Hi High priestess, Sara - Free reading please

  • HI Sara,

    i am a regular visitor on the forum tarot.com and would be interested in a free reading if possible. I would like to know about my love life regarding a certain guy. his name is Ronald K. 19.09.1972 and Gregory D. 12 June 1961, and i am 30.091969

    " I. Elena B. give you , Sara permission to cast my cards about my love life."

    is there hope for love ???? How doese he feel??________________________________________

    I saw u answered Glede and was interested in a reading ..

    thanks n looking forward to it



  • Caribchic,

    When I spoke to Glede about offering everyone a free reading - what I meant was that it is very hard for me to continually give readings gratis to the same person but likewise it is very hard to give everyone who wants a free reading one too, especially since my readings are very time consuming and usually contain a lot of information. I am very happy to give you a reading but there has to be a limit on the number I offer to everyone and that everyone asks of me. I am currently trying to promote my new tarot reading business - so if you feel that you are open to receiving the message that the guides want to give you and that you are also interested in becoming a customer of mine I encourage you to ask for a reading. Thank you.


  • I am currently giving readings to:


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    Once I am done doing the readings I will post them on this forum page, until I am done with these 4 readings please do not request another from me as I will be unable to keep up with the requests. Thank you.


  • Cheeky_char,

    I read a 10-card spread. This is the message the guides wish to give you.

    6 of Swords Reversed : 6 of Cups : Page of Pentacles Reversed : Knight of Wands Reversed : Ace of Pentacles

    III Empress : 7 of Wands Reversed : King of Pentacles : XIII Death Reversed : VI Lovers

    There is a movement toward something that you haven't made. It is not a physical thing - it is a state of being; an emotional mind set. This journey to put you in that better place is a good one if you want to take it. "Just keep paddling" the guides say, in that good direction. It will take some time and effort but it will give you that peace that you have been lacking. There is someone "in this boat" with you. They are on this journey with you and you are trying to paddle both of you upstream but this other person, though they are wanting to travel upstream with you, is weighing the boat down and it's keeping the boat from traveling.

    You are looking for a relationship based on trust and love with a deep foundation in understanding and respect. The guides are proud of you for wanting this; it is a good thing to want if you are willing to wait for it, so why haven't you been? The guides are seeing this and are wondering what you are doing. You know what you want but I get the feeling that you are settling for less. Why is that? Is less really what you want? Is it worth the pain and frustration of not having what you really want? Are you really willing to 'settle' for this? If so, go ahead, it is your life and you are free to make the decisions you want to make but will the loss of not feeling what you want to feel with this person not bother you or give you heartaches? Reach down deep inside of you and realize that this feeling is something that you're going to have to live with for the rest of your life. Are you willing to put yourself and your wants on a shelf and take something that is "better than nothing"? Hmmm, the guides don't think so. They are wondering why you are even with this other person who isn't giving you the love and respect you deserve. All they want to do is "shake some sense" into you. Do not settle for less unless you are willing to live with less for the rest of your life. Two days will turn into ten days and then into 10 years and where will you be then thinking back on all this? Think for yourself today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now. Is this really what you want? Is this really the thing you want to put time, energy, & ten years into? The guides hope not, they want to see you happy with yourself. Happy with your state of things, that you don't need 2nd best for you because you are 1st best. They just want you to see it that way too.

    You're not looking in the right places the guides say. How can the guides help you get what you want when you aren't putting yourself in the right places to meet good potentials? It's like your looking but your not 'really' looking. So what do you want? Do you want to find the person or not is what the guides are asking? Don't "play games" /go back in forth/mean it half-heartily. You either want it or you don't - so again the guides are asking "what do you want?" They are willing to help you but you have to decide what you want first and you have to decide it will all your heart & soul. You either want it or you don't. The guides can't bring you someone when you only half-want them - especially not the really good ones. They can't exert that much energy for something that your 'kinda' wanting. Though you really might want it are you backing that up with actions/manifests/thoughts or are you wanting it to just want it and then when the time comes to do something about it you walk away. Figure out what you want because the guides can't help you until you help yourself by figuring out what you want (firmly). It is very hard for the guides to bring what you want close to you when you are yin-yanging all over the place about it. A firm decision is essential for situations like this.

    There is a position that has opened which you wanted. It is no longer open for you. Do not go looking for it any longer. It is a waste of your time to dwell on why you did (could of)/didn't get the position. There was nothing you could have done so don't blame yourself. It's time to look elsewhere. There are plenty of opportunities out there you just have to see it that way too. Once you do you will be able to help "bring it about" = manifest it. The process of manifestation is the process of making the decision of wanting something, visualizing it, and putting in the action to getting it. The key about this is by visualizing it you are actually creating a new path/new opportunities and the visualization with emotions (hope/focus) helps build the energy that the guides can use to help create these opportunities for you. So do not be disappointed that you didn't get what you wanted. It wasn't that good of a position anyway. Your manifestations can get you a job similar to it and even better if you want it bad enough. So don't take this as a failure take it as an opportunity to get what you really want.

