Help or guidance understanding my gift...please

  • I always new I was different growing up but seem to put it aside as my family tends to be not so open minded. I understand everyone is born with gifts some outgrow it or tend to ignore it from what I understand, or simply some indiviuduals or more in touch with their sixth sense. I am confused as I learned to accept and as I am getting older it is getting stronger. My gifts seem to be all over place but I can feel and sense peoples emotions and I grieved a death of someone I didnt know for 3 months. It was a co-workers daughter and grandaughter. Growing up I was able to see spirits but not so much now but occassionally. The first minute I meet someone, If I look at them in eyes I can scan their thoughts and feelings. It almost as if I can tell what they are thinking. I tend to shy away from looking at people directly because I dont want to know what they are thinking or feeling. I cant be in large crowds as I can easily be overwhelmed. In the last three years or so, I can sense spirits and if they are good or bad. I know when I am being watched etc. Most recently I feel I am getting messages from people who have passed and I am in contact with loved ones. Random thoughts come to my head, i get chills and I start talking and letting that person know that there loved one is thinking about them and they are there. I recently lost my 26 year old sister a month ago and I am experiencing heightened feelings from her. It was unexpected and tragic loss. Random people always tell me their lifes stories and they greatly appreciate them as if I helped them. I dont understand my gifts. I know i am most at peace when I help others it makes me happy. What are these gifts exactly and does anyone see me using this gift to help others. Please help!!! I dont know what to do with all this. this is just a short summary of my experiences.

    Name: Melissa D.O.B 7/2/80 if this helps

  • You have a fabulous gift! Your gift as a whole over whelming & rightfully so. Just take a step back & look at it in small peices. But in accepting your gift, you accept yourself. You'll learn to control it to where it will help people. Get on the internet or go to a book store & read up on your gift.You will learn to receive the messages when you are ready to receive & you will also learn to ask the sprits to give you a break & let you rest. You can do it, just have faith in yourself.

  • Thanks so much for your guidance. I have been reading alot, I guess although I know I have a gift, i just dont know what I am suppose to do with it!

  • Use it as you see fit. Listen to your heart. It will guide you to where you need to be. you just have to have faith.

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