life any time in the near future? and if there is anything I could do to help things along a little.

  • Hey vetech I saw this post the other day and wanted to reply - specifically on the s e x issue.

    My sense is that could be at the heart of the frustrations you are feeling in other areas of life too... the cleaning issue at home could be irritating because you are not finding complete satisfaction in bed with him. So let's focus on that, get that resolved and then these other areas of life should settle down.

    I drew these cards and they explain one way to help your guy.

    You are the Queen of Swords (at the top) of this reading. You are in control in the bedroom, this queen speaks her mind, so I would be more authoritative and let him know you are not stopping until you are satisfied. (Is your moon in scorpio by any chance? 🙂

    So there will need to be some honest and open communication while you are having s e x. Talk it out while during intercourse and encourage him to tell you what he is feeling.

    We'll walk through the spread so you can see what the Universe is recommending here.

    The Universe card shows you two in bed having s e x....

    The Sun card is him approaching an orgas m... it will be way too soon for you of course, so he needs to control himself and withdraw (devil card) before that happens.

    Be patient with him and let him calm down (seven swords) ... go slow and easy be close and tender and don't stop kissing and whatever else.... he needs to get his mind off of the orgas m he wants, and be patient....

    once he feels like he can proceed again without climaxing right away, he can enter you again and proceed... (9 wands).

    He needs to REPEAT this process (enter withdraw enter withdraw etc) until YOU have had your climax(s) .. he needs to wait until you TELL HIM he can let himself go (Ace of Cups).

    This may be a little clumsy at first... a lot of starting and stopping, however it will teach him that he is in control of his need to orgas m ... there might be some "mistakes" at first, however keep the process going and it will eventually develop into something very satisfying for the two of you. The key is communication, you are his partner in the process, and there is nothing "wrong" here, he needs to understand that. Not an unusual issue for a guy. Eventually he'll get the hang of it.

    Another tip would simply be for him to relieve himself before he has s e x with you, and then wait until he can have another erect ion (should be able to do that again within an hour or 2 at the most) and then he will be able to go a lot longer before another climax.

    I hope that helps. Practice makes perfect. As for the tooth thing, I would figure out some way to get that taken care of with him (take up a collection or something from friends, the neighborhood), you need that oral experience too... the key to the whole thing is take your time and that he needs to grasp the fact that YOU need to be satisfied and then and only then should he allow himself to climax. Guys can with practice become tuned into the approach of orgas m and learn how to get close to it without crossing over to the point of no return.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. The Tarot will answer any issue! 🙂


  • thank you for your advice those things you mentioned about improving sexual stamina, i did research on it and put it all on one page and printed it. I left it on the desk and mentioned it. can you answer this question? did he read it? bringing up the topic can make things touchy cause he has fragile ego. could also get a general near future spread?

  • Hello there 🙂 well soething happened to me that triggered me to take action. My boyfriend called me from work asking me if I could give him oral sex later! I responded with " ok, then what do I get get get!" his sarcastic response was "why dont you take care of it yourself!" and said he would find someone else to perform oral sex on him! Now he does have a tendency to be cocky and he and his best friend(both of which live with me) were laughing. but the point was I got mad, cause Ive been sexually frustated for awhile now and that was like salt on an open wound for me. He has aoplogized to me every time we are intimate, since he knew he didnt perform up to par, but however I dont communicate how much its been bothering me. So I dont know how much he understands, so I have 4text messages Im going to send him here before I get home from class. I was polite about the issue and explained how I need to communicate my needs better. I told him how Im not feeling very generouse cause of my sexual frustations, but i love him more than anything and I want to work to improve things so our love life is best as it can be. I just hope his reaction isnt devasting.

  • Hey vetech

    Wow, that is kinda intense language with him in the the intimacy dept. Definitely some frustration here.

    Ten of Wands - hesitating, an identity question. You know, he may be feeling very defensive right now about all this s e x issue stuff... like he is not up to par and that is only making matters worse. This may not be exactly what you want however he may be right, you may need to take matters "into your own hands" alone if you catch my drift, to help release some of that frustration. I think the key here is relax and let time work it out.. go easy on him and figure out other ways to take care of your needs alone to deflect some of this away from him.

    Two of Pentacles seems to be saying YES to the above. Six of Swords, 3 wands...

    I don't see this as a situation where you are going to be able to tell him anything, or help him by leaving printouts for him to read. YOU need simply take charge and figure out how to work things out for your satisfaction when you are together. Re-read my previous post the key is start-stop-some oral perhaps, then start-stop, etc, repeat pattern, did you understand what I was saying there>>>?

    I mean you need to get some variety going or something and take the emphasis off of him as being the issue. Also tell some jokes or something in bed you two really need to relax, laugh about it, have fun.

    love, astra

  • hello, yes I agree I dont think he is the type who likes to take advice from learning material lol. I did just sent him a text a few min saying that the problem may not be so much how long he lasts but maybe the fact that all we really do is quickies, so to speak. I said Id would like us to have more foreplay,etc.. make the lovemaking experience lasts longer. I dint tell him this but my theory is if i can reach my peak faster then it wont matter as much how long he lasts. besides i would like more foreplay regardless, we practically dont have any at all. do you think this idea will work out for us?

  • Yes! You two need to check into a hotel somewhere for the weekend and not get out of bed. Have room service... and discover that you can take your time and do whatever and enjoy just being together. S e x is 80% between the ears anyway. Watch some 'interesting' movies, laugh, bring some fun play toys too haha... and I am not talking about tonka trucks haha... relax with each other, discover how amazing it is to be together at all... it sounds like everything is so focused on the 'act' and 'how long'... a lot of other more important aspects of your relationship may be over looked while this performance goal is focused on.... maybe my calling is to be a s e x therapist 🙂

    Here is another idea... instead of seeing this as a problem, make a game out of it. Go buy a cheap stopwatch from walmart and see how FAST he can achieve his climax... you know? Laugh about it... anyway just some ideas for you, I am trying to inject some humor into this equation to defuse the issue, that will help more than anything... IMHO...


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