    There is opportunity out there if you want it. The guides are asking what you want. They can help you get it if you have a clear idea of what you want. See it clearly. Focus on it and manifest it. The guides are driving this into you because they know you can do it and it will help you greatly if you are able to do it correctly. So visualize what you want and keeping working at it. The guides will set it up "behind the scenes" and slowly things will start falling into place for you. Remember that the guides set up things that are the best for you, which means there might be some lessons attached but that is always understood (between you and the guides) as lessons are the reason why we are all here: to learn and advance ourselves. So figure out what you want and the guides will help you and guide you in the right direction. Remember that a lot of things are at stake in processes like that: God has a hand in things along with the guides and the manifest and actions of other people so you have to take that into consideration as you keep manifesting. Things might not always turn out the way you wanted but that is not always a bad thing. So keep that in mind as you do this and the guides encourage you to learn more about this process as it can help you greatly.

    There is an opportunity coming up with your name all over it. So use the manifestation process in order to acquire it. Keep your eyes open for it.

    You have a little work you have to do in order to advance yourself/better yourself but you're doing pretty good now. You're on a good path in this sense. You're aware that you are setting things up for yourself, not necessarily just in this life. So you pretty advanced in order to understand that and keep working on yourself. Keep up the good work. Make sure that you are aware when you less desirable qualities come into play so you can assess them and figure out if you want to control them, change them, or keep them. Remember that its up to you to decide what kind of person you want to be in the end - so you have the choice to do that. But the guides aren't too worried over you because you're chugging along down a good/positive path of enlightenment (betterment/advancement). Remember to keep looking down the positive path in order to keep advancing yourself - by facing the 'right'/positive path you will continue to move down it. You will move down any path you face so make sure you face the 'right' one. Make sure you keep a level head with your decision making in this aspect. The guides want you to know that you are doing good so don't stray unless you want to/have to. They want to see you advance quickly because you are fully capable of it and that's a great compliment.

    Sometimes you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle and you're looking at it with exasperation and worry. Things can get frustrating but they can only get as frustrating as you are willing to allow them to be. You are 'bigger' than these issues and most of them don't deserve the energy you put into them (negative energy like worry/frustration/anger/sadness). So see the issues as what they are and what they aren't. They might be hard to deal with but in the bigger picture of things they aren't any bigger than you. Learn to see these issues are manageable and make the decision to manage them with the least amount of stress and worry that it needs. You have the ability to control your emotional output concerning these types of situations and the guides want you to know that in order to realize that you can have a huge victory over them if you are able to do this and balance you emotional output. So try to create a different mind set for yourself when things like this come up because the guides see you being advanced enough to handle these situations in a very emotionally balanced way and you're almost there if you can just help put yourself in the mind set and set yourself in it you can use it to your great advantage by using it to 'shield' yourself; so instead of being worn down you are able to handle them to their best possible outcome. And the guides say: Do not be too hard on yourself when you go up against these issues - they would wear anyone down and you are more "powerful" (emotionally) that you have the ability to handle them very successfully. So keep that in mind as you keep chugging along and another issue pops back up.

    You have asked about a guy. He isn't what you think of him. He is trying to be but he isn't there yet. And there isn't much either of you can do about it. So the guides want to give you a little warning. He isn't going to get much better any time soon. And it is your decision, regarding him and everything else, to do what you want and what you think is best but keep in mind that trying to help others when they aren't ready for 'advancement' can be a burden. He is too young (either in age/maturity/or soul maturity). You can't help people when they aren't ready for the help no matter what they say or do - some people just need to go at their own pace learning and advancing and it can be hard for people who are more advanced trying to help them when they seem to want the help but they are emotionally not ready for it. So just be warned that this is the case and this information is for you to made the best decision for yourself. The guides want you to make the BEST decision for YOURSELF - not for him or anyone else. Remember that your number 1 priority is advancing yourself first. Helping others is just a perk (especially if they aren't ready to be advanced). Don't be sad about this - you're both just in a position that you aren't helping each other there's no changing that at this point.

