Help me Captain please

  • Hello Captain 🙂

    I am bit torn and confused between 2 men in my life and i cannot decide which one i should try and give a chance with and who would be more worthwhile. your help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


  • So tell me about them...

  • Hi Captain..

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    so about these 2 men. I used to have feeling for one of them but then i moved on him from him and met the other guy for whom i feel very strongly about but i can't say the same for him as he never expresses anything verbally (but his actions and demeanor speak otherwise).

    The guy i used to like has now come back in my life and doing everything to pursue and convince me to be with him but i keep comparing him with the guy i know and he comes across as very foolish with no depth or street smartness.

    However i am unable to make up my mind now because if i think from my heart i want be with the guy i love but if i think from my brain i think the other guy might keep me more happy and be more willing to commit to anything serious or maybe i should just move on from both and i have something better in store for me but i really do not know.

    Also with the one i am in love with..i sense that there are still a lot of hidden issues and things that have not come out into the open completely. I don't know if it is for good or bad. I think we connect very well each other.

    Thanks again

    vesper xoxo

  • Hmm, you say on one hand that you love the first guy but also that you think he is 'very foolish with no depth or street smartness'. You also say you think you connect with very well yet you think there are a lot of hidden issues and secrets around him. I am wondering if your heart is telling you what this guy COULD be if he changed and not what he IS. Make sure you assess him with your brain so you can make an objective decision. Don't get sucked into a romantic fantasy. If you get an uneasy feeling about him, listen to it.

    And with the second guy, you say he never expresses himself verbally, but his actions are more important than words. Anyone can say pretty things but it's the way he treats you that is more informative about how he feels towards you.

  • Hello Captain,

    Thank you for the quick response. About connecting well and hidden issues i was referring to the second guy the one i believe i feel more strongly about.

    He seems to be hurt very deeply about something in the past and hence he seems very hesitant and very very very cautious to me right now even though i know him for quite some time now. He is a cancer male.

    With the other guy i really don't know..i keep going in circles. My brain tells me that this guy (capricorn) will keep me happy but my heart is with the other one.

    I don't know what works out best in the long run for me or if there is someone else around the corner who is my soulmate or something.

    Plus i try very hard to make the cancer spend time with me doing things but he usually never wants to do anything outside his home like even go to movies/dinner outside except if it is a party/nigh-out or something. So i don't know how to go about that without pushing him too much

    Thank you 🙂

    vesper xoxo

  • If they are Capricorn and Cancer, it means they are exact opposites. So you probably get something of what you want from one man, and the rest from the other. Neither man has exactly all you need. You need to find one man who can give you everything you need and want.

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