    Change isn't happening fast enough for you. That's okay - there is nothing wrong with that. But, keep in mind that all things have their own pace and they develop in their own way. It is very hard for the guides to influence things to act faster for you as they will be forcing things that will force back not wanting to move any quicker. Also, some things you don't want forced faster because premature manifestations usually don't work out as well as developed and fully mature ones. So just keep that in mind. Impatience is okay - it is driving you forward. Do not let the 'stagnation' of things bother you too much. Things take time to unfold and then pass. It is just the natural order of things. Try focusing your impatience on something that you can work your frustration through. This distraction might help you pass the time. This might be annoying - the slow movement of things - but it is that way for a reason. And that reason is because the slow movement of things help unfold things in a more perfect way. The guides are calling it a perfect way because it evolves best in order to advance you and give you a closer manifestation of what you want. So understand that in order to feel a little less bothered by the slow movement of things. There is something in the foreseeable future that is coming that will change some things and this information is for you to feel a little less agitated over the slow movement of things.

    You have asked about love and the guides are willing to answer. They say that you can get what you want if you want it bad enough. Use the manifestation process that the guides have given you because that will help the guides set it up, make sure you put yourself in the right places in order to see what they have set up for you, remember to have hope and focus over these things and most importantly: make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. What are the qualities and personalities types that you are looking for. Describe him - what are you looking for. The guides are willing to help you they just need you to do a little bit of work on your end before they can start setting it up on theirs. So just follow what they have specified and remember to keep hoping. Hope is a very strong and positive emotion which has a lot of energy attached to it. That is what the guides can use to manifest opportunities for you. And remember to use this process for work, especially for the opportunity/ites the guides have told you about. Also, remember that in life there are a lot of different powers at play: God, guides, you, your thoughts/manifests/actions/wants, others thoughts/manifests/actions/wants etc. So some things manifest with a lot of different points of view taken into account so understand that to expect reasonable results with manifestations. Don't get me wrong you can manifest amazing things but within reason, try to keep doubt/concerns/worry/& dwelling on the negative out of the process for the best possible outcome.


  • Caribchic,

    I read a 10-card reading. This is the message the guides wish to give you.

    3 of Swords Reversed : King of Wands : III Empress : 3 of Cups : 6 of Cups

    2 of Pentacles Reversed : XIII Death Reversed : 8 of Cups Reversed : 4 of Cups : Knight of Cups Reversed

    You're having some problems in regards of the heart. Things aren't going for you the way you wish them to but why is that troubling you? The guides are asking that because they say you are more troubled then you need to be about it. Why worry about it? How's that going to help? Worrying about it is pointless because it doesn't serve you. You either do something about it or you move on. Why are you constantly keeping yourself down because of it? What is the reason for your perpetual sadness over it? You seemed pulled in two different directions over it - one to wallow in it or two to move on. Why wallow in it when you can move on? Especially since moving on can feel much lighter and happier than wallowing in it but the decision is up to you as to what you want to do. Just don't wallow in it and then complain that you are constantly sad about it.

    The guides are bringing up a certain person. They say that you like this person. That this person has feelings for you. They are asking you why you are questioning it? What is there to question over? The guides don't understand why you are bringing this person up. Is he not there? (That is all the information that your guides are allowing me to see about this person.)

    You have some work to do on yourself (bettering yourself/advancing emotionally and mastering control over yourself). You're on the right path but you seem to be fighting with yourself in progressing. The guides feel this tug-o-war in you and they just wanted to bring it up so that you can be aware and realize that it is happening in order to make the decision over whether you want to keep fighting with yourself over progressing. Though you're rolling down a good path you seem to be having this internal struggle and that's not helping you move forward. It's something which needs to be brought up in order for you to come to terms with it and figure out if you want to continue it or not. This is something the guides wanted to bring up since they had a chance to speak to you about it.

    There is some sort of group the guides want to bring up (most likely a group of 3). They see you looking at these two other guys and I feel a catch in my heart - a walled up feeling. It's like you want them but you don't want them. You're considering them and there's a part of you that's holding yourself back from figuring out what you want. You see them and you're assessing them but you can't make up your mind. Like you're trying to figure out the better of a bad choice. The guides see this struggle in you and they are wondering what's going on with you. Why this struggle over the two? Can't you make up your mind? Why are you holding yourself back? These are questions the guides want you to ask yourself. Obviously there is something deeper here going on that they are trying to allude to. Try to connect the dots to figure out the lesson in it. Once you figure out the lesson and learn it you'll see things in a different way - a way which will help you make your decision over it but the decision has to be made about learning the lesson first in order to move forward.

    There is a relationship the guides want me to bring up. A relationship based on love and trust. It's a very promising & good relationship so the guides want to ask you why you haven't "cemented the deal" yet? What's holding yourself back from this? Isn't this a good thing? It seems all set up right and for some reason you aren't jumping on it. So the guides are confused - why question about things concerning love and bring up certain people when you have this relationship in front of you and you aren't more interested in it? Or are you interested in it but you're just holding yourself back again? Do you see a pattern yet the guides are asking?

    There are some things that still need to work themselves out. The guides are referring to a situation around you that is prominent and it's bothering you. The guides want you to know that it needs some more time to unfold before it "dies down"/lessens in significance to you. So just be patient as it's working itself out. There are a lot of different things that have a stake in this situation and everything needs its own time to work through it before the situation dies down a bit. This information is for you to have some status information on it because your impatient over dealing with it. So the guides just want to say it's going to need to take some more time before it dissipates.

    Things aren't changing fast enough for you. You feel anxious that things aren't moving fast enough. Don't be bothered by this because you have impatience. You're just going to need to accept the fact that you like things constantly moving at a quick pace and most things take time to pass. It might be bothering you a little too much though so just relax about it. Impatience can be a very positive attribute because it makes you want to move forward quickly and that's very powerful but it also can drive you crazy when things aren't moving fast enough to suit you so the guides just wanted to let you know that they understand that you're having some impatience issues and they are sympathetic to it but they can't move things any faster around you without risking negative or "sloppy" results. So they just wanted you to relax more over the fact that you might be on edge over lengthy situations but it's okay to feel that way but you're going to need to come to peace with the fact that there's nothing anyone can do about it. They just want to make sure that you don't drive yourself crazy because of it.

    The guides say that you're too focused on the material (what's around you/the possessional /not necessarily greediness but more like only seeing the material) that you aren't reaping the benefits of the spiritual. The material is great but it can only give you a certain amount of fulfillment and is limited to certain areas but the spiritual is infinite and it can help you in more ways than one. The guides encourage you to explore this as it can give you immense advantages. The spiritual shouldn't be taken lightly there are plenty of reasons why the guides are talking about this and specifically bringing it up to you. They say that it can benefit you immensely if you decide to learn more in this area. They say go down this path to find previously unrecognized benefits.

    Remember to not be so focused on what's in front of you, especially the material, so you don't miss the spiritual opportunities that the guides & God give you. It's hard for the guides to put certain types of opportunities in front of you because you're used to not being open to them/not seeing them/not looking out for them. So the guides have a really hard time trying to help you experience different self fulfilling things. They say to keep your mind open and your eyes out. Be open to different types of journeys which can give you different types of satisfaction. That's how you advance and grow into a well rounded balanced person. In order to be advanced you need to be open to all avenues in order to experience them, learn from them, grow in knowledge and then move forward. This is one area that needs a little more focus in order to help you progress better.

    There are some emotional hurdles which you need to overcome in this lifetime. They are lessons which might be difficult so be aware that you will need to prepare yourself (stronger mind set) in order to overcome these lessons. The guides will help you do that, they are there to help watch over you and they will help you move forward but you need to first help yourself move forward before they can fully assist you. They can only help you as far as you are willing to be helped and in this case you might need their help to learn some of these emotional lessons so be willing to ask for their help and be willing to let down some of your barriers in order to learn these lessons because the more you fight against then and put them off the bigger and harder they will get in order for you to learn it so be aware that this is the easier path if you want to take it.


  • Fishyone,

    I read a 10-card spread. This is the message the guides want to give you.

    Knight of Cups Reversed : 7 of Wands Reversed : Queen of Swords Reversed : VI Lovers : IX Hermit Reversed

    5 of Wands : 2 of Swords Reversed : 4 of Swords : XV Devil : 4 of Wands

    There's some emotional struggle going on here. You're fighting with yourself over this issue. It's starting to tear you apart a little on the inside, this infighting. You need to collect yourself. Be firm on the inside before you decide to take on a situation of choice like this because this back and forth inside you isn't helping you progress - it's actually keeping you stuck. You aren't moving forward and that is not what the guides want you to be doing. So instead of fighting with yourself over this issue you need to fight with him over it. I'm not talking about actually fighting with him but you need to take the battle out of you and place it in his court to see what he does with it. The outcome of that will dictate how you will decide to address this situation you have with him. Don't allow yourself to only beat yourself up over this matter. There are two people involved in this - he should be responsible enough to know exactly what he is doing and how his actions are affecting the both of you. If you already aren't put off by that then the guides are asking you to place the issue in his lap and see what he does with it. If he is honestly sympathetic then you have your answer if he rebuffs you then you know what's going on. And don't fall for his game where he is just wanting a piece of the pie and then disappears for 4 years again. Do you not want a person who respects you enough to not do things like that? The guides are wondering why you're even with this guy. Are the feelings that you are getting off of him when he is around worth the internal struggle and the not knowing if he is again going to disappear and come back with two or three other kids?

    The guides say you are fighting an uphill battle with this situation. That there isn't really a way you can win over this. They say you're going the get the short end of the stick no matter what you do over this guy and they don't think he's worth it at all but they are concerned that you have these feelings over him and they don't want you to have heartache over this guy. Even though they say he isn't worth it it is what you feel that matters because that's going to dictate what you do over him. They are worried that you will let you heart over rule your head and you're going to go off with him again and again he might hurt you. They just don't want you to allow yourself to be hurt over someone like this who they think doesn't care much about your feelings. So just be aware that you're not going to get that happy ending relationship with this guy, he isn't the type, and they guides shouldn't have to tell you that because you have already seen the types of actions he decides upon. Once more they want me to reiterate that this isn't going to be a very balanced path if you decide to tread down it and they don't see you having a good time at the end of it but it's up to you which way you decide to go. This is your life and the guides respect personal choice. Your choice will dictate what's going to happen but they don't see a fun time of it if you do decide to go down it.

    They say that if you decide to give him another chance and another and another that you will start to become effected by it to the point where you will become bitter because of your continued disappointment over him. They are worried that his constant short comings and your constant letting it go will lead you down the path where you become embittered, closed off, unhappy etc etc etc. They want you to know that this can become a reality and they don't want to see you go down that path where they see you changing yourself because of him, especially since you've seen what kind of relationship he has been offering you. So be warned this is something the guides see on your current path if you decide to go down it.

    They want to talk to you about love now. They say that you can find it if you want but they don't want you to be so hung up on this guy that you don't allow yourself to give love another chance and give other people a chance of love with you. They say that they can help you with it if you want - to find someone. But they don't want to put a lot of time and energy into finding you a good guy if your still hung up on this one. They say it wouldn't be fair to the person they would bring close to you. So they are leaving the choice in your court. Either stay stuck with this guy or let him go and test the waters with the guys they bring to you. They say that there are lots of types of guys out there so you can meet the people they bring close and figure out who you like but they aren't going to do that until you figure out what you want. So the choice is left up to you - make the choice that you can live with.

    The guides say you need to find yourself a little more. Go on some soul searching to figure yourself out and get a deeper understand of who you are and what you want. By doing that you'll be more grounded in yourself and you'll be able to handle situation like this (love) a little better. They highly encourage you to go through this journey because of the benefits you can experience if you fully find yourself. They say that this journey will lead you on to a lot of different and better journeys and you'll learn this thing and that thing, etc - this is the first step in a wonderfully beneficial path that can give you great rewards if you decide to go down it so that's why they are trying to make you aware that this can be a very enlightening journey for you.

    They say that they sense some conflict around you. They are warning you that if you keep involved with this guy that his 'other' family will start to get affected by it - not that it will directly come at you (which is a possibility in the future) but right now they do see you getting the side-effects/run off of it. So be warned that you might be playing with fire since this guy already has a child and the mother will not take kindly to, what the guides are calling, 'interference'. So be warned! They say that it will be like a domino effect - one thing will lead to another and then another and then before you know it you're going to go down that negative path and it won't be pretty. I get a feeling of 'drama' and not the good kind - the kind that you want to run away screaming kind. I just feel trouble around this and it doesn't feel very good at all so just be warned that this is what the guides see on your current path. Be careful of the mother - they say she doesn't play fair.

    The guides say that you've cut yourself off emotionally on the inside, partially due to this back and forth struggle in you but also they say it's part of your nature to have a battle of wills internally and its keeping you down/holding you back, almost like a hard numb feeling because you keep battling over things with yourself. This tug-o-war is scattering you and you're becoming what I would describe as a balled up numb block. Because of this in-fighting your having a hard time over situations, especially like the one the guides have been talking to you about above (the guy). They don't want to see you fighting with yourself because it doesn't help it only zaps your energy, you'll go in circles, & become frustrated because you're having problems deciding over things - especially tough decisions and it can drive you up the wall when you're going back and forth like this. They don't like to see you like that and it doesn't help you move forward but it's something that you need to learn how to control and also in a way come to peace with it in order to change it. So realize that you are doing this and that it isn't serving you - come to peace with it and then do some of that soul-searching they were talking to you about and then try to change it by controlling it & by working on it and yourself. They say that once you learn how to do this many things will become much easier on you - you'll have an easier time mentally/emotionally/physically with deciding and you're body needs that break.

    Going back to the topic at hand. The guides say that you need a break from this guy - from thinking about him or worrying over the decision because that will reset it fresh in your mind and you'll have a better time making the best decision for yourself and for all parties involved. So the guides encourage you to forget about it for a little while. Regroup with yourself - enjoy life, go and do some fun things. Really sweep all the negative stuff off and then once you've come to the point where you feel happy and refreshed they want you to sit down with yourself and have a legitimate conversation about it. Talk it out - figure out what you want to do over this issue - weigh the pros and cons and once you come to a decision stick to you (no more back and forth) and see where it takes you. If you're unhappy then you might want to reconsider things, if you start feeling better then you know you're going down the right path. They say that, yes, there will be some residual feelings no matter which path you choose initially because the issue will still be fresh in your mind but they say to follow the deepest feeling part of you that you talk to when serious issues of the mind and heart come into play and you hear that little voice in you that tells you that you're number 1 and that any path is good as long as you're feelings & considerations are kept at the top of it. So make the best choice for you and when I say for you I mean for your soul and then move on.

    The guides want to talk to you about the burden you feel over this guy and the issues at hand. They say that this is weighing down heavily on your and that it isn't very good for you. It's bothering you and you're not having a good time and they guides don't want you to be continually bothered over it when it shouldn't be taking this much time and energy away from you and your life. They know that it can be a difficult decision but they also don't see why you can't make up your mind with all the information you already have about this guy. So they want to figure out what you want, as reiterated from above, and move on in order to not have this extra burden over yourself. They say you should already be able to make an educated decision over it and come to peace with the situation as it stands and then move on. They want to get you out of this funk you're in. It's not only bothering you but it's bothering them because they are trying to help you move forward but you seem to be going endlessly around in circles in this area and that's not healthy nor does it help you get out of it nor does it help you move forward and experience other things. So learn from it, grow from it, and move on.

    They say there's a whole bunch of good stuff down your path in life that you can look forward to. There is a lot to experience and grow from and be happy with. There is so much that you can positively focus on and have fun with but in order to fully enjoy that and life you need to figure out what you want with this issue and either deal with it or put it behind you and then move on. They hope you will put it behind you as they have told you what they see down the path concerning it and instead start look forward to the wonderful other things that they have set up in life for you to experience and be happy over. They hope that you will focus on the happy stuff in order to become a happier person, so this burden can be lifted and you feel lighter than air and now you'll want to go out and enjoy happy times and happy experiences - not dwell on issues like this that can bother you and make you question yourself and keep you stuck. These issues are good to make a decision over so you can learn from them but they aren't there for you to constantly go in circles around. So be aware that there's plenty of good things that the guides would rather have you focus on then constant difficult decisions that have already taken enough of your time and energy over (that the time to worry over them has already come and gone and there's better things for you to place your energy and time into). The guides want me to give you a happy face 🙂 Start moving forward they say and spend no more time on this issue which its time should have already past for you.


  • Thank you so so much!

    Greatly appricieated. A lot of your energy has been put into this and I just want you to know it will never go to waste. I asked my questions and got what I needed to move on with my life.

    Thank you once more

  • Hello serenity, I have 3 lovely sons that where the Joy of my life.

    first 8//20/59


    third....7/15/62................... Problems arose with the 2 younger one with their marriages I always remained nuetral YET supportive when I could, Their Father died when they where young.... All live hundreds of miles from me All are university Educated and 2 became entertainers and are reasonably successful. My question is mostly about the younger one I have not seen him in 13 yrs. nor have I heard from him in 4yrs . He is the only one with a child and she lives here with her Mother. I am very bonded with my granddaughter, I do not understand why he won,t communicate with me, We never had bad words he was always loving and kind and of course I KNOW HE IS OK as I see him on Facebook when he entertains . WHY! WHY! ..WHAT CAN I DO ....CAN YOU ADVISE THROUGH A READING??............... Thank You .....Leinida

  • V.B.

    I read a 10-card reading. This is the message the guides wish to give you.

    King of Cups : Ace of Wands Reversed : Ace of Cups Reversed : Page of Swords : Ace of Pentacles Reversed

    XVIII Moon : XIX Sun : 3 of Swords Reversed : Queen of Wands : 5 of Wands Reversed

    You've asked about love and the guides are willing to answer but are you willing to hear what the guides have to say? The guides say that you need to work on yourself before you concern yourself too much over love & relationships. They say you need to work on advancing yourself emotionally. It will be hard to balance a relationship when you yourself aren't emotionally balanced. So in order to work your way up to seriously considering a deep relationship, first you have to work on yourself. The guides are telling you that because they don't see you having a very good time in most relationships because you wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it in the current mind set that you are in. Emotionally you need to grow to take on an emotionally charged relationship, which all relationships are (at least the good ones the guides say). So in order to do that you need to do some homework and work on yourself. They say you need to watch others who are good in relationships and learn from them. Compare your abilities versus the abilities of a person who is really balanced and hard working (hard working in the sense that they are willing to work hard in a relationship to keep it going: compromise, diligence, meeting the other person halfway, looking at things in their shoes) things like that because until you do the guides say that though you could go into a relationship it won't be a very balanced one and you can get and maintain a better one if you do this. So work on yourself and grow yourself emotionally. Prepare yourself to handle hardships that come in a relationship: stress, tension, financial issues, emotional issues with each others family; learn how to balance yourself with the other people who will have their own ideas of what your relationship should be like (in-laws). Think about things like that because they most likely will come up and you will need to keep a cool head and examine the underlying issues at hand in order to handle them correctly. Not everyone will be happy in a relationship (when I say that I don't mean and your significant other I mean everyone: friends, family, etc etc). Put everyone in the equation and consider your actions and the actions of the other when issues hit. Do that now to fully prepare yourself when you need to handle issues like that. To grow in this sense will benefit you immensely in this relationship regard.

    The opportunity isn't ready yet - to get what you want (I asked the guides to clarify: they said it isn't love or a guy/girl or relationships - it's something you obtain like a position or a thing) They say that this opportunity/event/situation is still "cooking" and what you want isn't fully ready yet to present itself so just keep working in that direction until it opens up. There are somethings (circumstances/people/situations) that are being set up in this opportunity and it's taking longer than expected so the guides are saying just be patient as they are working on it for you and for you to just keep chugging along until it is ready to unfold before you.

    They also say that the opportunity to find someone (a relationship) is still "cooking" too. They say that some more things need to be set up in order for it to be ready (including you) so just do the work they told you above until it is. They say they are working on it and to keep manifesting it (putting thoughts/actions/& positive energy into it) because that will fuel them into continuing to work on it for you (and the manifesting gives them the energy they need to move & set things up for you). So work on that as they are working on setting it up for you. They want me to explain that setting up isn't as easy as it sounds. There are extremely complex and complicated series of multiple million of things that need to be planned out and that takes a lot of time and energy so just keep working on it and manifesting it and they will do their part to help bring that relationship opportunity closer to you. Also! They want me to stress that you should not be sad or depressed about this. That is NOT why they are telling you this! This is not to discourage you at all!!!! This is to give you the best and happiest time to get you into a relationship that you can really be proud and happy in. They are trying to do their best in getting you a very happy experience and all this information is to help you get that! So if you want what they are willing to offer then you can decide to do what they've asked but they want to warn you that they aren't telling you to do this for nothing. There is a very strong reason why they are telling you to work on yourself and to keep manifesting and they strongly suggest you take their advice for the best possible outcomes.

    They are bringing up a child. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it being your child or not but they want to talk about this kid. They say that he is a very intelligent kid with a very good chance to use his intelligence to do wonderful things and they want you to encourage this growth in him and they want you to be encouraged in order to nurture his intelligence by assisting him in growing it (in school/college/opportunities to have that good head start and continue to help him in this regard). The guides say he will need your help in order to reach that high mental intellectual position that they can see him in by helping putting him through school/college/post college etc etc. They say that without you he doesn't stand a chance to reach as high/to succeed in that aspect. So they want you to know that you will be integral in his triumph or his failure. They say that they see something really special in him and that he can use his intellect to do great things. So they highly encourage you to not take his studies lightly (don't drill him - that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about helping him through school to continue in higher institutions of learning so that he has the chance to succeed in the way the guides are saying) So this is your warning/wake up call either do this and see him succeed or don't and see him squander. The guides want me to reiterate that there is something very special in him and he can really use it IF it is nurtured right in the right places (college, schools, high learning etc) to do really great things: they say to change the world (within his scope of work).

    They want to talk to you about more opportunities. This time with money&finance. They say that there is a financial opportunity around you and IT IS READY for you so keep your eye out for it. They say you already know what they are talking about or should - but if you haven't already seen it keep your eye out for it. They say it's a good venture and it will help bring in more income for you and your family. They say that they have set this up in order to help you if you wanted to nurture this child they spoke to you about above. This was specifically set up to bring some funds in to set aside for this higher learning for him. So they encourage you to do it. They say it will give you a good return and that you should do it but they also say that they hope you do it for the right reasons. As they have set it up to start a "college fund" they hope you would see it that way too if you decide to do it and it reaps the benefits they say it will. So they encourage you to do it and put the returns into that "fund" for the boy.

    They are bringing up a path; what they are calling a "psychic road". They say they want you to walk this road and see what you find out. Maybe you have psychic abilities or you'll learning something that you'll need down this road but they are highly encouraging you to keep walking down this path to see where it leads you. They aren't just telling you to do this without a good reason they say they want you to learn things in this psychic area because they say you have abilities you just need to "release them" so learn more in this area to discover and realize their full extent. They say it can be good stuff if you want it to be but they are also give you a word of warning: Do it because you want to see where this path leads you don't go down it unless you are ready to discover the skills that they are talking about. You have to mentally prepare yourself and also spiritually because you can learn a lot of mind opening things that can be hard to understand unless you have that psychic maturity in order to understand & accept the knowledge and what comes with it.

    They say that there is some really good happy stuff around you (an event or a gathering or something of that nature) and it's time for you to go out and experience it. "Go smell the flowers and learning something new" is what they are saying - there are some experiences around you that can be enjoyable if you participate and they want you to because they say it's good stuff. So when you see it make sure that you go have some fun with it and learn some new stuff and discover some neat things. They say it will be worth your while.

    They want to bring up some old emotional wounds you have. They say it's time for you to move on. Though it can still give you heartache its run its due course and you need to push it to the side and go live your life without carrying it around with you like a dead weight. So if you want to look back on it see it as a learning experience and an emotional growing experience and then breathe it out and dust the heavy feelings off and keep moving forward. You're still bothered by it and you need to kick it to the side of the curb and move on already. So do that because there's no reason for you to keep dwelling on it unless you want to keep having pains and sadness over it.

    The guides are bringing up a person that is around you they say you can learn from their wisdom and maturity. They can help you grow if you learn from them. The guides say that by being around this person you can observe how they work & handle things and you can learn by mimicking them, that is of course, if you allow yourself to learn from them. So this person is there for you to learn from. I get the feeling they might have been set up by the guides just for that purpose in order to help you so be encouraged to accept that and be around this person in order to gain that type of knowledge from them to better yourself over it.

    There is some sort of conflict that the guides want you to let go of. That it's time to let it go, it doesn't serve you to fight over it anymore. There isn't a point in pushing your opinions and stirring the pot over this. The time to just get over it has past so they want me to tell you to let it go.

    Good luck!


  • Leinida,

    The guides say that you might not be ready to hear what they have to say in regards to the question you asking. So I'm giving you the choose to reconsider asking it. They will tell you the truth and sometimes that isn't what you want to hear. So if you wish to proceed - consider it again and then give me your permission like this:

    I Leinida give you permission to ask about the communication issues with my younger son.

    Once I receive that I will do the ready but I again want to warn you the guides told me you mostly likely will not like what they have to say.


  • Ah - wrote that too quickly.


    you asking = you were asking

    choose = choice

    ready = reading

  • Hi I noticed that you give detailed readings on here and was wondering if I could get one for my sucesss in film industry and love. I would love to date but am very focused right now on building myself up and focused on my career. I went through a rough breakup nearly two years ago and went and still contunue to go through a massive transformation after that. Recently Ive been haveing dreams and thoughts about my ex and actually miss him at times and scared of a relationship at this point for several reasons. Ive gotten some readings and almost all of them say he thinks of me often.

    I would just love a reading on how I can ensure my sucess in the film industry and the love department-will me and my ex ever come back in contact

  • If it helps I am MAy 6th 1992 9:28pm and he is Nov 1st 1991. I dont mean to ask about him-Ive just been thinking about it and kind of nervous about it because sometimes I feel as if we will.

  • Good Evening, I read your answer to my post and because I am spiritual and intuitive in my feelings, I may have a sense of what your spirit guide is going to reveal to you, I hope I get a reading that further enlightens me, and allows me to understand who and what really caused the WHY! that I am seeking to know. I Leinida give you permission to communicate with the spirit guide and I sincerely want to thank you for your time and consideration. Leinida


  • Leinida,

    I am working on your reading right now. Do you mind giving me your private email so I can email it to you. I wouldn't want to post it on the site unless you didn't mind because I do feel that it is very personal in nature. Let me know. Thanks.


  • Hello SerenityTil5

    Sorry to bother you and I know this readings consume you a lot, but your reading is so detailed that I really would like one,so if you can, can you please do me a reading. I really need some guidance, it feels like I dont know myself anymore and my love life is terrible I'm still in love with a guy that I will never go back to and Im almost loosing the job that I just love and somehow I feel that something wants to change inside myself and Im so scared because I dont know what it is.


  • Hi Mariapisces,

    I have currently exhausted all my free readings for a time as I am currently working on my tarot business as well but let me refer you to my website as I do offer my services which are very reasonable. As you can see from my readings above that I am very detailed and I put in a lot of time and energy into getting it accurate and in-depth. I would love to give you a reading if you are still interested, please check out my website below to contact me. Thank you for you interest.



  • I give you permission to put it here,,,, can I not erase it if I want , you see i have others who sometimes use this computer But they are not looking at this site. Leinida

  • Leinida,

    I do not think you can remove it. The only option I see is the Report Abuse button, which I'd rather you not use on the reading because of obvious reasons but if you wish I will put it on the open forum. The only reason why I hesitate is because the guides were very strong with their words. So if you don't mind me putting it on the open forum and not removing it then please verify with me one more time and I will post it. Thanks.


  • Serenity til5 could you do a reading for me please I feel that i am not moving forward .Thanks

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